Doctor suicide attempt—how to get confidential help


If you’re a doctor who’s had a suicide attempt, don’t tell your boss, (or med board). You’ll be sent to a physician “health” program (a monitoring program for dangerous docs) that starts with a 4-day eval then 90-days at an out-of-state “preferred” facility with polygraph tests and a 5-year monitoring contract with random drug tests & AA meetings (even if you don’t do drugs) costing you 250K. If you don’t comply (or can’t afford), you lose your license and your board publishes your “confidential” mental health records online for the world to see.

Discipline is NOT mental health care.

Want confidential non-punitive care? See resources below:

Depressed Doctor: How To Get Confidential Mental Health Help for Physicians

Physician Peer Support—Sundays


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