Physician warriors don’t cry →


i need to run

i need to run
in the rain
or something i need to run
i need to rest but i need to run, 
i need to wash the blood off my pants and 
i want to talk to someone but i cant 
can i, i never did. never have talked, much.
i need to rest, and eat, and hydrate but i cant , can i.

they said he had prior visits 
for depression, 
they said they heard him say the rain was making him depressed
they said he jumped into the highway
in front of the 18 wheeler.

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Looking for the second most inspiring doctor in USA →

I discovered the most inspiring doctor a few months ago.

A poor single mom of two who overcame every obstacle to deliver health care for the underserved in rural North Carolina. In the coolest farmhouse clinic! For newborn to elderly regardless of ability to pay. Womb-to-tomb care via barter and trade—from chickens to roofing shingles.

Meet Michelle McPherson—the 2018 Visionary Woman in Medicine.

Leslie Michelle McPherson

Michelle had no money. She wasn’t even sure she was smart enough to become a doctor. But her town desperately needed one. So she studied relentlessly while working four part-time jobs and attending med school!

Then Michelle was hospitalized three times during training with $6000 in copays. She kept studying undeterred—even while in the hospital. Then she had care for her mom undergoing cancer treatment. Medical bills destroyed her credit. Student loans piled up. Now with $500,000 in debt at 8% interest, she couldn’t get a start-up loan.

So I sent her a $10,000 check to get her clinic going. Watch her mom’s face when she opens the surprise package:

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Dr. Wible Keynote at LSUHSC Mental Health Awareness Week →

On February 23, 2018, Dr. Pamela Wible delivered this LSUHSC keynote address fully transcribed below.

Katy Wagner: All right, if everyone could just take their seats, we’re going to get started. My name is Katy and I have been working on the Mental Health Awareness Week planning committee. We’d just like to thank you so much for coming out to all of our event. Now I’m going to invite Dr. Ghali up here. He’s going to introduce our keynote speaker for the week.

Dr. Ghali: Good afternoon. It’s my pleasure and honor to be here in this very important occasion. I’m here because I view mental health as a very important subject matter. Throughout this week, you’ve been seeing and hearing about the sobering statistics on depression and suicide amongst medical students and physicians. I want you to know that we at LSU are concerned about the mental health for all students and healthcare providers. Just in the two years that I’ve been in this position, in the interim role and a permanent role, we’ve had three to four students and residents that (again, it’s always hard to figure out the exact situation) but I would put them in the exact category of concerns that Dr. Wible has and why she’s here, and what we’re talking about related to this mental health awareness.

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Physician Retreats: Lessons learned from leading 20 retreats →

Hi I’m Pamela Wible and my dream was to be a small town family doc doing house calls and loving my patients. Yet I was funneled into all these assembly-line big-box clinics where I became depressed and suicidal. Then I did something kind of crazy for a doctor—I asked for help.

I invited my community to design their own ideal medical clinic. So I could work in the perfect clinic designed by my patients. I made flyers that I posted all over town. I led a series of town hall meetings collecting 100 pages of testimony. I adopted 90% of what my community wanted and I opened one month later—with no outside funding. That was 2005. Thirteen years later I’m still loving our clinic where nobody’s turned anyone away for lack of money (and I actually earn more per hour than I ever did at the treadmill clinics).

I wanted to share my formula for success with as many doctors as possible. I wasn’t sure how so I started physician business strategy retreats. Now 20 retreats later, I’ve helped hundreds of physicians launch their ideal clinics.

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Physician resistance, distraction & the saboteur →

Physician-Saboteur Blog1

Physician psychology 101—a series of article are brought to you by Sydney Ashland & Pamela Wible, MD.


Resistance is protective energy that often derails us before we even really get started. It can be experienced from within or without. It is an energy designed to keep us safe. Much like gravity keeps us from careening into space with some half-cooked or dangerous plan, resistance keeps us grounded. Resistance not only protects us from moving too fast with something that hasn’t been tested, it often sabotages our plans to move forward with something exciting, new and invigorating.

The best strategies to move through resistance involve acknowledging its protective role and even thanking it for showing up. If a person is resisting your idea or playing devil’s advocate, the best response is to say, “Thank you for caring for me enough to be concerned. Thank you for trying to help and keep me safe from an adverse outcome. I will certainly keep this in mind as I move forward.” You are putting external resistance on notice that you see it for what it is and are continuing to move forward with confidence. Ask yourself:

How is resistance showing up in my life right now?
  Is it internal or external?

Do I need to slow my progression?
 Am I moving too fast?

How can I modify, slow or speed up my plan in order to move through resistance?

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