2022 Physician Retreats

Reclaim your soul & purpose in a weeklong retreat with an intimate group of physicians on the beautiful Oregon coast. Choose first week of June, July, August, or November. For specialty-specific custom retreats, inquire here. Topics vary by month. All involve deep emotional & spiritual healing plus targeted business strategies for liberation from assembly-line medicine. Become self-actualized as the healer you were born to be in the world.

HEALING PHYSICIAN TRAUMA (June 6 – 10) Want to recover from the trauma of training? Suffering from childhood wounds? Feeling betrayed by your “helping” profession? Heal from medical mistakes, suicide attempts, toxic employers, bullying, repetition compulsion, and personal life issues. Be pampered at a spa resort among healers who are hurting—and leave with lifelong physician friends. No paper trail. No EMR. 100% confidential. Cursing & crying encouraged—you will NOT be written up as unprofessional. Take off your white coat and jump into your oceanfront balcony Jacuzzi 🙂  ** 1 SPOT LEFT **

WEEKEND RESIDENT RETREAT (June 10-12) Want to recover from the trauma of training? Need career inspiration & mentorship? Leave this retreat with a clear plan for your future practice as an employee, business owner, or entrepreneur. YOU get to choose your ideal patient and ideal practice model so you can LOVE your life as a doc! ($500 for weekend retreat)

BECOME A PHYSICIAN AUTHOR  (July 4 – 8) Did you know 81% of Americans feel they have a book inside of them? Yet 97% of people who start writing their book never finish it. If you’re repeating yourself over and over again with patients, simplify your life as an author. Retreat starts with July 4th festivities along the Pacific Ocean to celebrate your forthcoming book and ends with your completed manuscript for ebook or children’s book (Hint: patients require medical information at a fourth-grade level). As an author, you can launch new businesses, be paid higher speaking fees, and attract ideal clients (who may think you are a celebrity). Perfect retreat if you’d like to start writing your memoir and/or trauma survival story.

INTEGRATIVE ONCOLOGY RETREAT (July 18 – 22) Feeling frustrated with big-box assembly-line oncology? Want to expand beyond conventional or alternative? Join like-minded integrative oncologists to revision infrastructure issues and develop innovative oncology environments combining holistic and allopathic therapies (radiation, surgery, medications) that will organically promote healing for patients—and be nourishing for physicians too! Retreat with us to reflect and redesign your career whether you choose to be an empowered employee of a large system or launch your own integrative oncology clinic, coaching, consulting, or mentorship practice (or do all 4). ** 3 SPOTS LEFT **

OWN YOUR SPIRITUAL POWER AS A HEALER  (Aug 1 – 5) Has medicine undermined your innate healing power? Do you have untapped intuitive gifts? Join us to learn how doctors use prayer, reiki, astrology, tarot, dream interpretation, sound healing, energy medicine with their clients—and GET PAID. Explore your spiritual experiences in a sacred circle of healers who will empower you to be who you were born to be. Retreat ends with optional personal readings with some of the best spiritual healers in Oregon who will answer your questions about launching your own spiritual practice—free from med board intrusion.  RETREAT FULL

LAUNCH YOUR IDEAL CLINIC, COACHING, OR CONSULTING PRACTICE (Nov 7 – 11) Ready to leave assembly-line medicine for your dream clinic? Want to quit medicine to do what you really love? Create a side gig that becomes your main gig. You’ll leave retreat with a clear description of your ideal client, complete copy for your website, brochure to launch your business, pricing/fee schedule, client contract, and more. (Also available as a personal virtual retreat)


LAUNCH YOUR IDEAL CLINIC, COACHING, OR CONSULTING PRACTICE. Same as above. Includes Fast-Track Course. You’ll be prepared to accept your first clients in one week.

LAUNCH YOUR SPEAKING CAREER. Ever dream of delivering a TED Talk? Want to deliver your message to the world on stage? Dr. Wible will train you to confidently share your personal story and unique message. You’ll leave retreat with a completed talk (including slides), speaking contracts, and maybe even your first speaking gig scheduled.

* * *

ALL RETREATS  1) Live retreats on Oregon coast in oceanfront suites. 2) Monday – Friday with optional Sat/Sun add-on. 3) Private coaching pre/post retreat to ensure your success. 4) Most food covered (breakfasts at spa hotel plus all dinners). 5) Max 7 people per retreat. 6) Full-week tuition: $5,000. You cover travel/hotel. 7) Discount 50% for residents, med students, unmatched grads, & those in Dream Team Business Mastermind > 2 years (on Dream Team > 5 years, your retreat is FREE!). Request your virtual retreat here

TO APPLY: Submit one-page essay on retreat you wish to join—and why you need to attend. Invitation only. First come, first served. For specialized private retreats (including psychedelic & guided shamanic journeys), inquire here.

ALL RETREATS 100% DEDUCTIBLE as a business expense.

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4 comments on “2022 Physician Retreats
  1. Shauna McNally says:

    Are any of these free/scholarships available? I just saw that you had a free one but didn’t know about it until you posted it!

    They all sound amazing!!!!

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I’ve given out 3 free retreats so far (to those who have been actively involved in our advanced business strategy group for the last 5 years. If you’d like a discount, I encourage you to apply.

  2. Genevieve Bates says:

    Several of these retreats sound wonderful. I see that we are to choose a retreat, and write an essay explaining what it would mean to participate, and to see if we get selected to attend. I think that’s great. My question is regarding spouse. Would my spouse be allowed to attend? The reason I ask is that he has been so instrumental in some of my starting to heal, also he is interested in these topics. I am a hospitalist. He is not a physician but is a healing person.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Absolutely Genevieve. Your spouse and family can come along (as long as they are not a distraction). If your spouse wants to attend the full retreat then please have him also submit an essay and I’ll see what makes the most sense (whether he attends all sessions or just a few) . . .

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