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Doctor’s infertility cured by quitting assembly-line medicine, opening her dream clinic →

Today I checked up on a physician friend who just launched her solo family medicine clinic a few weeks ago. She writes: It’s a slow start but it’s picking up. As more and more people get to know me it’s

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How To Be The Doctor You Always Wanted To Be (Explicit Language) →

Interview with Pamela Wible, M.D., on The Doctor Paradox with Dr. Paddy Barrett. Warning: EXPLICIT language. Listen to interview here. (Paddy is an Irish guy and it kind of sounds like we’re in a bar.) PB: Hello. Paddy Barrett here and you

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Burnout Is Bullshit →

Please stop using the word burnout. You are not burned out. You’ve been abused. Let’s get the diagnosis right. We enter medicine as inspired, intelligent, compassionate humanitarians. Soon we’re cynical and exhausted. How did all these totally amazing and high-functioning

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Meet The Inspiring Docs Behind These Innovative Clinics →

Meet 3 physician entrepreneurs who are leading the way with innovative neighborhood clinics of the future. Innovative Primary Care Practice Models Panel featuring: Yami Cazorla-Lancaster, D.O., pediatrician at Nourish Wellness and Pediatrics in Yakima, Washington. Pamela Wible, M.D., family physician at a

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Meet the happiest doctor in Idaho! →

I just got to hang out with a graduate of my physician retreat, Ann Cordum, M.D., who now has a successful ideal medical clinic is Boise, Idaho. Here’s what Ann has to say about her new life: PW: So this

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Is medical school an anti-mentorship program? →

“Medical school is a great anti-mentorship program. You meet a lot of doctors you’d never want to become.” That’s what med students keep telling me. Mentorless medical students? I had no idea. Until students started shadowing me. Many also volunteer

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Physician Burnout Is Physician Abuse →

Physician burnout is the latest trend among doctors. There are books, workshops, even special breathing exercises for physician burnout. Suddenly every other doctor I meet has burnout. And half of all med students have burnout before they graduate! WTF. We

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How to be a happy doctor →

I was a physician employee, many times for many hospitals and clinics. I’d stay a year or two, but eventually I’d quit. Then, in 2005, I opened an ideal clinic designed by my patients. Ten years later, I still love

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Texas Doctor’s Craziest Text Messages →

So yesterday I get this email from a physician friend. . .  Subject: On Call 24/7 🙂 Some on-call text messages from my patients: “I fell better just hearing from you” “Good deal thanks!” “Enjoy your family this week!” “Well,

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The Pap Party—The Definition of Patient-Centered Care →

There’s a gazillion scholarly articles on patient-centered care. You can even attend conferences on how to deliver patient-centered care. Or you can stop all the academic masturbation and just do it. The Pap Party is a perfect example of patient-centered

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Ideal Clinics: The Health Care Model That Works! →

There’s a lot of complaining in health care. Here’s just a sampling of quotes from letters I’ve received this week: Physicians: “I’ve become so disillusioned with medicine. I don’t know who to talk to anymore or what to do with my

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Did you forget to thank someone? There’s still time. →

I’m a family physician in Eugene, Oregon—a sweet town where folks are pretty darn friendly.  I still do house calls. Patients often surprise me with gifts. And nearly every appointment ends with a hug. Kindness is contagious. I like to

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Physician keynote speaker shares 7 secrets to success →

I just delivered a keynote in St. Louis to 600 health care leaders from a health system with 20 hospitals, 600 clinics, and 30,000 employees. They told me not to be afraid of the 12-foot-tall version of myself following me

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ATTENTION DOCTORS: You do NOT need resiliency training! →

Here’s the latest medical fad: Physician resiliency training. Huh? Doctors are already the most resilient people on the planet. Doctors can go days on call without eating. I know. I have. Doctors can go 24 hours without a bathroom break.

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Why I encourage patients to fire me →

Not all relationships work out. My prescription: if a relationship isn’t working, end it. Now. Recently an insurance plan told me they were sending a nurse to my office for a chart review that would take 3 hours. After 24

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