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Hospital saves doctor’s life, then bullies her and threatens termination for disability →

Dear Dr. Wible, I am writing to you with great sadness, but with relentless determination to ignite change. I am a doctor with a disability. Two years ago I began residency training in pediatrics. The privilege was overwhelming as I

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An ingrown toenail is not a lung transplant (how primary care is being held hostage to tertiary care) →

Here’s a quick review of health care delivery basics: Primary care – Stuff you can get handled with your primary care doctor in your neighborhood. Example: ingrown toenail. Secondary care – Stuff your primary care doctor refers to a secondary

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Want to hang out with diabetic truckers with erectile dysfunction? Or hippie women with chronic yeast infections? Who’s your ideal patient? →

Attention doctors: If you’re not attracting your ideal patients, don’t blame them. They probably have no idea how to find you. That’s your job. So who do you really want to see? What patient population makes you excited to jump

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How doctors celebrate Labor Day—24-hour shifts,168-hour work weeks →

Have you seen this bumper sticker? Today we celebrate hardworking Americans, the 40-hour work week, and safe working conditions with parades, picnics, and a day to rest. Except doctors. They’re still at work. At the height of the Industrial Revolution,

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“If physician suicide were an infectious disease it would be on the news every night and we’d have a body count.” →

In August 2016 more than 600 people came together in 11 cities across America to stand in solidarity—and to say “no more” to medical student and physician suicide. Here are some of the speakers from the event in New York

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