Physician Support Groups—Every Sunday

Register here and Dr. Wible will send you link Sunday morning.

Physician Trauma Recovery (2 pm EST) ~ Heal from suicide attempts, childhood abuse, residency trauma, workplace violence, betrayal & more. (2 hours).  Join our trauma recovery retreat June 6-10.

Pandemic Support (4 pm EST) ~ Receive safe, nonjudgmental help with long-haul, job loss, mandates, vx injuries/death of family/peers. (1 hour).

Physician Business Mastermind (8 pm EST) ~ Learn advanced strategies for independent physicians (must be graduate of Live Your Dream 101). Launch your ideal clinic, coaching or consulting business  so you can practice medicine autonomously with joy! (1 hour).  Join our advanced business retreat Nov 7-11.

Confidential groups curated by Dr. Wible on Zoom.  $97/mo. All healers welcome. To join us, register here. 

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3 comments on “Physician Support Groups—Every Sunday
  1. Hi Pamela. Can I join one of your groups Institutional Betrayal Help) even from Canada? My College has helped ruin my reputation numerous times and I need help coping with this. I think I will sue them shortly but am still afraid of them.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Sure Trevor. Groups are open to any physician anywhere in the world. A confidential space for peer support.

  2. This blog is informative

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