Doctor Suicide Investigation @ Mount Sinai

“Hi Pamela, we just had another doctor jump and commit suicide at Mount Sinai and they are just covering it up. This keeps happening . . .”

If we had this number of patients jumping from hospital rooftops, there would be an investigation. Why are we not taking this seriously when these are doctors and medical students?”

Mount Sinai Hospital doctor suicides Esha Baichoo, M.D., and Deelshad Joomun, M.D. were both IMGs (International Medical Graduates) from the small nation of Mauritius on visa (meaning beholden to employer to remain in US so easy to control/manipulate). Both died by suicide by stepping off the same building at Mount Sinai.

Neither Mount Sinai or NYPD has launched a root-cause analysis investigation into their suicides so I am gathering a team for a forma investigation into their deaths.

Do you know something about Drs. Baichoo or Joomun?

Please contact me here (you may remain anonymous though we’d love to interview you).

View award-winning documentary on doctor suicide (featuring Deelshad Joomun)

Thank you for caring. 💕🙏 Do not let them be forgotten.

Esha Baichoo MD  Deelshad Joomun MD Mount Sinai Doctor Suicides

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