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LIVE RETREATS are curated and personalized 100% tax-deductible business strategy retreats for physicians. Enjoy a luxury spa resort with gourmet meals, in-room Jacuzzi, and one-on-one guidance from Dr. Wible for up to 5 days. Request preferred dates here.

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Monthly Physician Retreats

What Physicians Are Saying

This retreat was the most amazing experience of my life, It really was. Thank you. You saved my life.” ~ Family Medicine Resident, PA

“In my life as the son of a doctor and a psychiatrist, I’ve run across all kinds of would-be healers and experts of the mind. I’ve never come across anyone like you or anything like this experience—the depth of clarity and awareness that you brought to this process you were facilitating within me—I just don’t know how to talk about it or find words. You were laser-focused on lighting a path for me to discover my dreams. You were working on a different dimension that I couldn’t quite see. And you did it without any pretenses, judgement or bullshit.” ~ Psychiatrist, WI

“Having been hospitalized several times for severe depression and suicidality, I can absolutely say that Pamela’s environment is much more conducive to healing than a psychiatric ward. I’m launching my own clinic when I get home to escape a very toxic operating room environment. Oh, and I left as an author.”    ~ Anesthesiologist, TX

“I came to you a broken person. What is the poem on the Statue of Liberty? Give me your poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free. I’ll never forget the feeling of you speaking to me in a way that was very directed. I felt I was breathing the light of your breath through the air into my lungs that was birthing this life inside of me. . . I love how you specialize in healing physicians’ souls.” ~ Family Physician, OR

To join us: Contact Dr. Wible here.

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10 comments on “Physician Wellness Retreats | Physician “Burnout” Retreats
  1. Shauna McNally says:

    Are any of these free/scholarships available? I just saw that you had a free one but didn’t know about it until you posted it!

    They all sound amazing!!!!

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I’ve given out 3 free retreats so far (to those who have been actively involved in our advanced business strategy group for the last 5 years. If you’d like a discount, I encourage you to apply.

  2. Genevieve Bates says:

    Several of these retreats sound wonderful. I see that we are to choose a retreat, and write an essay explaining what it would mean to participate, and to see if we get selected to attend. I think that’s great. My question is regarding spouse. Would my spouse be allowed to attend? The reason I ask is that he has been so instrumental in some of my starting to heal, also he is interested in these topics. I am a hospitalist. He is not a physician but is a healing person.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Absolutely Genevieve. Your spouse and family can come along (as long as they are not a distraction). If your spouse wants to attend the full retreat then please have him also submit an essay and I’ll see what makes the most sense (whether he attends all sessions or just a few) . . .

  3. Pamela Wible MD says:

    VIRTUAL RETREAT SPECIAL (inquire here)

    LAUNCH YOUR SPEAKING CAREER. Ever dream of delivering a TED Talk? Want to deliver your message to the world on stage? Dr. Wible will train you to confidently share your personal story and unique message. You’ll leave retreat with a completed talk (including slides), speaking contracts, and maybe even your first speaking gig scheduled.

  4. Marta Achando says:

    Hi! I am an anaesthesiologist and intensive care specialist from Portugal. I would like to attend your course for coaches/lecturers, but I’m not sure if I can practice that in the US or only in Europe. I myself have suffered from severe burn out and am looking to help others as I see so many colleagues overwhelmed with work and life in general.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Absolutely the skills transfer to any country (with some modifications based on country-specific payment models). The course is most helpful for those who are struggling with exhaustion, poor job satisfaction, and “burnout.” Teaches how to take back your power, vision, and autonomy so that you can truly be the healer you were born to be. Virtual and live options—monthly themes vary though include launching independent practices and trauma recovery from the grind of standard medical career.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Also very helpful to have a side gig in coaching or consulting so you will be less beholden to the large hospital systems should you ever want to leave (or decrease hours spent inside hospital setting).

  5. Pamela Wible MD says:

    Need help ASAP?

    PERSONAL RETREAT. A private one-on-one weekend retreat with Dr. Wible. Personal retreats offered most weeks (virtual or live). Perfect for docs on LOA, in PHPs, or undergoing med board investigation. Receive targeted help with career & life in a private setting of your choice with no interruptions. Includes weekly support until 2023.

  6. Pamela Wible MD says:


    November 2022 Physician Retreats

    NOVEMBER 7 – 11 😍 LAUNCH YOUR IDEAL CLINIC, COACHING, OR CONSULTING PRACTICE. Want to quit assembly-line medicine & do what you really love? Create a side gig that becomes your main gig. Join an intimate group of physicians for a week on the Oregon coast to redesign your practice—and life. Leave retreat with your fee schedule, contracts & website copy to get ideal clients immediately. Includes 20-hour Fast-Track & weekly coaching until 2023.

    NOVEMBER 11 – 13 ❤️ PANDEMIC RETREAT. Join us to get help for long haul, job loss, death of family and peers. Enjoy a SAFE SPACE to discuss how you feel about what you have witnessed or experienced amid the pandemic including adverse reactions to investigational drugs, censorship, trust/distrust of our medical institutions, hazardous working conditions, and mistreatment of our healthcare “heroes.” Includes weekly support until 2023. FREE RETREAT for Live Your Dream Graduates.

    NOVEMBER 14 – 18 ❤️‍🩹 TRAUMA RECOVERY. Feeling depression or suicidal? Having intrusive thoughts after a medical error? Thinking of giving up your career? Join an intimate group of physicians for a week on the Oregon coast to redesign your practice—and life. Heal among peers who “get you” and know your pain. Includes weekly peer support until 2023. Confidential. No EMR. No paper trail.

    RETREATS INCLUDE: most meals, all educational sessions, spa services & weekly support starting this week until 2023 for 5K (you cover travel/hotel). 💚 100% DEDUCTIBLE as business expense 💚 SCHOLARSHIPS for med students & residents 💚 30 hours of CME.

    To join us: Contact Dr. Wible here.

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