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Physician PTSD—5 tips to disrupt the cycle →

 Pamela Wible: Today we’re gonna talk about physician PTSD. Sydney, you’ve been working with physicians with PTSD for nearly a decade and just came back from a personal retreat where you spent four days with a very successful emergency

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Physician resistance, distraction & the saboteur →

Physician psychology 101—a series of article are brought to you by Sydney Ashland & Pamela Wible, MD. RESISTANCE Resistance is protective energy that often derails us before we even really get started. It can be experienced from within or without.

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How to stop pimping at your medical school (& heal yourself) →

Pimping is a “teaching” technique in which a student is grilled with rapid-fire questions (often about obscure medical minutiae). These much-feared public interrogation sessions can be so malicious that the student may be left crying—in front of peers, staff, and

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