Doctor suicides in physician “health” programs

I know 25 docs who died by suicide in physician “health” programs. If you’re suicidal, don’t tell your boss (PD, or med board). You’ll be sent to a PHP  4-day evaluation & 90-day out-of-state “preferred” center with polygraphs and 5-years of AA & drug tests (even if you don’t do drugs) costing you 250K. Don’t comply (or can’t afford)? Board yanks your license & publishes your suicidal thoughts online. That will make you suicidal.

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3 comments on “Doctor suicides in physician “health” programs
  1. Anon Doc says:

    No wonder the system is collapsing. Docs no longer take calls and hospitals are r resorting to use compounders , ( PAs and NPs) to treat complex patients with poor outcomes and patients related adverse events.
    American hospitals are becoming unsafe places with “ online trained nurses” managing real patients. Nursing Unions protect their gross mistakes.

    Too late for us to chnage profession or move to a different country. ( already moved across two oceans). Spent 13.5 years after college to learn the science and art of medicine that the current American medical system makes so unrewarding.
    If I had an exit would exit in no time.

  2. Anon Doc says:

    I was lucky to be able to exit the collapsing US healthcare system by relocating to a country that treats its physicians like human beings. The US medical system is finished. 30% of all US healthcare workers left the profession due to their inhuman treatment during the pandemic, and another 30% will exit in the next 18 months. Dozens of hospitals in my area are collapsing as a result. The next 20 years will be a nightmare for doctors and patients in the US. I will be closely watching from a safe location.

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