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Physician “Health” Programs: Complex Problems & Solutions →


Livestream Q & A Saturday 4/27/24 @ 10 am PT (1 pm ET). Watch replay above.

Are physicians being extorted? Livelihoods threatened and doctors coerced into expensive hospitalizations for minor issues while facing threats of polygraphs and drug testing as a weaponized part of their treatment plans?

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Whistleblower’s Wish: Dr. J’s Last Words →

The suicide of whistleblower, Jacob Neufeld, M.D., M.P.H.

Sign Physician Whistleblower Protection Petition

Read Dr. J’s story:

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PHPs—A Critical Look Parts 1 and 2 →

Excellent information on Physician Health Programs. Thank you Drs. Andrew, Manion, and Miller!

Join us every Sunday for help in our PHP peer support group.

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PMP Fight Club Anthem →

A Public Service Announcement for Physicians (PSA to the DOCs)

PMP Fight Club Anthem
By Dr. MC No Face

This is a PSA to the DOCs
Don’t you trust in the PMP
This is a PSA to the DOCs
You better not trust in these greedy thieves
Got some feelings that you can’t express?

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Doctors fear PHPs—why physicians won’t ask for help →

Physician Health Programs Harm Doctors

Watch TV special investigation on Physician Health Programs

SEGMENT #1—Doctors fear controversial program made to help them 

SEGMENT #2 in series—Doctor left destitute after seeking help from physician health program

Many say a controversial program designed to help doctors with mental health issues is out of control,

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