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A call for submissions on physician mental health →

As co-editors of a special issue of Qualitative Research in Medicine and Healthcare, we invite you to submit your manuscript on physician mental health. Suicide is an occupational hazard of the medical profession. Though students enter medicine with their mental health on par with or better than their peers,

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Physician Self-Care vs. Self-Abuse →

Self-Care vs. Self-Abuse

Yesterday I posted this on Facebook and was overwhelmed by comments . . .

Today I’m celebrating 30 days of weight lifting (with a personal trainer) & back on 100% plant-based nutrition that makes me feel awesome. YESSSSS! I (finally) made the decision one month ago to start taking care of myself!!!!

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Keynote: Physician Suicide—Prevention & Intervention →

Luncheon keynote (Beware: loud forks & knives banging on plates during first few minutes). Download MP3 or listen online here. Full transcript mildly edited for clarity below.

Dr. Virginia Hall: I want to welcome you to this afternoon’s session.

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Susan lost her doctor to suicide. She wants to know why. →

Susan Kreischer is one in a million.

One of a million Americans to lose their doctor to suicide—each year.

She is still devastated years later.

“I had awful back pain—was barely walking when I met Dr. Ortiz and right away we bonded.

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How my patients prevented my suicide (& started a medical revolution) →

Today is the anniversary of my suicide survival story—a happy ending to six weeks of unrelenting thoughts of dying when forced to see patients every ten minutes in big-box assembly-line clinics. My lifelong dream of being a trusted, loving family doc doing housecalls was gone. I saw no way out.

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Not “burnout,” not moral injury—human rights violations →

Burnout is a slang word for end-stage drug addiction first used on the streets of inner city America in the early 1970s. During that time, psychologist Herbert Freudenberger volunteered at a New York City free clinic treating addiction. He overheard the term and used it to describe himself and clinic staff in a 1974 article on staff burnout detailing long-term physical and psychological job stress.

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Healing our healers—honoring Florida physicians we lost to suicide →

A Florida community heals by celebrating the lives of 3 doctor suicide victims. Friends, family, & colleagues unite to share their love—and prevent future suicides. Listen in above to keynote and lively panel discussion. Full transcript and slides below.


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Doctors fear PHPs—why physicians won’t ask for help →

Doctors fear controversial program made to help them

SEGMENT #2 in seriesDoctor left destitute after seeking help from physician health program

Reposted from NBC affiliate KSDK in St Louis, Missouri. Author: Investigative Reporter: PJ Randhawa, Erin Richey
Many say a controversial program designed to help doctors with mental health issues is out of control,

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Dr. Wible responds to suicide critics →

My request: Since 2012 I’ve dedicated my life to the doctor suicide crisis. Yet not everyone is in favor of what I’m doing. Some feel I’m unethical, insensitive, greedy—even a “nutcase.” I’ll now formally respond. I don’t need your compliments. I don’t need you to like me.

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Abused foreign doctors enrich US hospitals, harm Americans →

Physician reveals how US exploits J-1 visa doctors for cheap labor—resulting in doctor suicides, medical mistakes, and patient deaths.

Dr. Corina Fratila: In this completely foreign country, I came in pursuing a dream—and you’re let loose in a very high risk, intensive care unit,

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Dr. Wible interview on physician suicide, PTSD, our hidden wounds →

Pamela Wible, MD, on Redefining Medicine. View interview above or download/listen to MP3 here (plus full transcript below).

Known in the medical community as “Physicians’ Guardian Angel,” Dr. Wible has become America’s leading voice for ideal medical care through her continuous work with physician suicide,

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How healthcare makes doctors mentally ill →

My friend, Dr. Zeshan Qureshi, just delivered this TEDx talk in New Zealand. Dr. Qureshi is a paediatrician in the UK with a lifesaving message for us all:

Our healthcare systems are making doctors mentally ill

I am a children’s doctor and I’m going to talk to you about the sick people I see.

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How a 14-year-old girl handles her physician father’s suicide—and what we can learn from her words. →

Meet René. She gave me a letter to read to physicians when I spoke last week at the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association. (Listen to keynote here). Here’s what I shared from this courageous woman with a wise message for us all. My talk was dedicated to her father,

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Oklahoma doctor suicides—13 reasons why →

Dedicated to the lives of Oklahoma physicians we have lost to suicide 

On January 11, 2019, I delivered this talk to the medical students at Oklahoma State University Health Sciences to a surprise standing ovation and again the following day as the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association keynote address.

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Love letters prevent suicides →

Could a few sentences on an index card save a life? Yes.

A once-suicidal teenager saved eight lives by attaching these love notes to a bridge.

Could a loving note save a suicidal veteran with PTSD? Yep.

Sending caring letters is one of the only interventions proven in randomized controlled trials to reduce suicide among military.

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