Launch your coaching practice—without a medical license

Enjoy the above 51-minute video excerpt from our advanced business mastermind on how to start coaching. Download MP3 audio below. Please share with all who are struggling in need of inspiration and a quick cash infusion.


1. You are unmatched to residency, did not complete residency, or do not have an active medical license.

2. You want to retire from medicine and continue to work a really cool retirement gig as your own boss.

3. You want to add a coaching arm to your existing ideal clinic (you may enjoy it so much that you go 100% coaching).

What is a physician coach? A physician coach helps clients move from their present state to a more desirable future in a co-creative partnership either one-on-one or in small curated groups. A coach will help clients normalize emotions, identify challenges and transform obstacles into victories to achieve goals. YOU DO NOT NEED A MEDICAL LICENSE to be a physician health coach.

Should YOU launch a coaching practice?


1. Would you like to help clients worldwide?

2. Would you like to see clients one day per week from your beach house?

3. Would you love to stop paying dues & licensing fees?

4. Would you like to never pay medical liability premiums again?

5. Would you love to only have super-ideal non-victim clients?

6. Would you love to have a successful practice—without residency?

7. Would you like to stop hoop-jumping?

8. Would you enjoy all prepaid cash clients?

9. Would you love to ditch your EMR—and heal people without charting?

10. Would you like to go to sleep at night with no loss-of-license worries?

11. Would you like to get mental health care without fear of losing your license?

12. Would you love to have freedom of speech, freedom to practice your healing art in alignment with your highest values without emotional blackmail, threats, manipulation?

If you answered YES to 10 or more questions you should DEFINITELY launch your coaching practice in 2022.

Please view video excerpt above for details & join us for our weekly support groups.

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13 comments on “Launch your coaching practice—without a medical license
  1. Bill Wade says:

    What about fear of being accused of practicing without a license?

  2. DEAN GERMER says:

    Hello Pamela. I’ve been a big fan for years. Many years ago I sent you a story of a girlfriend from med school that died by suicide, compounded by her daughter taking her own life soon thereafter. Horrific indeed.

    That said, I am definitely interested in what you’re saying here however I need to know the actual logistics of getting a group together. I would then allow group members to “ascend” into my Telepsychiatry practice if needed. However, I need to know how to get a critical mass group actually going.

    Thanks Pamela.
    You’re No 1 fan – Dean

  3. ELLENA Lois BODDIE says:

    Thank you for this. Very exciting. You have opened my eyes to a lot of things!

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      So much more to share and since you’re a retreat grad you should DEFINITELY join us this Sunday! We have advanced business strategy meetups on how to get your coaching practice going.

  4. Krystl George Ortiz says:

    Excellent !!! I took your advice and did this. I was so disgusted with the system. I decided to launch my own weight loss/health coaching practice. Best decision I ever made! Thank you Dr.Wible

  5. Dr.Patricia C Onuoha-PhD says:

    I love this captivating presentation and advice!
    As a board certified health coach, I am not relenting anymore.

  6. Kathleen Higham says:

    If you lost your license due to a felony related to a charge of Medicare fraud can u still become a coach?

  7. guadalupe rodriguez says:

    Hi as a physician coach what is allow to do so I don’t have legal issues because I don’t have a license to practice medicine in they state
    Thank you

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Happy to speak to you privately as there is much to share in this regard. Essentially (in brief) do not create individual plans or SOAP notes for clients who could surmise you are functioning as their doctor. You’ll need a good client contract. Again, happy to help. reach out here: Contact Dr. Wible

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