Physician Support Groups—Every Sunday →

Register here and Dr. Wible will send you link Sunday morning.

Physician Trauma Recovery (2 pm EST) ~ Heal from suicide attempts, childhood abuse, residency trauma, workplace violence, betrayal & more. (2 hours).

Pandemic Support (4 pm EST) ~ Receive safe, nonjudgmental help with long-haul, job loss, mandates, vx injuries/death of family/peers. (1 hour).

Physician Business Mastermind (8 pm EST) ~ Learn advanced strategies for independent physicians (must be graduate of Live Your Dream 101). Launch your ideal clinic, coaching or consulting business YES! You can be your own boss & love your life. (1 hour).  Join our advanced business retreat Nov 7-11.

Confidential groups curated by Dr. Wible on Zoom. $97/mo. All healers welcome. To join us, register here. 

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2022 Physician Retreats →

Reclaim your soul & purpose in a weeklong retreat with an intimate group of physicians on the beautiful Oregon coast. Choose first week of June, July, August, or November. For specialty-specific custom retreats, inquire here. Topics vary by month. All involve deep emotional & spiritual healing plus targeted business strategies for liberation from assembly-line medicine. Become self-actualized as the healer you were born to be in the world.

OWN YOUR SPIRITUAL POWER AS A HEALER  (Aug 1 – 5) Has medicine undermined your innate healing power? Do you have untapped intuitive gifts? Join us to learn how doctors use prayer, reiki, astrology, tarot, dream interpretation, sound healing, energy medicine with their clients—and GET PAID. Explore your spiritual experiences in a sacred circle of healers who will empower you to be who you were born to be. Retreat ends with optional personal readings with some of the best spiritual healers in Oregon who will answer your questions about launching your own spiritual practice—free from med board intrusion.  RETREAT FULL (one doc can’t make it so ONE opening)

LAUNCH YOUR IDEAL CLINIC, COACHING, OR CONSULTING PRACTICE (Nov 7 – 11) Ready to leave assembly-line medicine for your dream clinic? Want to quit medicine to do what you really love? Create a side gig that becomes your main gig. You’ll leave retreat with a clear description of your ideal client, complete copy for your website, brochure to launch your business, pricing/fee schedule, client contract, and more. (Also available as a personal virtual retreat).

HEALING AFTER MEDICAL MISTAKES (Nov 14-18) Have you had intrusive thoughts after a medical error? Felt guilty after a patient death? Feeling depressed or suicidal because you may be a “bad” doctor? Have you contemplated giving up your career? Join us to share your pain and experience healing in the safety of a confidential group of health professionals who know the pain of  self-doubt—and self-abuse—in the aftermath of human error. Many suffer for decades in isolation after a medical mistake. You are not alone. Help and healing is now available for what has been a taboo topic for far too long in medicine.


LAUNCH YOUR IDEAL CLINIC, COACHING, OR CONSULTING PRACTICE. Same as above. Includes Fast-Track Course. You’ll be prepared to accept your first clients in one week.

LAUNCH YOUR SPEAKING CAREER. Ever dream of delivering a TED Talk? Want to deliver your message to the world on stage? Dr. Wible will train you to confidently share your personal story and unique message. You’ll leave retreat with a completed talk (including slides), speaking contracts, and maybe even your first speaking gig scheduled.

* * *

ALL RETREATS  1) Live retreats on Oregon coast in oceanfront suites. 2) Monday – Friday with optional Sat/Sun add-on. 3) Private coaching pre/post retreat to ensure your success. 4) Most food covered (breakfasts at spa hotel plus most dinners). 5) Max 7 people per retreat. 6) Full-week tuition: $5,000. You cover travel/hotel. 7) Discount 50% for residents, med students, unmatched grads, & those in Dream Team Business Mastermind > 2 years (on Dream Team > 5 years, your retreat is FREE!). Request your virtual retreat here

TO APPLY: Submit one-page essay on retreat you wish to join—and why you need to attend. Invitation only. First come, first served. For specialized private retreats (including psychedelic & guided shamanic journeys), inquire here.

ALL RETREATS 100% DEDUCTIBLE as a business expense.

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How NOT to lose your medical license with dual relationships →

Discover 30+ dual relationships you might not know you have (that may wreak havoc in your life) * Why you should avoid hiring a patient as an employee * How to legally terminate a patient relationship * How simple contracts keep you safe * What constitutes sexual misconduct * Waiting periods for sexual contact with former patients * 3 ways to prevent civil or criminal liability in dual relationships & more . . .

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Physician exodus—from doctoring to coaching →

Two happily retired physicians discuss coaching as a career.

00:00  Ob/gyn-turned-health coach
00:32  Transition to direct pay model
01:15  Health coaching CPT codes
03:30  Avoid being a “generic” coach with a defined niche
06:00  Teaching through storytelling
06:21  Opting out of high-overhead/high-volume model
06:40  The moment you knew you would be a doctor
07:52  How doctors earn more as scribes
08:00  Health coaching laws vary by state
09:00  Group coaching benefits
10:30  Are coaches practicing medicine without a license?
12:25  Cleveland Clinic health coaching corporate model
13:58  Benefits of detaching from the medical board
15:06  Advice for physicians disgusted with their careers
16:37  “If you don’t have a medical license, it’s not like your brain fell out of your head.”
17:10  Benefit of being a health coach—confidential mental health care
18:19  Get loans paid off as a health coach, teacher, even a park ranger!
19:03  Final words of wisdom—don’t choose suicide to escape medicine
19:40  You do not have to be a doctor to be a HEALER
20:06  “If I would have known what medicine would be like, I’d never have done it.”
20:28  Income potential as a health coach

Need more info? Reach out to Bryan Treacy at and Pamela Wible here

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Free resident retreat →

Just some fun scenes from our recent resident retreat on the Oregon coast. Join our next one . . .

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Physician facts vs. fantasy →

Candid conversation with Monisha Veerapaneni, a student who left med school to pursue health system change. I get tons of calls from distraught med students and Monisha and I did a Q&A session in hopes of helping others.

0:10    How come premeds aren’t told about high suicide rate in medicine?
1:00    Why didn’t we know suicide rate by specialty prior to my research?
2:35    Why do trainees fear asking for help?
5:02    Cartoon explainer on physician overwork & self-abuse
9:54    Physician betrayal cycle & institutional betrayal trauma
13:49  The foundational flaw in Western medical training
16:43  Why med students are forced to memorize (& then forget) 90% of what we learn
17:12  Med school outrageous tuition rates
21:24  What’s really causing the residency bottleneck?
24:35  How can for-profit med school exist? (& get away with subpar education)
26:46  Why should we care about sleep-deprived doctors?
30:38  Burnout is bullshit explainer cartoon
34:24  Why are med students & doctors afraid to get therapy?
37:43  Physician suicide & hospital crimes against humanity
38:04  Why the physician exodus from medicine to health coaching
40:00  Discussion on physician salary, overhead & reimbursement
41:50   Unique challenges for female physicians
44:44  Why are premeds clueless (or overly idealistic) about the medical profession?
46:22  Family pressure for a physician trophy child

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