Physician Support Groups—Sunday (1/2/22)

Sunday Support Groups for Physicians

Physician Trauma Recovery (2 pm EST) is dedicated to helping doctors heal from personal & professional trauma such as suicide attempts, childhood abuse, death or suicides, residency abuse, workplace violence, betrayal & more. Our focus on JAN 2 is SUICIDE DAYDREAMS, ATTEMPTS, LOSS & RECOVERY.

Pandemic Support (4 pm EST) is a cohesive, safe, non-judgemental group of doctors meeting weekly for a year to share feelings on long-haul, mandates, early treatment, vx injuries/death of family/peers. JAN 2 is YOUR #1 WAY TO COMBAT FEAR

Physician Peer Support (6 pm EST) is an all-physician group for professional & personal advice and validation on any topic.  JAN 2 is “CAREER CROSSROADS.”

Physician Business Mastermind (8 pm EST) is advanced strategies for docs in independent practice (most are graduates of Live Your Dream 101) We’ve met weekly for 5+ years. Join us to launch your successful ideal coaching practice/clinic (telemed or brick & mortar) so you can practice medicine autonomously with joy! JAN 2—22 TIPS FOR 2022—(DR. WIBLE’S BIBLE—BEST BUSINESS TIPS from nearly 20 years of teaching > 600 docs to launch ideal clinics & live their dreams!)

All groups confidential & curated by Dr. Wible, up to 90 min. most on Zoom. Open to all at $97/month, a nominal fee to “support our support groups” & free physician suicide helpline. NPs, PAs, med students welcome as space allows. To join us, contact Dr. Wible.

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4 comments on “Physician Support Groups—Sunday (1/2/22)
  1. Please let us know if you consider running a group for healthcare workers forced to leave their jobs because of mandates.

  2. Chad Yarman says:

    I am a emergency room physician who experienced a traumatic brain injury due to an accident on 1/4/19. I am still not able to practice. I struggle with the loss of practicing. I am very motivated and have a great team of clinicians. I start at the Mind Eye Clinic in 3 weeks. I am hoping for neuroplasticity, cognitive and mood improvement. I did not have a brain bleed at the time of the accident. I struggle with validation.

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