Copycat Suicide to Copycat Savior

People imitate people.

More than 1,600 people have died by suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Harold Wobber was the first known suicide—1599+ people copied him.

Cassie Bond of Spokane, Washington (copying Paige Hunter of UK) is preventing suicides from a bridge in her town.

Rather than copying suicides, Cassie copied lifesaving interventions. Now Timothy Irwin is copying Cassie’s methods.

“I’m tired of being lonely. Having thoughts about jumping off.”

Timothy has battled significant tragedy in his life. He wanted to die by suicide by jumping off the Monroe Street Bridge.

Something stopped him in his tracks.

“Every 10 feet there was an encouraging message. Wow! Whoever wrote these down . . .”

That person is Cassie Bond wanting to prevent suicide. Every message positive and loving.

Cassie reached out to Timothy on Facebook as soon as he posted about his experience.

“I’m really proud of you for not jumping.”

He’s doing what he can to help her mission to help those who have struggled just like him.

Keep striving. I don’t ever want you to give up.

Now we’re helping more than 100 doctors copy their methods to prevent suicides.

We can all be copycat saviors! 

(You don’t need a medical license to save a life 💕)

If you want to join our Summer Suicide Science Project competition (prizes for everyone), view video below & contact Dr. Wible. We CAN end doctor suicides!

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3 comments on “Copycat Suicide to Copycat Savior
  1. Katherine Burnett says:

    Hi Dr Wible. I am a retired veterinarian who has struggled with severe major depression since childhood. I promised you a while ago that I would share my experience with ketamine infusions. Nothing helped my depression until I had infusions. I loved my work, but the stress was practically insurmountable for me, leading to retirement at 50. I got tired of the hamster wheel of antidepressants that didn’t work, antipsychotics that caused irreversible side effects (TD), and the limited benefits of even great therapy. My first ketamine infusion eliminated my depression within 48 hours. I have been absolutely depression free for 2 years! After several months of monthly infusions, I go in 3-4 time a year for maintenance.
    Medicare is starting to cover these treatments now! And of course Esketamine is FDA approved for intranasal use. I know that treatment for depression won’t solve the human rights violations you all have to endure in your profession. I understand that things are complicated with state boards and mental health treatment. But being free from depression could save lives and give all of you more energy to make a difference by advocating for a humane work environment. Anyone is welcome to contact me if they would like to learn more about my experience.

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