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Two occupational hazards that lead to doctor suicide—and solutions →


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3 doctors just died while training at one NY hospital →

Three doctors just died at one NY hospital—from one internal medicine residency. Kind, caring, bright doctors. From abroad, they came to serve Americans on the frontlines, yet were never honored for their service, like Dr. Lorna Breen who died by suicide—hailed a hero by the media. No media celebrated them as heroes.

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Physician Betrayal: How Our Heroes Become Villains – FREE Ebook →

Click here to download now. Share widely.

We are living in an era of institutional betrayal. Trusted medical institutions tasked with training our healers have failed to protect their own students, staff—and patients. When our clinics and hospitals so deeply contradict what is expected,

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Mental health care packages & retreats →

Med students, doctors—all healers: If you can personally share treats with 5 co-residents/peers, you get one of the last 100 gift boxes going out this weekend . . .

Mark Your Calendar—Each Weekend in May

May 1 ~ Kick off Mental Health Awareness Month with award-winning Do No Harm film (view trailer) exposing our doctor suicide crisis.

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Did your wounded child choose your career? →

I often say I was “born to be a healer.” Now I know why I attract so many wounded people.

I was nine when my family disintegrated. After she lost custody in the divorce, Mom kidnapped me. “Get in the car,” she said as I walked home from school in fourth grade.

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Duchess vs. Doctor: Why Meghan Markle’s mental health matters to me →

Whether you like her or not, Meghan is speaking openly about suicide. For that, I am thankful.

In her interview with Oprah, The Duchess of Sussex shared her suicidal thoughts—and how she was obstructed from mental health care, told to “tough it out” and keep smiling.

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Grieving the loss of our doctors →

How to cope with the unexpected loss of physicians in loving memory of Drs. J. Barton Williams and Timothy H. Krahn of OrthoSouth in Memphis. Live event hosted on Saturday, February 27, for all clinic staff. If you are grieving the death of a physician you may find comfort and guidance in this recorded session.

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Preventing suicides among health professionals →

This evening I spoke with health professionals at Thurston-Mason County Medical Society in Washington state in the aftermath of the loss of two beloved emergency physicians who died by suicide. Colleagues and family members gathered to honor the lives of Drs. Matthew E. Seaman and John W. Hautala.

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5 things NOT to do after a medical student or doctor suicide →

Just off the phone with a USC Keck med student who told me he lost his classmate to suicide this week on my way to Memphis to lead a suicide postvention program for a medical group after a senior colleague killed himself. In the last decade assisting hospitals and medical schools in the aftermath of suicides,

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What NOT to do after a medical error →

If you are a doctor (or med student/health professional) and you are human, you’ve probably made a medical mistake. You’ve probably not received emotional support for the mistake. Maybe you’ve never told anyone about a mistake that still haunts you today. 

The truth is most all physicians have admitted to medical mistakes sometime in their careers.

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55 orthopaedic surgeon suicides. How to prevent #56. →

Since my original keynote 2 years ago: 33 orthopaedic surgeon suicides: How to prevent #34, we’ve lost 22 more orthopaedic surgeon to suicide. On September 10, 2020, at the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society, I share why each of these 55 doctors died died and how we can prevent future suicides among doctors.

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Coronavirus pandemic increasing already high risk of doctor suicide →

Listen to the interview on Oregon Public Broadcasting here.

Rates of suicide for physicians are among the highest for any profession. And the strain of the coronavirus pandemic is making already strenuous working conditions nearly impossible to bear for some and impossible for others.

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September 17th is Physician Suicide Awareness Day. Join me in honoring 93 doctors we lost to suicide. →

View the Wall of Remembrance (above) at the end of the newly released award-winning documentary, Do No Harm: Exposing the Hippocratic Hoax, a film that exposes our doctor suicide  crisis and honors nearly 100 doctors who have died by suicide. Join me today in remembering them.

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New award-winning film exposes doctor suicide crisis →

View full-feature documentary by Emmy-winning filmmaker now on Amazon Prime.

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Physician Suicide Postvention (What to do after a doctor suicide) →

Doctor suicide is a public health crisis that claims the lives of an estimated 400 US doctors annually. Given each doctor cares for upwards of 2000 – 3000 active patients, more than one million Americans risk losing their doctors to suicide each year. Responding with compassion and honesty in the aftermath of a physician suicide is essential to helping loss survivors—colleagues,

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