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Why doctors laugh about death →

Why do doctors laugh about death?

Kobe Bryant’s widow said she didn’t know first responders would refer to her deceased loved ones as “gumbo” or “hamburger meat.”

“It’s Taco Tuesday at The Baja California Bar & Grill, two days after the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant.

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Foster parenting with a homeless man (stand-up comedy) →

Performed 3/13/20 at Stand-Up New York right as the town shut down for the pandemic. Show was cancelled so I performed for the random people who wandered in from the streets.

I’m not into long-term parenting.
I’m a foster mom cause I prefer rent-to-own.

I got no idea how to deal with a baby .

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When your parents are doctors (stand-up comedy) →

Performed 3/6/20 at Stand Up New York.

My parents are doctors. Total workaholics.
Our first family photo . . .
I was 45!!

When you’re parents are doctors,
they try to pass off medical conferences
—as family vacations!!
When I was 9,

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Death Row Health Care (Stand-Up Comedy) →

I just moved to NYC (part-time two weeks each month) on January 1, 2020 to help physician residents who are struggling there and to continue to address the doctor suicide crisis and empower physicians and medical students nationwide. Thought I’d try a little stand-up comedy (just for a fun hobby—work-life balance,

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