Doctor Suicide Dream Team

If your dream is to end doctor suicides—you are in the right place!

Our Doc Suicide Dream Team launched 5/19/24. A 16-min excerpt from 90-min inaugural session.

Week 1 Actions:   ✅  Read Whistleblower’s Wish & sign petition     ✅  Make list of up to 10 docs you know   ✅ Send each a brief heartfelt text. Note: A text CAN save a life. This 51-word text prevented a surgeon’s suicide.

Week 2 Actions:   ✅ Call one doc   ✅ Make heartfelt connection   ✅ Bonus: Find physician buddy to serve as on-call partner for you! 💕

Week 3 Actions:  ✅ Watch inspiring suicide survival video above Keep calling & texting docs  ✅ Bonus: Watch What is the MEANING of your life?

Week 4 Action: ✅ Try to write your list of dreams!

Week #5 Actions: ✅ Write you first 50 dreams ✅ Attend our free live retreat!

To join our Dream Team, Contact Dr. Wible.

* * *

EMERGENCY PHYSICIAN HELP: US & international physician/med student suicidal thoughts & disillusionment (24/7 while awake): Contact Pamela Wible, M.D. (she’ll call ASAP) 100% confidential. ❤️ For medical mistakes. patient deaths, imposter syndrome, retaliation, bullying, wrongful termination, savior complex, perfectionism, grief, guilt, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, med board investigation, PHP trauma, sham peer review, help leaving assembly-line medicine for your dream practice or nonclinical career (no med license required)—join Sunday peer support groups. ❤️ US board investigation, PHP entrapment, sham peer review: Kernan Manion, M.D.@ Center for Physician Rights.  ❤️  US physician/med student crisis: Physician Support Line (staffed by psychiatrists).

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3 comments on “Doctor Suicide Dream Team
  1. Pamels Wible MD says:

    Just have to save this message bc love the “Super Squad” title!

    I’m still interested in joining the physician suicide prevention super squad, I just completely spaced last Sunday and missed it. Please send me an invite for this Sunday – thanks!

  2. Rebecca Finn says:

    I have been going to the dr suicide dream team and am interested in the free retreat in July

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