How we honor our dead (who gets celebrated, who gets ignored)

(Video transcript below)

When a beautiful young doctor stepped off the rooftop of her Mount Sinai Hospital building—they covered her with a tarp.


Here’s the grassroots memorial that took over my training hospital after Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s assassination attempt.

Gabby Gifford UMC

Here’s a living memorial for a Swedish teen who took her life in the ocean in 2013.

Swedish teen suicide 1

For more than a decade I’ve been passing by this ghost bike for Oregon cyclist David Minor in downtown Eugene.

David Matthew Minor Ghost Bike

Here’s an Oregon roadside memorial to fallen policeman Kelly Fredinburg.


And a memorial for actor Robin Williams who died by suicide.

When Washington State University quarterback Tyler Hilinski died by suicide, within hours he had a memorial.


Yet when Dr. Deelshad Joomun, who devoted her life to caring for others, stepped off her hospital—all she got was a tarp and silence—until I intervened.


Is this how we should treat people—physicians—who devote their lives to us?


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