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3 sneaky ways the lucrative wellness industry injures doctors →

Physician Wellness Market

3 sneaky ways the lucrative physician wellness industry injures doctors. Common tactics ALL health professionals must understand. PLEASE SHARE WIDELY.

1. Using victim-blaming terms like “burnout” to obscure systemic human rights violations.

“Burnout” blames the victim who is enduring human rights abuse on a daily basis.

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PHPs: A Cautionary Tale & Message of Hope! →

Join us for this spirited discussion surrounding issues with Physician Health Programs (PHPs). Drs. Pamela Wible and Dominic Corrigan discuss how they have been impacted by physician struggles, and their views on proposed solutions. The three of us share a strong desire to offer hope and help to doctors!

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Human Rights Violations in Medicine: A-to-Z Action Guide (Sneak Peek) →

Excerpt from Human Rights Violations in Medicine released June 19, 2019.  Dedicated to my brothers & sisters in medicine who have lost their lives in pursuit of healing others.

From sex trafficking to censorship,

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Doctor Suicide Prevention | Physician Suicide: Prevention & Intervention →

Luncheon keynote (Beware: loud forks & knives banging on plates during first few minutes). Download MP3 or listen online here. Full transcript mildly edited for clarity below.

Dr. Virginia Hall: I want to welcome you to this afternoon’s session.

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