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Honoring those we lost to suicide amid COVID-19 →

View award-winning documentary that honors physicians we lost to suicide here.

Dr. Lorna Breen recovered from COVID-19, yet was traumatized from witnessing so many deaths she required psychiatric hospitalization—then died by suicide. Dr. Leigh Sundem lost her job due the pandemic.

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View Do No Harm Film—Sundays in May for Mental Health Awareness Month →

View full-feature award-winning documentary by Emmy-winning filmmaker that exposes the doctor suicide crisis—and offers SOLUTIONS—followed by expert panels and interactive Q/A.  Every Sunday! Register here & View trailer .


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Dr. Leigh Sundem dies by suicide. Here’s her last request. →

Dr. Leigh Sundem, a phenomenal physician died by suicide. Accomplished & super-smart with a 4.0 GPA, even aced the MCAT, yet was unmatched to residency 3 times . . . so she scrambled twice into temporary spots (but couldn’t get anything the third time). Even though she had 16 academic awards,

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Dr. Leigh Sundem dies by suicide due to discrimination →

Dr. Leigh Sundem died by suicide when she was obstructed from practicing medicine due to discrimination related to her drug addiction as a teen. Clean & sober 15 years, she was an advocate for others in recovery, even testifying to congress. With countless awards in med school, Leigh was a phenomenal physician,

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Physician suicides due to COVID-19 & mental health impact to doctors →

Reporter: Here on CBS in Los Angeles every week we’re taking a deeper look into the toll that this pandemic is taking on our mental health and how we can manage our new normal. Our healthcare workers are facing trauma no one could ever prepare for—a doctor in New York,

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Lorna Breen, MD—hero physician dies by suicide →

Hero doctor dies by suicide, and yes, she’s a hero—and she deserves to be honored.

Lorna Breen, a top NYC doctor who recovered from Coronavirus, was in “excruciating” emotional pain watching so many patients die. With no history of mental illness, yet clearly traumatized,

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Physician Suicide & Resilience Gaslighting →

An open letter published with permission from a resident physician in the aftermath of a doctor suicide:

“A resident at U of M [Manitoba] has committed suicide. The school circulated and email stating that he died as if it were an accident. If I hear one more person utter the words ‘physician resiliency’

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Protected: Doctor tries to shoot himself. He survived. I made this video for him (and all suicidal docs out there). →

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Hazardous work conditions kill doctors (and patients) →


I was invited on to this TV show to share why burnout and moral injury fail to address the underlying cause of physician distress—human rights violations in medicine. View full TV show here.

Doctors have the highest suicide rate of any profession.

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Text message prevents surgeon’s suicide →


A physician shares his suicide survival story with me. The 51 words that saved his life.

Hi Pamela, Here is the text that prevented my suicide:

“Hey I’m so sorry about your patient. That sucks. I’m very thankful that we have you as an excellent otolaryngologist to learn from.

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Creating a Culture of Wellness (Keynote) →

Note: Thomas Fishler, MD,  is correct spelling of his name.

Kick-off keynote delivered on February 7, 2020 at AO North America, an international organization serving veterinarians, craniomaxillofacial, hand, spine, and trauma surgeons.

Introduction: It gives me great honor and privilege to introduce our first keynote speaker for the day,

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Beloved doctor dies in physician health program. Her husband wants to know why. →

Shawn C. Kelley, M.D., died by suicide under the care of Washington State Physicians Health Program. She was referred to the WPHP based on one unsubstantiated allegation unrelated to patient care. Her husband shares his thoughts and experiences about the program tasked with protecting his wife—and he appeals for a more objective and transparent process for helping vulnerable physicians.

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Why “happy” doctors die by suicide . . . (& how to prevent them) →

VIEW FULL KEYNOTE above (including narrated slideshow)

In this closing keynote at Psych Congress 2019, Dr. Wible reveals the results of her 7-year investigation into more than 1,300 doctor suicides—and shares simple solutions to the suicide epidemic in an uplifting, life-changing, and surprisingly entertaining session.

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How to honor doctors who have died by suicide →

Just posted on Facebook & encouraging others to join me in honoring doctors we’ve lost to suicide.

Wow! Just rolled in from a 36-hour road trip to Washington moments ago after facilitating an incredibly healing event to honor the lives of doctors we’ve lost to suicide in Washington.

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Physician-Friendly States for Mental Health: A Review of Medical Boards →

Physician-Friendly States for Mental Health: A Review of Medical Boards
Research Project by Pamela Wible, M.D., and Arianna Palermini, OMS2
© Copyright 2019

Read updated version of article (& download PDF) in peer-review journal dedicated to physician mental health.

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