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Doctor Buys Patients Gym Memberships →

Fear and isolation have led to alarming rates of anxiety, depression—even suicides—in our community and exercise is a great way to shed ‘pandemic pounds,’ improve mental health, and combat social withdrawal—all while supporting a local business—a win-win for everyone.

So I’m announcing a philanthropic community partnership with IN Shape Fitness to help combat the devastating physical,

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Are Burnout and Medical Errors Among US Surgeons a Major Problem? →

Are Burnour and Medical Errors Among US Surgeons a Major Problem?
Surgeons are not Navy SEALs and should not be trained or treated like frontline special forces.

We must remember surgeon burnout when we are addressing health worker burnout. Surgeons suffer burnout more than most other medical specialties.

I’m Dr. Pamela Wible and I run a free doctor suicide helpline.

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Quitting Medical Residency | Quitting Residency During Intern Year & After →

Quitting Medical Residency. Yes, You CAN Quit Residency

Quitting Medical Residency: Quitting Residency During Intern Year And After.  Is it possible to quit residency and still work as a doctor or get another job outside clinical medicine?

What happens when a medical resident quits their job? When a future doctor walks away from a residency program—is that the end of their medical career?

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Perfectionism is deadly. How to heal from a medical mistake. →

In memory of Kaitlyn Elkins, a “successful” medical student at the top of her class, who died by suicide due to perfectionism, loneliness & untreated depression.

I know several physicians who died by suicide due to minor medical mistakes. In their suicide notes they claim an inability to forgive themselves.

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Physician Support Groups—Sundays →

Physician Support Groups | Physician Wellness Retreats

Physician Trauma Recovery (2 pm EST) ~ Heal from suicidal thoughts, childhood or residency abuse & more. (2 hr).  ❤️  Pandemic Healing (4 pm EST) ~ Get help for long haul, job loss,

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Morton Krouse—the Ralph Nader of medicine (& the man behind my dreams) →

I believe life is a spiritual relay race. We inherit the unlived dreams of our ancestors. Uncle Morty was born 1 week after me & exactly 50 years before—so we’re Sagittarius soulmates! My visionary uncle is the ancestral energy that fuels my passion for healing. Uncle Morty is the Ralph Nader of medicine &

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Why doctors must share their personal stories →

My dear friend opened her own clinic, but she wasn’t attracting the right patients despite a great website, fair pricing, and wonderful free educational videos. Only one thing was missing—her personal story. I encouraged her to write the real reason why she opened her clinic—the one she had shared with me through her tears.

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Healing Physician Trauma with Drs. Gabor Maté & Pamela Wible →

Today I was honored to be a participant in a stellar physician panel of international leaders in the field of trauma with Gabor Maté, M.D., Rupa Marya, M.D., Will Van Derveer, M.D., and Jeffrey Rediger, M.D., M.Div.

View 5-minute clip above on healing physician trauma then view entire talk here.

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Remembering our fallen physicians →


For Labor Day & Suicide prevention week, may we remember our physicians who worked until their last breaths. All published with permission.

Dr. Greg Miday admitted the greatest number of patients to Barnes Hx as a nocturnist. Years after his suicide,

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What NOT to do after a medical error →

If you are a doctor (or med student/health professional) and you are human, you’ve probably made a medical mistake. You’ve probably not received emotional support for the mistake. Maybe you’ve never told anyone about a mistake that still haunts you today. 

The truth is most all physicians have admitted to medical mistakes sometime in their careers.

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How my patients prevented my suicide (& started a medical revolution) →

Today is the anniversary of my suicide survival story—a happy ending to six weeks of unrelenting thoughts of dying when forced to see patients every ten minutes in big-box assembly-line clinics. My lifelong dream of being a trusted, loving family doc doing housecalls was gone. I saw no way out.

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Living your spiritual calling in medicine →

Inspiring presentation to students at The University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine that received a standing ovation. Listen in below to full three-hour event (including Q/A) and/or transcribed presentation below:

Each year our future physicians enter medical school with their mental health on par with or better than their peers.

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Why I love my (homemade) EMR →

With so many doctors bitching about electronic medical records, I just want to scream from the mountaintops, “I LOVE my EMR!” And you can love yours too! As you all know, I created my own DIY EMR back in 2005 and I’ve never spent a dime on it.

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How to fall in love with your EMR →

Love your medical records

Excerpt from a conference call tonight on how to fall in love with your medical records—just in time for Valentine’s Day! Download and listen in to podcast below or read transcript for a journey through the history of the modern EMR—with fun solutions!

Once upon a time there was a doctor,

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Everyone’s a hero →

(Warning: I have a lifelong problem of “freaking people out” by sharing too much detail. Hang with me . . .)

When I was a little kid, I had this ritual with my dad. I’m pretty sure we were the only two people in the world that ever did this.

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