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Hospital fires doctor for having cancer →

Dear Pamela, You’ll never guess what happened to me today. Hours after the National Day of Solidarity to Prevent Physician Suicide volunteer webpage went live, I received an email stating that I am officially terminated from my psychiatry residency program.

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I’m a doctor. I’m on Medicaid. I work as a waitress. →

I just received this letter from a physician in the Unites States of America: Like thousands of medical school graduates each year, I did not get a residency [a residency is an additional 3+ years of medical training after 4

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Physician suicide book banned, stolen from hospital →

Letter I just received from an anesthesiologist: Pamela, I had previously written you about the death of one of our residents in the anesthesia department [of a prominent US hospital]. I had mentioned another death [confirmed suicide] of a former

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Secret recordings expose abuse of junior doctors →

“Our incoming class at my medical school was just told by our Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs on our first day of orientation that he was there to crush our souls. His idea of welcome to medical school.”   Daily

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How the word “burnout” perpetuates medicine’s cycle of abuse →

We enter medicine with our hearts and souls on fire ready to serve humanity. By the time we complete medical training many of us have anxiety, PTSD, depression—even suicidal thoughts. Why? Medicine is stressful. Many of us work 100 hour

Meditation is not the treatment for human rights abuse →

Doctors who complain about inhumane working conditions are often labeled as “burned out” or “lacking resilience” or even “disruptive.” Their employers respond by mandating resiliency classes so they can learn mindfulness, deep breathing, or yoga. Victims get instructed in work-life

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Should this doctor quit her job? →

Hi Pamela, I started a new job. So I asked to be in the new satellite clinic as there would be 3 exam rooms and an office. I was told I could. My first day there I was told I

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Teaching hospitals teach discrimination. Here’s how we stop it. →

Meet Dr. Svetlana Kleyman, a powerhouse chief surgery resident with a heart of gold, who works 16-hour days and runs marathons in her free time. Just 18 months before she was to graduate from SUNY Downstate, she developed a spinal

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Don’t let your job suck the life out of you →

This is an urgent message for doctors and everyone in health care. It may also apply to you.  “If you are standing at the corner working on your charts or sitting in your bed working on your charts or you

Medicine’s dirty secret—an interview with Dr. Wible →

Medicine’s dirty secret. Dr. Pamela Wible interviewed by Dr. LaKeisha W. McMillan. Fully transcribed below. Listen on iTunes or download MP3 here.  Episode 68: “Shhh . . they want us to keep it a secret” with Dr. Pamela Wible.  (Note: Interview

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Doctors keep screaming and throwing scalpels. What can I do? →

Dear Dr. Wible, Thank you for the work that you do. I have been following your push for humane medical education for several months now. I finally decided to contact you after reading your article about how “burnout” is actually

Doctors found unsafe to drive home after work →

Some employers are now providing cab rides for physicians because they’re too fatigued to drive safely after their hospital shifts. Just got this email from a resident [physician-in-training]: “OMG. See below. The violations and consequences pretty much deter you from ever

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You’re not burned out. You’ve been abused. →

Please stop using the word burnout. You’re not burned out. You’ve been abused. Let’s get the diagnosis right. We enter medicine as inspired, intelligent, compassionate humanitarians. Soon we’re cynical and exhausted. How did all these totally amazing and high-functioning people

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OR Tears →

Tears in the operating room are different from tears cried by civilians, by veals. There are rules. A single tear from one eye is unobjectionable. Two tears, either one from each eye or two from one eye are permitted if they are unaccompanied

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How to do a no-hands-on physical in 3 minutes (or less) →

Step 1) Greet patient. Step 2) While chatting, check all boxes in electronic medical record for a complete review of systems and physical exam. Copy and paste parts of previous chart note while looking at patient every once in a

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