Physician “Health” Programs: Complex Problems & Solutions


Livestream Q & A Saturday 4/27/24 @ 10 am PT (1 pm ET). Watch replay above.

Are physicians being extorted? Livelihoods threatened and doctors coerced into expensive hospitalizations for minor issues while facing threats of polygraphs and drug testing as a weaponized part of their treatment plans? Join physicians, J. Wesley Boyd, MD, Professor of Medical Ethics and Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine. Pamela Wible, MD, who runs the only physician suicide helpline in the country and Kernan Manion, MD, the founder and Director of The Center for Physician Rights. As we explore the issues with these three physician leaders as we do a deep dive into the Complex Problem of Physician Health Programs. You can sign up on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. If you ask questions during the livestream, and we will do our best to answer them on the air.


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7 comments on “Physician “Health” Programs: Complex Problems & Solutions
  1. Jack Carney says:

    I commend your petition to pressure the DOJ to investigate what I term the pHarmaceutical-psychiatricK Mafia (HKM) that performed the “Menticide” on Dr J.
    This Petition is about getting the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate what I term the “pHARMaceutical-psychiaTRICK MAFIA” (HTM)—that unholy marriage of Psychiatry and the Pharmaceutical Industry worldwide–that has been running its “Protection Racket” for many decades now resulting in planetary Menticide and hundreds of millions of Murders-By-Suicides and Iatrogenic Mishaps. This sad tragedy of Dr. J is one more unnecessary casualty, particularly exposing the HTM’s especially strong control in the Medical Profession. I suggest persons read Rob Wipond’s “Your Consent Is Not Required” 2023 then go to Thomas Szasz’s work
    who in the 1957 with his first book “The Myth of Mental Illness” began Blowing the Whistle on the HTM. “Psychiatry does not commit human rights abuse. It is a human rights abuse.” Thomas Szasz
    Pamela (who I know), I note on searching your website you do not have anything there on Rob Wipond or Thomas Szasz. I hope you and all in this Livestream will dive into the Cesspool of the HTM (please wear a BSL4—B…Sh..Level4 suit) as dammed and damned by Rob and Thomas. I suggest all read Rob’s 2023 book “Your Consent Is Not Required” starting with the case of Dr Michael Langan (p.209 on my digital copy):
    “I discovered that the most aggressive workplace mental health programs occur in the medical field. These give a foreboding view into the possible future of all workplaces since, here, psychiatrists have unfettered control.
    The Massachusetts Physician Health Program (PHP) describes itself as “a confidential resource for physicians and medical students who may benefit from help addressing stress, burnout, work-life balance issues, and a variety of physical and behavioral health concerns that sometimes arise in today’s hectic health care environment.” Michael Langan voluntarily sought help in 2007—and in 2021 was still battling for his rights and license to practice.”
    As a Volutaryist (ALL governments are unnecessary evils), I can do no better than to end with:
    “We have, in our day, witnessed the birth of the Therapeutic State. This is perhaps the major implication of psychiatry as an institution of social control. Involuntary mental hospitalization is like slavery. Refining the standards for commitment is like prettifying the slave plantations. The problem is not how to improve commitment, but how to abolish it.” Thomas Szasz
    Government cannot be improved; it must be abolished.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      LOVE Szasz! Love Langan! We’ve spent weeks together live at retreats. Great guy! I’m with you 100% Jack.

      • Catherine Anderson says:

        Hi Pamela,

        I subscribed to your master classes from 2019-2020, until Covid hit and I could no longer afford the $100/month to continue. I got deathly ill from Covid and it took me a very very long time to recover from that but eventually I did and was able to work in Urgent Care PRN enough of the time to keep my little “Ideal” clinic (in the form of DPC). I’m still holding on to a small, select number of patients, but mostly through telemedicine as now I have recently started losing feeling in my legs because of sciatic nerve compression and can no longer work at all, living on a fixed income (SSI). I am desperately trying to find something I can do via telemedicine or other and after reading about Dr. J I was very moved and was wondering if it would be possible for me to do something in the way of counseling or even just run a support group for suffering physicians. I myself have struggled with depression and at one point years ago was sent to PHP but as outpatient and it wasn’t reported to the Board so I was very lucky. Still, it was probably one of the scariest moments in my life as I knew what could happen if I didn’t “toe the line” and it was heartbreaking sitting in sessions week after week listening to other docs that literally had their lives ruined because of having to go to inpatient PHP’s. I had another incident where I became suicidal in Residency because of cruel treatment by some of the attendings, but that time I had wonderful advisors who helped me change to a different Residency and I survived and even flourished in the new Residency. I’m saying all this to say I understand what docs have to go through in the medical education system and beyond. I know every doc should, but so many are in denial about that, in many cases until it’s too late as in the case of Dr. J. Anyway, I don’t know if it’s even possible for me to be involved in some way and at the same time be able to support myself…does that sound like a mercenary? I don’t mean it to but I think I could be of some benefit to other docs that may have horrible life circumstances being thrown at them, whether through their jobs or other things like what I am going through. Even as a patient, I see how difficult it can be to traverse the medical field, for instance I had back surgery last Thanksgiving and it is now failing and the doc that did the surgery says “nothing more to do” and no other doc will see me for a second opinion until I’m a year out from the failed surgery. Of course by then I’ll be a paraplegic by then, but that doesn’t matter to them it seems. I am here to tell you: it’s not any fun being on the “other side” of our “healthcare” process either. In fact, I didn’t go to med school until I was 52 so I have been a patient for a lot more years than I’ve been a doctor and I have known for a long time that there is something dreadfully wrong with the system. In fact I could write a book…and maybe I will. But right now I plan to listen in on this livestream today and if there is anything you can suggest, I am all ears as they say. I tell lots of people about you and your ministry but I think most people just think I’m crazy. Little do they know the truth of the “dark side” of medicine…and maybe it’s best because if they knew the truth they would probably scream.

      • Jack Carney says:

        Pam, is Rob Wipond’s book new to you and the others joining you? Curious.
        Oh, what serendipitous timing you are just starting in a few minutes, see you on YouTube.

    • Anne Louise Phelan says:

      For many years, I have been concerned about the misuse and abuse by Physician Health Programs that punish physicians for their alleged medical problems (usually related to substance use disorders or mental health disorders) when there may be NO evidence of professional misconduct or impairment. In part because of my concern, I have written a book, “The Disrupted Physician,” about one of our colleagues, Dr. Michael Langan, who suffered from PHP and medical boards abuse and fraud for almost two decades. His license remains suspended to this day. “The Disrupted Physician” is being converted into an ebook and will be ready to order by the end of this month. I’ll post a link to the publication sites on Langan’s blog

  2. Catherine Anderson says:

    FYI, you should know that viewing this via LinkedIn is a bust. I have verified my identity and given my biometric information multiple times (and I’m not crazy about having to do that!) but it still refuses to let me in. Hopefully the YouTube will work!

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