Doctor suicide on her third day in her “dream” job—remembering Deelshad Joomun, M.D.

Video from an altar in my home shrine to suicided doctors.

My sweet soul sister, Deelshad Joomun, M.D., died by suicide 6 years ago today when she stepped off the roof of a Mount Sinai Hospital building in NYC at 3:30 pm on her third day in her “dream” job as an attending. A pioneer in the field of interventional nephrology, she is remembered for her sweet voice, her intelligence, and the devotion to all who came to her in need.  She was the third female doctor/medical trainee to die by suicide at Mount Sinai in just a few years. Two of the suicides were on visa from Mauritius (Deelshad Joomun, M.D.  & Esha Baichoo, M.D.). To date there has been no thorough investigation into the reasons why three young female physicians chose to die by suicide at Mount Sinai. 

Read more about Mount Sinai suicide cluster (& watch documentary about doctor suicide featuring Dr. Joomun)

Why Do Female Physicians Keep Dying By Suicide At Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital?

My eulogy to Deelshad Joomun, M.D.

Suicided doctor: covered up with a tarp—and silence 

Doctor suicide: where are the vigils. cards, and flowers?

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