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Physician trainees prevail in strike over harassed doctor’s suicide →


Dr. Omkar, 30-year old pediatrician trainee died by suicide after years of alleged racial harassment by head of department. Dr. Omkar is from a lower caste tribe, the only son with 2 younger sisters. Elder sister just married the day prior to his suicide. Head of department denied him leave for the wedding even though his peers agreed to cover his shifts.

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Second victim syndrome suicide →

Remembering Nurse Hiatt & Baby Kaia on the anniversary of a medical error that led to her loss of life. Kim Hiatt, a NICU nurse, was accused of caring “too much”—until September 14, 2010, when she gave 1400 rather than 140 mg of CaCl) to a frail 8-month-old,

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Why doctors laugh about death →

Why do doctors laugh about death?

Kobe Bryant’s widow said she didn’t know first responders would refer to her deceased loved ones as “gumbo” or “hamburger meat.”

“It’s Taco Tuesday at The Baja California Bar & Grill, two days after the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant.

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Physician Support Groups—Every Sunday →

Register here and Dr. Wible will send your confidential link Sunday mornings.

Physician Trauma Recovery (2 pm EST) ~ Heal from suicide attempts, child abuse, residency trauma & more. (2 hours).

Pandemic Support (4 pm EST) ~ Receive help for long-haul,

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Why doctors lie →

Doctors are trained to lie.

Here are the top 10 ways. See if you recognize any.

1. Doctors lie about work hours.
When logging actual work hours exceeding the weekly “80-hour cap,” new docs are cited for duty-hour violations. Labeled as inefficient,

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Perfectionism is deadly. How to heal from a medical mistake. →

In memory of Kaitlyn Elkins, a “successful” medical student at the top of her class, who died by suicide due to perfectionism, loneliness & untreated depression.

I know several physicians who died by suicide due to minor medical mistakes. In their suicide notes they claim an inability to forgive themselves.

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“Happy” med student dies by suicide—due to perfectionism and loneliness →

Nine years ago today my friend’s “happy” daughter died by suicide—due to perfectionism and loneliness. In her mother’s words:

“Dear Pamela, On 4-11-13, I lost my 23-year-old, brilliant daughter Kaitlyn Elkins to suicide. She was just beginning her 3rd year of medical school at Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem,

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Surgeon’s “widow” calls out double doctor suicide →

Dear Dr. Wible,

After a surgeon killed himself at my husband’s office, his group hired a physician to replace him and a few weeks ago he also killed himself—at his desk at the hospital. I feel his suicide is being swept under the rug. I can no longer remain silent.

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Honoring our physicians who have died by suicide →

Join our FREE doctor suicide survivors support group here.

Wall of Remembrance from award-winning documentary, Do No Harm: Exposing the Hippocratic Hoax, a film exposing our doctor suicide crisis that honors nearly 100 doctors who have died by suicide.

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Dear deathly afraid of seeking help ❤️‍🩹 help is here. ⬇️ →

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Surgeon Support Groups →

See full KevinMD interview & transcript here.

“. . . It is especially great to get people in the same specialty together. That’s why I host specialty-specific peer-to-peer support groups. I’m not a surgeon. I don’t know what it’s like. They do.

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How writing heals pain →

Full interview here

I’ve been running a physician suicide helpline for nearly ten years. People write me tomes of emails. They’ll conclude with “I feel so much better for sharing this for the first time. Don’t worry about calling me back. Thank you for reading this.” Writing is healing,

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What is emotional sepsis? →

Full interview here

Emotional sepsis is a life-threatening condition from unprocessed emotional pain in the body that may lead to death.

Emotional I & D is an incision and draining of the emotions by way of slicing open one’s soul and sharing the suffering with a trusted person,

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Physician suicide and medicine’s culture of betrayal →

Kevin Pho: Hi, and welcome to the show where we share the stories of the many who intersect with our healthcare system but are rarely heard from. My name is Kevin Pho, founder and editor of KevinMD. Today on the show we have Pamela Wible. She is a family physician,

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My brother is a suicidal doctor. How can I help him? →

I frequently receive letters requesting help for suicidal friends or family members in medicine.

“Dr. Wible, I am writing to you on behalf of my brother. He was a medical resident, but was terminated. He has been a stellar doctor and wonderful teacher,

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