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Ideal Clinic Model

There’s a lot of complaining in health care. Here’s just a sampling of quotes from letters I’ve received this week:


“I’ve become so disillusioned with medicine. I don’t know who to talk to anymore or what to do with my life. I’ve lost my joy and my soul is sad.”

“I’m a specialist who is bored and sick of angry patients. What can I do?”

“If it weren’t for my faith, I would have been one of your [suicide] statistics.”

“I’m so frustrated, I want to walk away, but where does one go? It’s the same everywhere. EHR’s and conveyer-belt medicine. I feel trapped and betrayed. I want to scream when I come to work everyday. This is a nightmare.”

Health Care Professionals:

“We see patients when we ourselves need treatment. We need someone to normalize the emotion of burnout and give hope to those of us feeling vicariously traumatized by the work we perform day in and day out.”

“I am a CRNA. I lost 2 colleagues last year to suicide. I am continuously amazed that in our ‘helping’ fields people are looked down upon for needing help.”

“Idealistic me, graduated at the top of my class, but have found that working in health care seems to be one of the most corrupted and conflicting professions to be in.”


“I really would like to find a doctor who doesn’t judge me and think I am crazy.”

“I would be happy to find a doctor who for once actually listens to me and my story.”

“I just got home from another insulting, degrading appointment and I can’t take one more visit. I am literally crying as I write to you.”

Here’s the 53-second solution:

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Pamela Wible, M.D., pioneered the first clinic designed entirely by patients and was just voted the 2015 Women Leader in Medicine. Inspired? Click to > join the movement for ideal medical care.

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171 comments on “Ideal Clinics: The Health Care Model That Works!
  1. Marguerite says:

    Hi So glad I found you. Please help me find a Colorado doc, who takes medicaid, but if not, is inexpensive. Thank You!!!!

  2. Rob Shepheard says:

    I am in OKC, and have severe issues with my lumbar disks, sciatic nerve, and shoulders. I need pain management and a doctor that won’t look at me as a junkie or a pill seeker since I am 46 & am unable to work. I have tried OU Medical Center & several charity clinics. I care for my terminally ill mother, and need help. Do you know of ANY pain doc and/or nerve doc who will see me as an injured man who needs help, rather than as a junkie who just wants to get high. I’ve been injured since 2008 & have made my initial injury worse by having to keep working. I even have an MRI & recommendation for pain management, but no money or insurance, so no REAL doc will see me; just the charity docs who see all of their patients as addicted pill seekers instead of as injured humans in need of help from a caring doc & staff.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I know a wonderful medical student in OKC who is going to change the world. Be on the lookout for Becky Purkaple 🙂 Don’t know of a nerve or pain doc in the area.

    • Barbara Pugliese-no middle initial says:

      I’m in the exact same situation in Philadelphia PA.. Where can I get the help I need?

  3. Donna Shamblin says:

    I have been dealing with nerve pain and seen many doctors whom just put me off like I am there and want disability. My work record is clear. I do not want disabilty. I need something for my pain. I receive gabapentin and on some days will not work. I am in so much pain at times I grit my teeth. Doctors think antidepresents is the pill to take away the pain. I have insurance and I am tire of having the EEG’s and they tell me you have a severe issue. Won’t do anything. One doctor even told me my nerve patients are the most frustrated. Ok here is a clue you have enough data give me some relief so I can get some sleep to make it to work tommorrow!

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      You have not been singles out. Please know the current predominant health care model works for very few.

    • Joe says:

      I’m also have same mess as you. Because those polls aren’t working they profiled as a pill popper.. Tank angry me cause I just wasted time from to leave the doc office with nothing to show for it. Not even an asprin…

  4. Angie says:

    I was told in February. I had cellulitis and was giving an antibiotic and sent on my way . Had to switch doctors because I wasn’t getting better and he ignored me when I said it hurt. New doctor found out it’s venous ulcers on my legs prescribed me one 50 mg ultram as needed a day for pain ,ulcers are not healing as fast as I would hope and the nurse wrote me and said to use my pain pills sparingly because they won’t refill them . I felt guilty for having pain which I still do because of what she said. I’m in pain the ulcers feel like a hot poker being jabbed in my leg over and over but I try to hold off on taking the pain pills cause I was made to feel like I’m taking them for fun. I’m afraid to say anything to my doctor about it cause they think the ulcers are not supposed to be painful. This has caused me to feel like I’m making it up even though I know I’m not.

    • Jodi says:

      Reading your story… I cried a little. Like many of the posts, I say to you, you are not alone! While we all expect our doctors to actually help us, there is stigma that will nvr dissipate. I am almost 38 and have been a chronic pain patient for nearly 10 years, with little to no chronic pain treatment, after seeing several physicians I opt primarily to self medicate. There are many herbs available to help with pain, nerve pain is tough! As much as ppl make you feel like it’s all in your head or your just sympathy seeking, we battle! I’m a fan of homeopathic treatment… not many doctors practice or have the knowledge of supplements, discuss this option, maybe you will find a Dr who is refreshed by the. Challenge of not knowing which big pharma drug to push any given day or week. If your on prescription medication it’s important to tell your doctor and do your own research some conrtaindictions can be fatal. I wish you well!! I hesitate to name anything I’ve used or currently is because I’m not a doctor. Check out herbs for pain and sleep there are many!!!

    • Suzy Youngblood says:

      I have recurrent cellulitis in my legs and feet!! Both of them!! I’ve had this for over 10 years. Get yourself a good infectious disease team of Drs!! Call them each time you get a mean flare up. And all which hospital they want you in!! Be certain they call the ER to let them know you are coming!! It’s the way I do it!! They know what I need as far as antibiotics. And my pain regimen for the hospital stay. Follow up on pain management with your reg Dr.
      I began this when I was uninsured. I’m now insured. Nothing has changed, except the hospital is now going down hill over the last 10 yrs.
      But it worked for me!! Sometimes you have to be your own advocate… To get anything done.

  5. Amy Shew says:

    My doctor screamed at me that I was a liar within the first 60 seconds of my appointment. When I asked why I wasn’t a candidate for a TAP nerve block or other procedures – my abdominal walls been torn out by a seatbelt accident- he didn’t give me an answer , said he was “done talking to me” and no he didn’t care to follow up on the new medication he’s prescribed me -prescribed medicine contraindicated for my condition-precocious use caused bowel blockage -said “take it or leave it”, tunes his back on me and left. Surely, I deserve better . 7 additional people said they had no better care when seen at Vanserbilt Interventional Pain Cliniic . I feel helpless and angry and know that only worsens my pain , but when every breath hurts due to sub-par care I can’t help feeling angry with every breath I take . If only there were an Ideal Clinic to care for me -Amy Shew

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Exactly why we need ideal medical care for all—patients and doctors.

      • Mary says:

        All of you need to get on line and look this law up that no one lnows about but someone needs to bring it back out. Its about drs treating patience in cronic pain. legislature passed it. Texas intractable Pain Treatment

        • Susie Smith says:

          Yup!! look up patience bill of rights
          I’m looking this up thxs for sharing very smart person rt here 🙂 God bless.

          I’m tell y’all there trying to kill pain patience, send them running to the streets mixing and matching one day narco next day soma or perks or morphine!A LOT of them so much sick of all the different Dr no we can’t help with that pain meds….?!? ‘but doc’hey nothingings working I need you to have stronger meds..?(hoping, anxiety stress stomach starts burning hoping they don’t say no and give you a hard time so you getting sick even going to the doctor’s cuz you’re so intensely scared they’re going to yell or b**** because they got to give you medicine and against our constitution the USA to tell us no! a dr kept me on pain pills and xanax strong meds I’m 37 so from 19-35 now I have genetic disorders but just keep piling up a lot of ppl start using heroin is cheaper is faster it’s a painkiller so they say well that was easy and then they died from Fentanyl OD or taking different pain meds everyday because, I’m sorry this is a drug house.?! not the freaking 5 star pharmacy lol do you can die that way a bad mix of meds stop breathing don’t know what to take but when you gota blood cancer, or gene disorder that develops blood clots because of lupus or factor v liedin blood mutation,etc w.e your chronic pain disorder now it’s the Dr fault why would they do that to my family all 11 deaths from heroin close family friends yeah all I grew up with I got only 1 left trying to help and beg to stay off heroin, I’m sick in pain everyday I need a good ent Dr blood Dr a good vascular dr, a good PvP, I only seen him once Feb 17, 2018 2 minutes Said nothing was wrong with me well I just said what all was found.ill fight this as I always do,gods got me I still get profiled no pain meds just mobic lol Tylenol, Motrin 800, napersons , gabpatin 600 I can go on with junk drugs that don’t work but I got my.peeps just want to stay alive for my kids I try to give them the best, but if your 37 and can barly make to the bath to help with pain I don’t know how I’m gonna see 50… Wyandotte Michigan….god bless

          • Susie Smith says:

            Oh yeah p.s I’m on warfarin 15mg a day I sounder with all that meds that puts holes in my stomach
            And bless and Dr know I go to Henry Ford hospital main so horrible!!!

  6. John W. Henderson says:

    I’ve had migraines for over 30 years. Each time I see a Dr. they change my medications.
    My Dr. told me I cannot hold a job anymore and pulled me from nursing. I worked since I was in grade school but have finally accepted the Her orders. She is now gone and I feel like a criminal with my new Dr.
    I keep a hand gun in my car when I go to the Doctors and often think of just pulling the trigger. Can’t sleep. Depressed every day. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of suicide.
    I just want my pain controlled and the depression controlled. I don’t want to put my parents through loosing another child. But this is not living.

    • L says:

      I can relate to everyone’s comments & agree, we need patient centered care for all the patients and the doctors. I would like to reach out to John Henderson, who commented on this thread back in September 2015.
      I know you wrote your comment back in September, but if you are still on this thread & would like to communicate, I would enjoy talking with you.
      I feel your frustration, & I suffer too…I feel your desperation. Please do not let the pain win. I have been managing my pain for 9 years & have been where you are a few hundred times. Know you are not alone & people do care.
      You are not alone. You are not alone!!

      • Bipolar in the us says:

        I’m bipolar but pretty stable because I was diagnosed when I was 21 and I’m 57 now. I learned and taught myself to be proud I’m stable most of the time. No one knows I only sleep 3 hours a night and I see illusions and hallucinations still. But what’s in my favor is that I’m beautiful and people don’t think I look like a crazy person. The only person who knows I hallucinate still and barely sleep is my shrink, bless him. I don’t have crazy thoughts nor do I consider myself crazy. I’m just a click faster than your average neurotic my shrink said people don’t think I’m a little high and I have a good sense of humor. So I enjoy life. I feel blesse every time I wake up. I have a lot of friends some who know I’m bipolar some don’t. But WTF?

  7. dion ripley says:

    I been profile due to catching hepatitis c as a drug user I had 2 spine surgerys in my disc and I want doctor help me my tremors and pain my back and leg and doctor said we can’t prescribe you pain meds when I wasn’t asking for them asking for them to help me with problems at hand.

  8. Christina Old says:

    I am a chronic kidney stone former, and after seeing several specialists, no relief as far as stopping them has been found. My PCP refuses to prescribe pain meds for anyone for any reason. My urologist says to go to the ER for each stone, which can range between 4 to 10 per month. The ER does not scan me, and treats me like a drug seeker, so I tried walk in clinics. They and the ER are telling me to see my Urologist, giving me very little pain relif, and saying to follow up with him (or my pcp), who then says go to the ER or a walk in clinic, as he does not have time to deal with all my stones. I have now been labeled a drug seeker. Any suggestions, as I am not considered a candidate for pain management as I have been informed several times, by several docs, that kidney stones are an “acute condition”, not needing chronic pain relief. There are now clinics who refuse to even examine me, and I live in a small town with 2 health centers with which I can deal, and no independent docs. I also have limited transportation, so going out of town, as the two health systems have a death grip on the nearest 100 mile radius.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Try to find at least one doctor who you can have a “relationship” with. Not assembly-line medical care. You need someone who has time to care. Maybe a naturopath can help.

      • Carol says:

        Please how can I speak to you directly Dr. P. Wible . Really could use your help right now!

        • Pamela Wible MD says:

          Write to me after October 20th. I’m away from office now. Please note I can not give medical or legal advice.

          • Christine Bennett says:

            My name is Christine. I have been in pain for most of my life. I have taken methadone (a great medicine for pain if used carefully and Properly). However, I have not received the proper diagnosis due to the stigma attached to this medicine.Recently,a after having an untreated stroke,I was given a diagnosis of probable neuropathy. I need to find a good clinic or doctor in my area (west central FL) that will not treat me as just another drug addict.My state has recently made sweeping law changes concerning pain meds.Now I must pay to go to a methadone clinic where this state makes millions off of people like me.This only makes getting proper medical treatment next to impossible! Help

      • Nichole D says:

        How did you find a doctor like that? I am in New Jersey it’s practically impossible. I’ve been trying to find a doctor to help my husband’s been diagnosed with rheumatoid Great is going to come my God I don’t pain that I don’t even know how it feels but I know him and if he’s in bed for two weeks because you can’t move it’s bad. He’s never taken any how did you find a doctor like that? I am in New Jersey it’s practically impossible. I’ve been trying to find a doctor to help my husband’s been diagnosed with rheumatoid I think this is going horrible pain, When he has Flareups. I heart breaks for him, all I can do is cry. Give whatever else I can do with what I have. Nothing works.He’s 62 has worked 46 years. Now even on vacations that he normally takes every year we’re finding that we’re going to walk into a walk-in when the doctors are close or backed up. If his pain is severe I can’t find anybody to even give him a Tylenol w/codeine. This is out of control. Doctors have no bedside manner the ones that we’ve seen for him. & I’ve seen for myself after my accident. Please if there’s a way they can find some help or tips or how to find like you say a non-

    • Cortney says:

      I know you wrote this awhile ago, but just letting you know that you are not alone! I also form kidney stones often (I had to have 3 surgeries within a 3-month period just a few months ago, all for seperate stones)
      I am so disheartened with the health field right now, as they just automatically assume everyone is drug seeking… I also have a chronic-pelvic pain condition, and need a physician desperately to help and understand me…. Hang in there!
      I need a good family Doctor in the Cincinnati, Ohio area… Anyone know of one???

  9. Dee says:

    Great concept! Looking for one in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY area. I’m at a loss.. decades of being brushed off and dismissed. Especially when on Medicaid. They only do minimal tests, barely listen to me and then say nothing is wrong! Thank goodness for psychotherapy…

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Training docs in NY state now 🙂

      • Robert says:

        What about in Northern New Jersey? Actually i live in Sussex County New Jersey.So are there any great compassionate general practice and / or specialist doctors with time and patience (especially for lower income or older medicaid and medicare patients) trained by you for this area ?

        • Pamela Wible MD says:

          Sadly I can’t keep track of all the ideal clinics. More and more docs are breaking free of assembly-line medicine so do keep your eyes peeled! I’m from NJ btw. 🙂 Cherry Hill is where I grew up.

  10. Hope says:

    I was with the same PCP for 8 years, he took great care of me and made sure I had the best care. Until the day he retired, I thought by staying under the same practice would make it easier for me to change over, but I was so wrong. After being in their practice for 8 years and never had a dirty urine and always had a great job, I’m a African American women who now has to play the profile game or make sure that I go to the same pharmacy or lord forbid. You might want to find a new practice because your not getting the best care, it’s not about the medications. It’s about the care, some doctors forget about that. Everyone is not the same, if I have never given you a reason or denied a drug test. Why treat me like a criminal, just fix me and you wouldn’t see my face again. I have bursitis in both hips, lumbar and joint pain. I am just looking for help, not to be treated badly, especially if the doctor prior to you didn’t have a problem with me, it’s just a bad feeling and it hurts really bad. Now I am out here trying to find a PCP, who will examine me and take me seriously. Before something bad happens to me, my life is valuable, don’t they see that?

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I’m so sorry Hope. This is the failure of assembly-line medicine. Healing is about relationships. We all need doctors who have time to care.

  11. Lia Valerio says:

    I recently moved to nc from pgh I have been being treated for server diabetic nueropathy in my feet legs back and hands since the move here no Dr will refill my pain meds here I see drs they send me to still nothing and the medication I have been on for years they keep trying to give me all the same anti seizure meds I have tried years with the side affects are not worth playing lab rat to these drs I want to go back home to my drs but the cost is to much I don’t know what to do then they say on top of all else I have scoliosis and still won’t help me knowing what’s wrong reading my old charts ext..

    • Maddie says:

      God I feel bad for you. You non live in a city where a giant monopoly UPMC has all health care in the city. Trust me your pain means nothing to them. Try Allegheny health network, they are smaller and seem to care more.

  12. Felisha Gutierrez says:

    I am 38 years old and have had 4 children before the age 21, I was married forever it seemed since age 14 to military husbands but when he retired medical care was and still is nonexistent I have been to numerous doctors for them to either lie or not care or call me a drug user, I have never drank because I have family members whom are alcoholics and drug abusers. I have never used drugs in my life. When in military care I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and degenerative disc disease in my back. I was a full time mother working 2 full time jobs and weighed 150 pounds with an active life until my back got worse and my muscles started seizing up. I now am on medicaid no doctor accepts that. I can barely walk, I cannot go into a grocery store without leaning full time over the buggy, I cannot walk more than a few feet without having to stay in a bent over position and it hurts like hell, I live in Baton Rouge La and was seeing a Dr at the only clinic which accepts medicaid and that was Ochsner they told me I had nothing wrong with me. Now without doctor care and lies and no pain meds I resorted to what I can pay for and that is a methadone clinic, at least there I can get a pain medication with only having to pay for it but I still cannot walk. I am now in the last 2 years have gained 100 pounds and it has turned me from being the 2 full time job active mom I was into a homebound in pain, overweight obese nightmare, depressed (when I never been depressed before in my life) can’t do anything at all with my children anymore, all because of doctors. Thanks a lot. I stopped going to doctors now over a year. I gave up! I have no more choices…If I stay this way I will end it, I am a person who won’t depend on anyone, I have been independent all my life, I won’t start depending now..sorry!

  13. ashley says:

    Hi my husband has had a host of injuries from his back to his head. He now has seizures, tbi,several strokes, a lower back fusion and other blown disc. We just got back from a doctor who told him he isnt a candidate for a pain pump. Every time he goes to the doctor or the er they either refer him to a different one or just drop him. What can we do? We know he is terminally ill but why wont doctors treat him or atleast make him comfortable. Im at a loss and frustrated someone please help. Hopeless in Oklahoma

  14. Wendy Matthewson says:

    I have had many medical problems over the past few years. None of the seven or eight doctors or er docter”s are ever able to help me. All the doctors I see are affiliated with the same medical entity. Cone Health in Greensboro NC. They have all labeled me as a problem patient. They think all I want is drugs. I do not want drugs. I want to be well. I can’t work because I end up missing to much and co-workers end up not liking me because they have to pick up my slack. I won’t even try to work now because I feel like it is a waste of the employers time because I try to work and end up not being able to and then feel guilty because they trained me when they could have hired someone else who is healthy enough to perform all the job duty;s. I am not even able to carry a gallon of milk up the five steps to my house. I pass out constantly and my muscles give out when I am walking and I fall. I have sever diabetic neuropathy. I take gabapentin but that doesn’t touch the pain. I had endocrinologist who told me he didn’t want to discuss that with me, and that was the end of that conversation. He wouldn’t even listen to me about my diabetes problems ,just told me to do what he say’s. I had a nuerologist tell me she could not do anything for me any more and she would refer me to Duke University Hospital, it took me a couple of months after that to get her to refer me over the phone because she drooped me as a patient. Then the University turned me down as a patient. I wonder what kind of notes about me she sent along with my referral. Please help me find a doctor who takes medicaid. I have been out of work for three years. I have an eleven year old son and I lost my house and am basically living off my parents in their home. I am 45 forty five and really miserable and feel so guilty, people I know don’t even think I am as bad as i am because no doctor will diagnose me. I am basically ready to give up but I can’t and never will because I have a little boy to take care of, even though i can’t even play with him or because of not working do fun things with him or for him, Please if at all possible help me get some kind of help. I just want to be here for my little guy the way I was for my older children. Please help.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Try to find a doctor outside of that health system. There are great docs in practice in all parts of the country. Good to have the right fit.

  15. Heidi says:

    I had been going to the same doctor for 1 1/2 years. My right side in my neck, head, arm, hand, and down to my foot was burning pain with right are and hand going numb. (I was strangled in 2010 and almost killed). My doctor got shut down end of July 2015. I went to another doctor September 2015. I was on on 2 major pain medications and the hospital told me to tell the doctor I needed to see a Neurosurgeon. I was on a narcotic since 1999 and 4 mg a day for over 10 years for panic attacks. The new physician caused me to withdraw blaming it on the pain medication, but I wasn’t on the pain medication that long. I went to the Neurosurgeon and physical therapy and was told by the Neurosurgeon’s office that the pain management dr would not perscribe medication because I had been to a “few” doctors. When I confronted them the nurse told me specifically that the pain doctor would not give me any medication because of the prior doctor (said by name) who had got shut down. I told her I didn’t want to go to a pain management doctor who thought I was a pill seeker and that I had been to ONLY 2 doctors in the past year except for the one for my panic attacks. I have been humiliated and treated like a drug abuser when the Physical Therapist did a report stating that I was 58% disabled on my right side with my neck and arm. I want fixed and to be able to work! I am NO drug seeker and I am humiliated that I have been not once but twice accused because of my prior doctor (who had NO findings against him and should be back in business within 3 months). I researched my issues and how the prior doctor treated me and it was exactly how he was suppose to. Being a Paralegal and having worked for the Public Defender’s Office, research was one of my fortes. I now am almost completely off all narcotics but the panic attack medication which they are using me as a guinea pig and putting me on medication that is making me sleep and lowering my dosage. (My panic attack medication was NOT prescribed by the doctor that was shut down. It was prescribed by a doctor at the therapists office). I am at a loss for words. I can barely move when I hurt. I took a 3 hour test and it aggravated my right side so bad I had to lay down to get some relief. I have never done drugs nor have I ever been treated this way before in my life. ANY kind of response would be greatly appreciated as I am so disgusted with the doctors profiling me because of my prior doctor. (I was put on the medication in June 2015 and he was shut down in July 2015). I was only on the medication of that amount technically for 3 months and he was going to refer me to a Neurosurgeon after I had my MRI, Electromyogram, blood work, and xrays to determine what the issue was and send me to a pain management doctor so I could work. He was going to do everything that this new dr is doing but I am getting NOWHERE but being treated like a pill seeker. Please give me some advice! Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you regarding this horrible situation.

  16. Lazaro says:

    I was profiled and mistreated at Broward Medical.A doc even ranted out loud that I look like I have aids and I’m negative. I complained n was denied a grievance, nothing happens to him he even threatened me. No I get profiled last doc told me to get my stroke seizure and pain meds of the street!

  17. Barbara says:

    I have been on both sides of the fence. Was an RN for 16 years and have

    Been disabled for 12 years. As a nurse, I felt sress ed out, burnt out

    And always worked without adequate staffing. If a medical professional

    Feels that they are working in an assembly line job, their patients feel

    The same (they feel that they are being tx in an assembly line). I feel

    Patients are just treated like herds of cattle.I knew as a nurse that if

    I Couldn’t take care of my patients properly, that when I became a

    Patient I wouldn’t be treated properly either. Everything has a

    Boomerang effect. One last remark:Even though I know how hard medical

    Professionals work; please try and treat your patients as individuals

    And listen to them, don’t be quick to judge. Maybe that would help

    All of us get along better.


  18. Melinda says:

    I have lupus , vasculitis , relapsing polychondritis and cervical and lumbar disease. My rhumatologist lost his license about a year ago. I’ve been back and forth trying to find a doctor to help me so I can live my life. I’ve been in the bed for the past 3 weeks from severe pain. My clavicle is swollen , cartilage between ribs and around my spine is swollen and very painful. I saw my “new ” rhumy today and she gave me steroids and told me Tylenol for pain. The back of my head pounds with each beat of my heart and I am in a great deal of pain. I can’t take this much longer and don’t know what to do. I’m a single parent trying to care for my son but it’s impossible when I can’t even get out of bed. Please help led me to a caring doctor that will at least listen to what I’m saying.

    • Melinda says:

      I hit post before I was finished. I’m in Baton Rouge area. I’ve also been on strong pain MEDS since i was dx in 2003. I haven’t been able to find another doctor to even try to help control my pain. Please help me

  19. Judy ricks says:

    My husband is not getting the care that he needs from any doctor or hospital in Douglas county and he needs care asap we have three young girls that depen on having there daddy around but doctors have told him he has ms and sent him home
    And another doctor told him he has lupus and told my husband to shut up listen
    I don’t want to here anything from him he’s talking
    So anyway he has had no help from doctor and absolutely the rudest treatment pleas help you can pleas contact our number at 541-378-2609 his name is Charles ricks
    And I am Judy ricks thank you so Munch

  20. mattie christenson says:

    Im in really need of a good pain clinic after having 4 back surgeries and 5 foot surgeries and 1 ankle surgery and appendix removal. I went to duscharge myself from my current pain clinic. The manager whom have know skills or degrees. Refuse to request more visits from medicaid for me. I dont even know or think that they Doctors knows that he isnt contacting medicaid to get us more visit. He lied and said he did. He also refused to give me the owners name of the clinic to inform him of what is going on. I would like to see if I could sue bc there was no reason for him to not request more visit for me. His explanation was that he doesnt have too. I also know that people are paying for epiduals and they are not getting the required amount for their pain. Gary said that the medication is exspensive so give ever patient the same amount. But that aint right because every patient pain level is different. Im getting all my inside information from one of the nurses that works there. They dont know that we are good friends and she has made me very aware of all the negative activities that were taking place. We r paying for treatments and not getting what we paid for. I was also told that the Doctor i was seeing only give medication out accordingly to how the patient looks. I was taken a 100mg of fentayl, 30 mg ir 60 tablets, tramdol 120 at 50 mg. Im not an addict, i dont go through withdrawals when i dont take it. The only thing is that i feel really chronic pain. I have had 2 neckfusion, lumbar surgery whwre my back was broke in half and put back, then i had thoracic surgery. In which i had to have a heart doctor to open me up, move my heart, collapse my lungs and they thought they would have to remove a rib. But instead they shaved it. I am in a really bad situation. I do have an appointment for April 2016 to see a new pain clinic. But until that day, i need to be treated and medicaided by some pain clinic. I dont wanna end up constanly at the er. If i were a Doctor i would think im an addict. And what angry’s me is that my medical records for my back is 300 pages long. And the old clinic lowered my meds. Im now own my way to the er at 12:56 am. And im in Atlanta, ga. There are some dr’s that really have the patients best interest at heart. Then there are some doctors that just like having the name, Dr and a pay check. Thanks for listern, I will wait patiently for your reply for help. Mattie Christenson

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I do not know any pain doctors. A good primary care doctor can handle 99% of what most patients need.

  21. Marcia Martin says:

    I was profiled as drug seeking even though the doctor could have pulled up my record and seen I hadn’t even been to a doctor in about 7 years and that was for a diagnosed case of pleurisy! I finally figured out I had Lymes disease when the rash presented itself! I called his office over and over and they said no big deal! Now I am without a doctor!

  22. Dee says:

    I was just in for an office visit this week and was mortified by how I was treated! I was treated as if there wasn’t anything wrong with me. The provider made very strange comments and I was unable to get a word in at all. I completely dissatisfied with the visit. This has not been the first time I have been let down by these “certain religious” WI providers.(only because I had no other options due to insurance) I am a pretty decent person whose is a professional and would never EVER think to treat my clients like that. I mean news flash providers: BETTER TAKE A CLASS IN PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIORS…I will be profiling you as ‘over stuffed pompous wanna-be-know-it-alls that really don’t know your arse from your mouth!’ What will you do NOT treat me, well guess what you didn’t to begin with so it really doesn’t matter does it! I certainly really should be checking into legal counsel for BOTH offenses. truly believe providers need to be taken to task on this gross professional negligence! ****ok rant over**** Thank you!

  23. Heather Bazinet says:

    My psychiatrist increased my meds because I reported to police that the survalance interaction spy radio is in my apartment as well @ work. Had been reporting to police since 2008 .Just because you were depressed…now since moving to Cornwall…homeless several times due to lack of money( not mind) bankrupt twice. Now increase in meds because I have a drug plan @ work.$400 per month mental health drug because I been said what I heard in home and work makes me psychizophrenic. I must tell the doctor who I write to and a view of what I write. Like this is suppose to be shown to her. Said not known who reads emails and where it goes. Trapped and striped of my rights.
    A single woman living on her own with a doctor from Seri Lanka. Not Canadian laws used. How rude right?

  24. Scott Wydra says:

    I’m a 40yo male who has suffered with Chronic Pancreatitis for over 15 years. Every visit to the ER has been horrible, I’m usually treated poorly as if I’m the cause of my problem. I have been accused of seeking pain meds and also accused of being an alcoholic. I have been to specialists at Duke, Johns Hopkins, university of Cincinnati and many others. All of my ERCPs and MRCPs have clearly proven my issues are a birth defect and at this time no solution is available. I’m simply just managing pain and symptoms by eating less than 20 grams of fat a day and taking tons of meds. My primary issues occurred about 10 years ago when hospitals moved to hospitalists, every time I’m admitted I have some person who is very uneducated in my specific case providing my care, needless to say they have caused me to stay in longer than needed due to not listening to what my specialist says needs to be done or not listening to me for what works best to calm my my system from digesting itself.

    Can your program help me, I need quality care from the time I hit the ER and every hour they delay my fluids and pain meds sets me back by days in a room.

    Thanks for listening.

  25. Merlin hall says:

    Thank you, Dr Wible. Florida seems to be ground zero in the latest battle in the war on drugs. As such, patients who need drugs have become casualties. It isn’t only Dr’s, however, pharmacists are as, if not more, biased than physicians. Their negative opinions are just as harmful as that of an unscrupulous physician. Has anyone read Walgreen’s last policy on dispening? The vague language clearly permits (and encourages!) pharmacists to tell patients, “I’m not going to fill this (medication, in my çase, that I had taken for five years using this pharmacy) for you.” I pay a dr to make faulty assumptions about my character. I don’t need my druggist to put me through that rigormorale twice. And since when we’re pharmacists the judge of our need for a medicine?

  26. Susan Friedman says:

    Hi. We believe our entire family has been profiled. Our daughter (who is now 24 yrs. old) has multiple disabilities. She had a kidney transplant in 2009 in Florida. Since that time her follow up care etc. does NOT seem to be the same as a “typical” patients would be. Numerous mistakes have been made (she was given meds she is extremely allergic to and had convulsions) and NO ONE EVEN CARED. She is now 7 yrs. out for her transplant and, her hospital transplant department is simply NOT doing their jobs. Each time my husband and I advocate for our daughter’s needs (because she can’t) we are “labeled” as troublemakers and ignored. Bottom line here is the fact that our daughter DOES have a kidney transplant that needs to be medically managed but, no one seem to want to do so. Isn’t there supposed to be a Transplant Protocol in place for patients? Isn’t this medical malpractice? Her transplant department is doing this to multiple patients (not just our daughter) and people have died. Really, they need to be shut down. Your comments are welcomed on this particular subject. Thank You.

  27. Amanda Gate says:

    I saw a Delaware Dr.who put me on Methadone for 7 yrs but he never listened to me! I tried to leave bc he was injuring me ! I pulled my own self off went /still going thru a living hell & Dr Uthaman will not send my records to no one! So I’m having issues getting a dr.what can I do my life is ruined bad ! I didn’t know abt the medicine at 1st bc I thought he knew what was best for me! I was there every 28 days for hours & he shot my leg & back & my left hand up bad.
    I can’t seen to get a lawyer uh? My insurance co wants the $ back bc he will not release my records to them now I suffer! My life is ruined & I had a great job & a life 2 kids that don’t understand what happened to me & I feel they don’t care at all .My ex husband fools s Dr & lies & he’s on 150 fentanyl patches!I am confused & need to get my life back @ can anyome suggest any thing besides a methadone clinic! I’m more injured due to methadone pills ftom s Dr.I have stomach pain? CAT came bk neg.
    But I’ve lost a lot oc weight! Someone have any idea’s oc what I can do w/out records I’m screwed !
    Thank you!

  28. Margaret Foushee says:

    I am being gang abused by doctors, nurses and office personel. I have a tumor on my chin which is spreading to my throat and ears. I have been to over 55 doctors and no doctor will diagnose this tumor or treat me to get rid of it. I need help and dont know where or who to turn to. I do not know what I have done to anyone to deserve this kind of treatment. I need help! Please help me!

  29. Darrell says:

    Today is January 24th 2016 I got addmitted to Henry Ford Wyandotte Mi do to real bad seizures up to even sometimes 3 a day mind you have 6 ruptured disc in my neck with nerve damage loss of strength in left arm but back to why I’m posting. Dr Kinish the admitting doctor who saw three times for total of ten secs knew my meds got stolen that caused me to have this problem worsen gave me the rt meds cause suboxone had a lot to do with it cause of the naloxone he swtitched me to subutex and it worked wonders for my pain to finding out at 10pm night shift nurse after seeing this careless doctor two three hrs before the nurse. So was informed I was being discharged the next day which thinking was fine until I asked questions abt did he write me scripts to help control this and knowing I have a new doctor I switched over to cause the current one I cancelled seeing wanted the money didn’t care that I got sick the tremendous pain I be in some days and didn’t care cause she got a big caught from suboxone treatment when I paid her the office visit even tho accepted my insurance and found out she billed them so had to go check my self into the er got admitted and the addmitting doctor don’t help with scripts which if sent home without them will cause me rt back into the er cause you can’t stop anyone off these meds after yrs of taking without abuse of taking it and take for legit reasons what to do

  30. Antionette Coleman says:

    My doctor has been treated me unfairly.. Unsanitized Pap smear will not show me any test.. Denied me medication the been going on for 18 months .. In need for medical treatment asap .. My health plan hasn’t help me at all ..

  31. josephine says:

    I like too know what can I do have seen doctor about about 15 years and was pick out bye his boss telling me that they found something Urine 4 years ago and we where in his office 12/4/20/15 that it happened 2012 and said his boss is riding him he has to let me go showed me a text that boss send him give me urine test and I didn’t have anything in me due sickness cold was taking cold Medicine Didn’t want to mix it up he told me he is about done with his boss told me he keep my information so I can be his His patient again also there is a lot of people switching urine the Assistance left it near where Patience They are careless I have a Disease RSD And left me without no meds and now I can find a pain management doctor cause of this I like to fight does how do I go about it .

  32. Gina Lewis says:

    So glad I found this, I had a urine test and my pain management doc said I was positive for a drug I have never taken. Can you help me I can’t stop crying. I live in Mt.Vernon illinois 62864 do you have a place nearby.

  33. Jean Terese Tavianini says:

    OK HI HOW ARE YOU. I’M TIRED OF PAIN MANAGEMENT DOCTORS NOT BELIEVING ME EVEN WHEN THEY SEE MY MRI’S AND SEE THE DISC PROTRUSIONS AND NERVE S AFFECTED AND MINOR ARTHRITIS.THE PAIN IN MY LOWER BACK BEGAN AFTER MY CHEMO IN 2008. I’VE HAD 3 SERTOLI LEYTEG TUMORS IN OVARIES AND STOMACH EACH 15 CM. REMOVED EVERY 4 YRS. + TESTOSTERONE PRODUCING CYST WITH TESTOSTERONE LEVEL OF 300 REMOVED IN 2OO1. + FULL HYSTERECTOMY IN 2004+ AND OBVIOUSLY SINCE ANOTHER TUMOR FORMED IN STOMACH ALL WITH CANCER CELLS THAT THEY COULD NEVER GET OUT IN THE FLUSHES CHEMO WAS ADVISED SO I DID IT..,.OVARIAN CANCER I GUESS. OH I LIVE IN ORANGE COUNTY, CA. WHERE THE DEA IS ALL OVER THE PAIN MANAGEMENT DOCTORS BUTTS BC OF THE OXYCONTIN OUTBREAK YEARS AGO WHERE YOUNG PEOPLE, OLDER PEOPLE DIED, (SOME PROBABLY WORKED THE DOCTORS BUT WHY WERE DOCTORS GIVING OXYCONTIN 19 YR. OLD PATIENTS AS A FIRST PAIN KILLER). WHATEVER NOT MY BUSINESS I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, BUT ITS AFFECTING ME BEING ABLE TO BE TRUSTED BY DOCTORS. IVE HAD 3 PAIN DOCTORS DR. DIMOWO, DR. STONEY, AND ANOTHER. ONE WAS ARRESTED, ONE RETIRED. FOR YEARS I WAS ON METHADONE, NORCOS, SOMAS. A DOCTOR EVEN DECREASED THE DOSAGE AND AMOUNT I WAS FINE WITH THAT. BUT NON OPIATE MEDICATIONS DONT WORK, CHIROPRACTIC PROCEDURES ARE RIDICULOUS AND DONT WORK, MY PAIN HAS GOTTEN WORSE FROM INTERMITTENT TO ALL DAY EVERY DAY AND WAKES ME UP EVERY MORNING AT 4 A.M. I’VE NEVER ABUSED MY MEDS, I’M NOT PILL SEEKING, BUT I WAS LEFT TO MY OWN DEVICES TO GET OFF OF THE 5-10 MG METHADONE 2- 3X ADAY BY MYSELF ( THE PREVIOUS DOCTOR DIDN’T EVEN GIVE ME A LAST PRESCRIPTION TO WEAN OFF)SO I WASN’T GOING TO TORTURE MYSELF SO I WENT TO AN ADDICTION SPECIALIST WHO IS LICENSED TO PRESCRIBE SUBOXONE AND GOT ON THAT TO WEAN OFF THE METHADONE. SUBOXONE IS TEMPORARY!!!! BETWEEN THIS DR. ZARAT AND ANOTHER PAIN DOCTOR FROM ST.JUDE’S WHO WILL ONLY PRSCRIBE ME CYMBALTA THIS COMBO IS KIND OF OK BUT IT DOESNT REAlly work good with thhe pain. basically i meet a whole lot of doctors that lie to me, think that im staying on suboxone when i tell them im not, demand all my records find out everything about me but then they lie and dont work w tired, i feel liked cmplaining to medical, cal-optima, socialsecurity disability, and the medical board, but it probably wont help.i feel like im being tortured. Do u know of any doctor around me( i live in yorba linda, ca)that will work with me and listen to me. i just had another mri done in anaheim hills. so its current.its taking all my attention away from seeing my oncologist, my gyn., my psychiatrist, its affecting my moods. i feel defeited. some doctors are so arrogant. i can travel as far as like lake forest, to the beach cities, long beach is a little too far, but if u know anyone that can help i would appreciate it. sometimes i dont know if i come off too demanding or too shy. ive tried different stregies but most of the time ive been very respectful which gets me nowhere. i dont want to go to the methadone clinic. i could but i would have to be high first to get on methadone right. i really dont know. i dont have experience with any other pain medications other thatn vicodin, oh , and the stuff the anesthesiologist gave me before and after surgeries whatever that was. LOL. OK IM DONE SORRY FOR THE TYPOS IM TOO TIRED TO FIX THEM.

  34. Davelyn Viewbell says:

    I have been on narcotic pain medicine for 16 years due to Major back issues. The doctors in Utah have me on the same drug in the same amount I started on 16 years ago. This is not really working for my pain. It is basically taking care of withdrawal since I have dependency at this point. I have fired five doctors but in their records they claim they fired me. I feel like I have no options at this point. I just want in MD to look at the MRI that says it all and prescribe me the right medication and the right amount. Does anybody know of a real doctor in the Salt Lake City Utah area that cares about their patients and does not claim the DEA or CDC is making him not prescribe medication or take his patients off medications. They claim I cannot be tolerant. After 16 years on the same drug and the same amount I am more than tolerant. I am so tired of being in pain. And yes sometimes I take one or two pills extra a day because I need to not because I want to. I make my bed and I’m done for the day right load my dishes and I’m done for the day. I just want enough medication did you at least 50% of what I used to be able to do. By the way after being on narcotics for 16 years no you do not get high on them. I cannot imagine the amount of drugs I would have to take to get euphoric on them and I could really care less. I just want relief and I just want to not spend 90% of my life complaining about doctors and medications and pharmacy. If anybody has any answers please oh God please contact me. 801-573-2270 my name is Daddy

  35. Dana Motichka says:

    I had surgery on jan 12th 2016 for chronic pain in the left knee and no cartilage left in the knee plus it was dislocateing. MY doctor did a high tibal osteotomy (spelling???) plus a cartilage implant BUT before i could even get the surgery he made me take two drug test and I PAssed them both . he would not treat the pain before the surgery and it was and still is bad. I Agreed to the drug test before the surgery because i thought once he saw I was clean and not a addict he would treat me for the pain but i was wrong I woke up in the hospital after surgery in horrid pain and had to fight for pain relief they kept telling me I should have no pain but i did. I even had a nerve block that did not work My aunt is a Rn and was with me and could not believe how I was being treated. THE DOCTOR discharged me with 30 pills for pain they were percocet. I TOok as prescribed and when i ran out he refused to fill it. I Asked for tylenol 3 at least or something because this was a huge surgery it has a 12 month recovery time. he cut me off of tylenol 3 now as well and said today I will not be getting anymore meds from him. I am still in so much pain my leg is still huge all doctors in this area are all the same . once you say pain they treat you like crap. So now I have to suffer after he broke a bone in my leg put screws and plates and i cant even have tylenol 3. HE DIDNT EVEN OFFER ANOTHER MEDICINE TO TRY TO HELP. I am so upset and offended . NO other doctor wants to take over the surgery post op so I am stuck with this doctor

  36. chubblespp says:

    HI Dr. Wible,

    I live in Seattle, WA. I have been a pain patient since 1994. I have an extreme version of flat feet which is genetic on both sides of my family, where the bones in my toes were separating and my completely flat arches curl up into a charlie horse even when I am lying in bed trying to sleep. A podiatrist told me he could fix my arches and I could expect to jog and even run eventually. He did 4 surgeries on my feet and each time my arches collapsed again. He enlisted a colleague to help him on the 5th attempt and the same thing happened arches collapsed. In the, mean time he had me on opiate pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. He told me he would stick by me and see this thing through early on. When the 5th surgery failed he referred me to a specialist and washed his hands of me. When I called and confronted him after the specialist had to take all the hardware out he put in my feet and start over again, he accused me of being an addict. I now have to live with this chronic pain problem and have so much scar tissue and stiffness from having my joints fused that I am in chronic pain. Even though I go to a pain clinic and am prescribed opiates by them, the primary care doctors snub me and make a really big deal out of the fact that I am taking opiates and make a point of saying ” were not going to prescribe you any pain meds here” even though I did not ask for pain meds. They profile me and give me crappy care. They commonly dismiss my health concerns and refuse to have test run to confirm or deny my suspicions. If I try to push to issue and offer more information about my condition, they talk down to me and treat me like I’m ignorant and don’t know my own body. To make matters worse, I am a light skinned African American female and my insurance is medicaid. They profile me before they even know I take opiates and once they find that out they just treat me like crap. I don’t see the point in going to the doctor anymore. They get paid for seeing me and I get nothing but shamed and no treatment. I trust doctors less and less. Any doctors who sympathize with patients in my position, risk being targeted by the DEA and losing their medical license. I really sucks and things are only getting worse with the electronic medical records, now all the hospitals and clinics can see whatever personal opinion a doctor has of you and is creates bias. They all start to treat you the same way. I guess I just have to die of whatever is festering in my body.

  37. Trish says:

    Hi, I am so greatful I found this site! I’ve been a victim of patient profiling for a few yrs now, but didn’t realize it actually existed. I’m 38, diagnosed thecal sack compression, 5 buldging disc, pseudo tumor cerebri( intercranial pressure), seziures, chronic leg pain. I’ve been on pain meds most of my adult life. I have been treated like drug addict, although I have never given my dr a reason to think I am. I follow a strict contract per request of my dr office. I’ve had my RX written improperly, told I can only have a wk’s worth of meds. Had a Rx dated for Xmas day, like any place is open on Xmas!? I’m fed up!! Any help finding a good Dr near Williamsport PA? I can’t take one more day of the mistreatment. It feels like I’m a hostage of my dr’s office. And impossible to find a dr who will take me as a patient because I am on pain meds.

  38. Duane Wade says:

    I have been seeing the same Doctor for 9 years, a couple weeks ago, He got sued for misdiagnosing two different people, one person died because of him. last week I got a Certified letter stating that he wouldn’t be my Doctor any longer because I violated a Non-compliance controlled substance agreement. i NEVER HAD ANY DRUG TESTS IN THE 9 YEARS THAT i HAVE BEEN SEEING HIM.iAM THINKING VERY SERIOUSLY ABOUT BRINGING A LAW SUIT AGAINST HIM. BUT i DO BELIEVE iAM BEING PROFILED, BECAUSE OF THE 60 Perks that He was prescribing me. He done nothing for me, the 9 years that he was treating me.

  39. Tony says:

    I am a 56 year old male, disabeled from Transverse myelitis. Took 3 years for my md to prove that my condition left me on the high end of the pain scale.
    Ive had many recurring symptoms, along with many infusion steroid treatments since 2008. I had neck surgery, hsolder surgery, hip surgery, 8 kidney stone surgeries, and a failed knee surgery.
    My GP told me his plan was to have me off ALL PAIN, AND ANTI ANXIETY MEDS, in 6 months. I thought he surely was joking, but no, I lay day after day looking at the ceiling wondering if that will be the day God takes me home.
    on top of all my son, who was actively serving in the Navy, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident, during all of this.Nis opinion was I was suffering from hyperanalgesia, and my meds were making me sick. That theory has been proven wrong, but he still will not start my meds back.
    I have had him refer me to 2 different pain Dr.s, and on the referrel, he states his hyperanalgesia opinion. They botn have refused to treat me. I feel like he has me in a profile vice, I cant get out of no matter what I do .please help im in western, North Carolina.

  40. Cathy Homentowski says:

    I have an 18 year old granddaughter who needs medical attention yesterday. Kaiser has labeled her as crazy and cronic pain. The pain was because she was misdiagnosed for over a year and then treated for endometriosis.
    She has what I think is a gallbladder problem and has been in severe pain for a month with a low grade fever and swelling feet. Right side pain worsens when she eats, Kaiser ER is refusing treatment and the 7 doctors have laughed her off. Need a doctor in the Roseville or Sacto Ca area please.

  41. Kristi Ludvigsen says:

    I am a 31 yr old mother of 3. I have disc degenerative disease. I was told at 18 that I had a 40yr Olds back and now recently was told I have a 71 year olds back. I seen a pain management doctor for the first time this morning just to find out my ortho wrote down I have minimal deterioration. When hes the one who told me I may not be walking in 5 years. But failed to put that in any of his notes. The pcp basically told me he refused to prescribe me any pain meds to help. I am not at all a drug seeker. I just want a halfway decent way of life. To be able to take care of my family and do normal everyday activities. I feel like they have passed judgment on me without even listening to me. When I bend over for more than 15 seconds I can barely stand back up. I can’t even pick up my 2 yr old bc the pain is unbearable. I live in NC and every doctor I have seen has treated me like I’m making it worse than it is. They told me there is no surgeries to fix it and referred me to pain management. But the pain’t doctor treated me the same way. They are going by one xray and won’t even schedule me an mri to see the extent of the damage. I feel like they are profiling me and I can’t prove it. I can’t play with my children, I absolutely can NOT go outside in the cold because shivering makes me feel like my back is breaking. I just want a doctor that cares about me and and wants to get to the bottom of the problem. I told the pain management doctor that the pain is no joke and he had the gall to tell me that I’m sure it’s no joke to you! As if it were to him. I just want to live a halfway normal life. My children don’t deserve to have this version of me. Any advice is appreciated!

  42. Linda says:

    Years ago. I was run over by a car. As I get older my back pain gets progressively worse. I have been sent to a pain management clinic for being on pain meds your a few years. I’ve been yelled at lied to and treated like a criminal everytime I go for my appointment. It’s too the point I am starting to have panic attacks just thinking about going. I’ve been treated Bad because I didn’t take my whole prescription one month. If I have a good day I shouldn’t have to take the pills.but I have no choice but to get treated this way just so I can go on day to day with less pain. I don’t know what’s worse right now. The back pain or the gut wrenching pain in my stomach when I know my appointment is coming up. I get it that there are people out there shooting up pain meds and abusing them. But this is out of control. I get treated like crap at the pharmacy too. What can I do?

  43. Mary sibley says:

    This is a nice informative site. For two years i have been looking for trials and research because i have about to give up all because i can’t find a Dr that will stop undermedicating me. I’m a T9 complete paraplegic and my legs 24/7 are burning on fire. With all my studying and trying to find help l see and read about so many good people that are in the same shape. Is it only the drug additts the only pnes being treated. We are suffering and l have been like this 16 years. I just the other day l way laying in bed screaming and praying because i start thinking about how to take myself out. My pain Dr has let me hurt way to long. He’s never touched me. You all will say WOw what are you comeplaining about when i tell yall this. He has for 16 yrs wrote me out a scrip every month of 180 10mg loritabs. But they quit working years ago. I cried and begged him to try something different. One time i tried 4 to see how well they would work. Don’t get me wrong they take the edge off but i can’t plan to do or go anywhere. This pain has made me a hermit because i can’t be good company. Like so many people we are undermedicated and i don’t understand why. I blame the dr for wasteing these year of my life. Four grandkids and two kids that needs me. He is no longer my dr. Another story. I have another after goong without any dr for a year. Now this dr writes me 150 of the same after i told him my story. I have a 14 inch scar down my back. I went to the wound dr and we talked about circulation so she sent me for a vien and arterie sonagram. I got a copy so i canfind help but it said that i have old blood clots all over but i have some in the deep femur artery and vien. So being scared would those cause extra pain. Who do i see? I am in the middle of changing drs mine are 100 miles away. But the wound dr is accually a physiatrist and i can’t believe she didn’t make me an app with some kind of dr that can look at it. Scared of a lpose blood clot. I love life but is it so wrong to just want the pain barable. He told me i was having break through pain. I ask can he treat it? He said NO. Thats when i learned about fentnel patch so why did he let me suffer. ER drs treat me like a dope head. So i told my daughter that i want to get my scrip filled and go to one of the better ERs and when they give me that look hand them all the pills. I live next to Shreveport, LA where i have ackcess to big time hospitals even in Tyler. But what to do or say or where to go. I’m so sorry for lenth but i need help. I never imagined anyone living so long with this hurting but neuropatic pain is so hard to treat. I’ m about ready to give myself to science

  44. Mary sibley says:

    I forgot to say this but i think we are all being treated so unfair and if i was a Dr i couldn’t imagine how hard it would be trying to decide who’s the junkie and who is real but serious injury is not hard to find.Now i wrote this because if you are on this site you need to look up and read it because ot is a law legistlature passed for the cronic pain patients and the Doctors that treat them. Look up Texas Intractable Pain Treatment Act. You really wont believe its law and not out in the open

  45. Desirae Davies says:

    Please help me find a doctor to put me back on my pain med after another doctor cut me off due to unfair profiling. I’m in Emporium, Pa. I’m to the pont of giving up.

  46. Karin Magnuson says:

    I have multiple sclerosis. Every time I go to a new neurologist, the old one who works at a hospital that behaved in a legally liable way sends records of which I haven’t been privy. Then, I get misdiagnosed in the worst way.
    This is ridiculous.

  47. Tiny says:

    I need a new medical doctor. My old doctor of 14 years, went to another town. I live in rocky mount,nc and my new doc can care less how I’m feeling. He wants to refer me instead of doing good old fashion assessment and listening to me.I told him I had a headache on my left side with an ear ache. He told me to take a decongestant and don’t take anything with suedafed. When my husband went to find a decongestant and ask the pharmacist he said all over the counter have suedafed. The pharmacist wouldn’t sale it because of my medications. So now you see why I need anew doctor.

  48. Adam says:

    Hello, I live in North Alabama I feel that I have been profiled due to several possible issues with a dr in Moulton Al. and jasper I have no help and need a a dice even if it’s moving out of state.thank you for your time and concern in my issue

  49. Diana Bowman says:

    I have been in pain management for many years. The doctor I had been going to, his practice was recently taken over by ghs. And with the new changes in the pain mangment opiates use, he was told to get rid of his more than the said amount of use patients. With that said for that past 13 years I have had many urine test and never had a bad one. I have only taken what was prescribed for me, and never anything eles. Which brings me to going to my new pain management doctor. With our first meeting it has been a disaster. My first appointment his said I was on way to much medicine and he profiled me as a drug addict. He said that over the next 12 months he would have me off all my narcotic meds. When I ask about my pain in my low back and nerve damage down left leg, that of which my previous doctor had been treating me with SNRB injections for the past 5 yrs. with no problems and with great results. I have had 4 back surgeries and resulting in a 5 level fusion. Well like I was saying he not just profiled me, he wrote that in my records and besides alot of mean and hurtful comments, the one that really stuck out when I ask him how exactly he was planning to treat me, his answer-“people die from pain medication, but people have lived with pain for many years and never died from it.” Well, I left there in tears and meds cut almost in half. A week later I set up appointment with another doctor. Unfortunately he was worst than my now current idot doctor. So, needless to say when I went in for the secoND appt. he was pissed off that I tried to find a different doctor. He told me I was not allowed to find someone new while under his care. He said if I didn’t want to be treated by him, “there’s the door, and I don’t have to give you and pain meds. Till you find someone who will take you with your medical record” Wondering what that meant I ask? That’s when he told me I was nothing more than a drug addict and now was doctor shopping and pill seeking. I left there in tears, and now no where to turn. OH did I mention he said my urine test showed a different narcotic than what I have been presribed?? And now I have been a prescription for Suboxone,that of which my insurance will not pay for, for six months. Which means I pay out of pocket for. When I told him I could not afford $500 to $600 a month for. Oh well, gonna have to try to. Goodbye. I ask you, where does one go from here? Can I get his labels he’s put on me off? Or will they stay forever. I am not an addict. I have been without anything for weeks now except for zanaflex, and lyrica he gives me, and lots and lots of ibuprofen. And I have reflux. What do I do, I can not live like this. I have a family to take care of, now I lucky to just take care of me. I think this doctor would rather see me as one of the suicide satistic. How can he treat me for pain when he doesn’t even know me. He profiled me from the first 15 mins. we met, and this man is not going to change no matter how many good urine I give. And he his made it so no other doctor will not even consider taking me as a patient. At this point and living in constant pain, well this is no life, and no way to have to live when there is a way to have some kind of quality of life. I know, I had one till FDA,DEA or who ever forced me to lose my life I use to have and put me in the care of this idiot who calls himself a pain management doctor.

  50. Danny Adams says:

    Hello my name is Danny my pain doctor just dropped me for tramadol showing up in my drop what’s crazy is they perceived this to me months ago taking the same meds only 5mg instead of 10mg I was told to take 2 of the 5s when pain was real bad along with the tramadol now I’m on 10mg 4 times a day I had tramadol they prescribed left over they were giving me 90 a month plus 120 5 mg Percocets I don’t get it 2 5 mg and tramadol or 1 10mg what is the difference I feel they just wanted to dump me I have a spine injury hip and knee from an accident at work I’m not seeking to get high I’m needing help do I can still work until I can get the surgery on my back.

  51. Donna says:

    2006 I was hurt while working in a nursing home.
    I’ve been through 6 back surgerys and till this day, still suffer…
    I know I have put a lot of stress on family @ friends @ even strangers, and most of all my doctors…maybe 3 years ago I was able to hide my pain, and push myself to the best I could, until now, I lost control,
    I am so hurt @ angry @ depressed!!!
    Because I never knew till latley how and what people can think about you!!! It’s sad!!!
    Things I get said to me!!!
    You don’t look like your in pain,
    Are you sure it’s not in your head Donna?
    I can go on and on!!!
    My doctor who has done my surgerys, wipe his hands with me, and for 3 years I’ve been suffering with the screws falling apart in my back, trying to find another doctor to re-fix my problems is so just so hard!!!!
    As I am writing this letter with tears rolling down my face,
    I pray so much that one day someone will understand
    My memory has got the best of me!!! I’m sorry to leave it at this!!
    But I’m hurting so bad!!!

  52. April says:

    Hello, I have fibromyalgia, early onset osteo, unknown white matter brain disease due to what they think is my chronic migraines. Currentlyvtaking topamax 10pmgs a day. My TSH has bottomed out again so they just changed my levels to 75 after a total thyroidectomy nov.14, 2015. Fibro is a double edge sword before a diagnoses no one believes after no one listens any more eveything gets thrown into the ” oh its your fibro talking BS pile! My local hospital is a joke. There are only a few good docs in that place. And most the staff is rude as hell. I know my body better than anyone but NOBODY IS LISTENING TO ME?! I do not know what to do. There is something wrong with my body and it is not just fibro.

    • April says:

      Correction I meant 100 mg topamax for migraines.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Exactly why we must move from production-driven assembly-line clinics to ideal relationship-driven models of care. You need a doctor who actually has TIME to care for you. A 5 minute visit doesn’t work for complex health issues.

  53. L. Franklin says:

    I read so many of these posts and wow can I relate. I was perfectly fine until I had chemical exposure to a construction product (a bonding additive) that leached out, is HIHGLY lipophilic, from the cement when I chipped back a small overpour about the size of a brick (it was ROCK HARD, and down for over 8 months — who knew anything could leach out?). It was an unreacted acrylic latex bonding admixture coating by a surfactant. Well it polymerized and post-crosslinking in vivo (that’s in my body!) Was bent over it when chipping back that overpour on the floor and got a bit of blowback on my head/face, besides on my gloves and spreading it to arms/legs. YOU DON’T EVEN SEE IT! I saw nothing wet! Anyway had 4 facial abscesses (one over the bridge of my nose which when it migrated and spread out from xrays it was able to leach into sinuses by deviated septum.) Had many signs and symptoms including Autoimmune response (pseudoscleroderma and inflammation), a posterior cerebral artery stroke, tissue emphysema especially of the head (which is gas), hyperlipidemia which caused a chronic pancreatitis which caused lipoatrophy, and more. Lies in my medical records, denied appropriate imaging as I see by the Natl. Imaging Assoc. for the years I have been flat outright denied. Terminated from the 3 large medical groups here in Wisconsin. Wasn’t even told about the stroke (found that out from the next doctor group I saw after UW Health terminated me) and that doctor didn’t tell me outright but scanned it in so an Occupational Dermatologist I asked for a referral to would see it. Foreign body response from this resin that ‘was designed to be permanent!’ OSHA wouldn’t get involved because it didn’t happen at work. There is a lot more to it but I am so lost also. I think about hitchhiking to a right to die State but don’t think they are going to help me. One reason I haven’t knocked myself off the planet yet is that I am not going to have ‘delusional disorder’ be put down as the cause (as all the doctors were saying when I tried, and successfully did, get on Disability). The real kicker is that this company should be paying all my medical bills (lost my job of 24 years with great employer and great job after doctors were dropping me left and right, not telling about the stroke or other diagnostics) and that chemical company had violated Consumer Product Safety regulations plus OSHA regulations (they also sell this bonding admixture as a coating to the DOT in Michigan which uses it at times for the concrete on the cornerstone of bridges). Engineered Nanoparticles. How I wish this had been a car accident or something other than this. After this chemical crapp cures (the polymerization and cross-linking) it is like an acrylic (glass-like) silly putty because I am constantly cracking – can feel it, can hear it. Have many, many pictures that I took as things were happening that prove what I went through. Try having something like this – you aren’t going to get help. And I can relate this to dermal fillers (soft tissue fillers) because it is just like that (only in the U.S. you don’t get permanent dermal fillers – cause permanent fillers can cause permanent problems), anyway reading Non-Medical Grade Injection of Permanent Fillers (gives a Medico-legal Perspective as they call it). Very interesting. What I got out of it is that if something happens and you are within that legal timeframe YOU AREN’T GOING TO GET HELP. Which is what happened to me.

  54. Michele L Kalitz says:

    Oh-oh I’m in South NJ and complained about the staff not spelling my name right on a fax cover sheet when faxing my medical records to a Neuro Rehabilitation Hospital now I’m getting black-balled I’ve been a long time employee I know to much they are pushing me out fast. As long as I’m breathing they can kick me out of the ED and into the offices who have caller ID and refuse to answer me. They have a electronic record they won’t answer me on now. So yea I can’t repair this relationship they want me O-U-T.
    I need ADVICE on a Patient Advocate I’m really SICK!!!

  55. Desiree Weiss says:

    Please help me find s doctor or clinic that will not profile me. I have Spinal Cord Encroachment and herniated disc in my cervical and thoracic and left shoulder injury that needs surgery . I am being neglected please help. I am in Missouri.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      There is a map on my website under “patients” in nav bar. Also you can Google “integrative medicine” and “direct primary care” in your region to find relationship-driven clinics. Many ideal clinics are opening nationwide. There is no comprehensive database.

  56. Ida foster says:

    Hi live on mass.been threw 3 dr.i live with chronic pain scoliosis. And getting so bad I can’t get out of bed .they cutting my pain meds weaning me the term which I can hardly walk with out tears to the point no pain meds at the end of weaning then what!!plz help me I’m 55 female who just wants the sun to shine in my face &smile for which I was known for..thank you

  57. Sabrina says:

    I am looking for a physician to help me get back on the right psych meds. I was on the right meds before but I seen a doctor and he asked me how my meds were helping me. I said they were helping me a lot. He said he was going to stop me meds all together.And I can’t seem to get back on them again. And they just look at me like I’m crazy. I’m from Parkersburg WV.

  58. Jerie Quinty says:

    I have CRPS systemically. I need pain meds to function and cope daily around the clock. I have been slandered, records falsified and dumped because I am a high maintenance patient and most Drs don’t know that CRPS can even spread. I have no Dr and no PM. I live in Nebraska and because I have had numerous ketamine infusions and nerve blocks I am black balled before I’m in the door. I have often thought of just ending my life because I am sick of flying and driving all over the country for specialist. Administrators and so called advocates are just risk management hacks and stoop to any unethical level to cover each others butts. I am discusted and in dispair again. Every flare up or ER visit ends the same. I’ve been left for dead twice unable to eat or drink. Drug smeared after a 50lb weight loss. I had to go to Mexico to get help. I stocked up on steroids and IV lido for subcutaneous injections around neck and spine to control burning pain. My illness is classified as a pain syndrome but I have had numerous complications due to chest wall dystonia, gut motility and inability to load bare and walk. Poor intervention during injuries to prevent cascading pain events. I am sick of living like this. I am tired of my brain, liver and gut cooking. Heat, cold, noise, light intolerance. Pelvic pain from calcification of iliac vessels and skin erruptions. I have melt downs every new Dr I see and been profiled as a drug seeker. Now what am I supposed to do? Urgent care even dumped me with a lame excuse after a plexus injury over trying to get my PC to MRI my neck or them. It’s been since may and I still can’t lift my arm over my head. The VA started this narriative and I dumped them. They interfered will self pay appointments making me look like a pay check disability seeker. I can’t get help or keep it. So called continuity of care crap has ended me. My disease is still here, but where are the Drs?

  59. Joy Thigpen says:

    I would love to find a clinic like this. Just discharged from the psych unit. Long story. No medical help there. Why?. It s in the same hospital . As I was treated for 4 bleeding ulcers. Now. I have edema. I called back to the same unit to see if I was given medication to help. She tells me they can’t tell me anything over the phone. Why do they answer it then? ?? Heading to a differen t hospital. I hope I can get help. P.s. I was told a year a ago. That a psych, doc whom I saw 3 times. I hated him. I had been on Xanax for 14 years. At 4 mg a day i took it at night. My doc retired. He referred me here. We clashed. He wrote a step down in 20 days. I did that. Never had it prescribed again. Never took it again. It states in my record now.. that I’m a addicted to Benson s and pain killers. I ‘ve had 15 surgeries and never once asked for more pain killer than I was given. I am allergic to multiple pain killers. When I list them put for my safety I’m immediately assumed an addict. Even I was an addict. So what… is my opinion. People need help. If I was an addict I would still expect respect and care as if I were not. And manage my addiction once the emergency issue was over. .. seriously. Bro g treated as an addict. Dismissed., no medical care I. The psych unit at all.

  60. Stephen Reiner says:

    Drsin general are collusionary. Their perception of you is Paramount in their decision to inform other docs that you’re a candidate for patient profiling. Remember the medical record is the physicians to enter anything to cover their mistakes and to make detrimental comments regarding you the patient Drs will make it seem as you exhibit drug seeking behavior, gomer you, code you with something that relates that you are a pain in the ass, are violent, you doctor shop,do work ups that omit test that would show conclusive evidence of a true diagnosis of your condition,enter notes in the medical record that you are crazy,non conformist and inform other health care professionals not to treat you but to referyouto another medical ctr for eval or tx Hence the term patient profiling Get your records and scrutinize them carefully They have to give you a reason why you can’t be seen by specialist Don’t back down There are many forms of legal recourse that will provide additional info. Just don’t give up.

  61. J Wilson says:

    Primary care docs in Northeast Fl area that can and will handle complex set of medical problems. My PC doc of years who saw multiple complex patients died and associates dismissed me for no known cause

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Look for solo docs and independent practices. I know several in Orlando.

  62. Tracey Daugherty says:

    I am extremly ill, on top of the other19vissues im dealing with, my doctor office i bekeive an emploee is caudinnalotbundzfe heres messing with peoples files…I been treated by him 25 years…I did nothing wrong I still dont know why, but I tried to have him treat me for the 4th degree burns….no refused 25 times….so here I set sick as s dog abandoned nobody else will treat me. Because its a law my doctor has to….well apparently not…I cant even get a copy of mefical issues I need by the end of the week for mesh settlement so bcause of some little druggie that cant get high I get thrown to the curb to die…nobody gives a shtss this is a way for govetnment to rid millions of people way to go governmet.But now that im titally disconnnected and cant

  63. AUDREY HAYES says:

    Hi I have been a patient of narcotics due to severe fatal Mva not at impact of180.survived aftr4mnths non wht beating.i never got physical therapist. My doc went to jail long time.ive bn getting worse n worse had Nick spine surgery both knees shoulder n multiple also on add meds.i can’t function w out them as well as 30mre YRS of anxiety meds I’m a survivor of severely dysfunctional life no childhood bn in counseling since a victim of severe dom violence my x did parental alienation. Destroyed me by son he is severely result he’s bn disabled drug addict.hurt me all x steal my meds etc I’ve been livingvtrying to survive I’m disabled since 2002.i lost so many docs due to my way of living.die to ABUSE. Accused of being addict.n kicked out psychiatry w out knowing why one doc said he wa gonna punch me in my face been treated so bad by ERS security.all docs left me w no resources no read why n no medicine
    I confided in them for help not one ever reported severe abuse they blamed me n dumped go thru bad withdrawal made it so much worse for me too survive I still can’t believe how many n how bad off they made me n I know it’s a law to help me n report it I’m a disabled elder even dom Viol shelters do it.its insane what can I do abt ot?thnk you

  64. Daniel Grantham says:

    I have had multiple construction accidents and motorcycle accident’s in my life. I have sever chronic pain and the M.R.I.’s to prove it. Also because my spine is crushed so bad that they can’t operate on me. Also my ankle is crushed from being side swiped by a car while riding a motorcycle.I have always had anxiety, hypertension, and depression. this has also been confirmed not only by doctors, but also my family and anyone who knows me ! My general practitioner that prescribed me pain med.’s and Xanax for over 15 year’s lied to me and said that he was retiring to get rid of me. I suspect because of pressure from the Federal government. I finally found a doctor that was prescribing pain med.’s and anxiety med’s ( Clonazepam ) and the last visit before the one I had today, He tried to accuse me of taking Xanax But I informed him that he was wrong and told him that he needs to retest my sample. He then backed down from that and let it slip that the gov. say’s that I can’t take pain med.’s and anxiety med’s together because it would kill me. So he cut my dosage of anxiety med.’s and added something that made my blood sugar go sky high and I’ve got diabetes, A bad liver and spleen. Both of witch don’t go with that medication that he tried to put me on. My Pharmacist and my liver doctor told me to stop taking it. When I went to him today he got mad at me for listening to my liver doctor and pharmacist and asked why I didn’t ask him. Well I told him that I had tried, But he has been on vacation. He didn’t say anything about that, But instead told me that I either had to pick between the pain med.’s or the anxiety med.’s and that was it. So I told him that I’m in so much pain that I had to choose the pain med.’s. So I then asked him to refer me to a psychiatrist so that he may prescribe me something for my anxiety witch he did , But he told me if I get something from him that he would not prescribe me my pain med.’s anymore. I now don’t know what to do or who to turn too. I’m considering suing the federal government for meddling into my doctor’s care and my quality of life. Can anyone help me ? Please !

    • Kara says:

      Hi there Daniel,

      Same thing happened to me like 9 years ago. I had to choose between anxiety meds and pain meds. I’ve had generalized anxiety disorder with severe panic attacks since I was a young adult. I’ve just had to suffer with the attacks. I fear talking to any doctor because the CDC says anyone with anxiety, mental health issues like depression etc aren’t good patients for opioid therapy. Now that IS crazy! I hope these people that hate chronic pain patients learn what it’s like to be discriminated against.

  65. Jing says:

    I’m glad I’ve read this article. It’s great and helpful one. Keep posting.

  66. Lisa says:

    Got a nurse who altered drs notes I have ms rsd and fibro had a wreck now he is refusing to see me and three pain clinics refuses to treat me due to the notes I have been a patient three yrs the same nurse refused to tell him I called and I got raped and beaten so she said I was an addict and had phych problems help please somebody I think I have a lawsuit

  67. Susan says:

    I am at my wits end. As I sit hear with swollen lymph nodes, flu like aches shoulders, neck that I have had for over 2 months, sleeping my life away exhausted, guilt for not doing things with my kids, etc. I am 39 and give up on doctors. They never listen and make me feel like a hypochondriac. I was told I have fibro, chronic fatigue syndrome, and depression. I had a 2 level spinal fusion in Feb. I wonder if it is lymphoma or something more serious. If I didn’t have kids I would end it. I AM NOT CRAZY! The pain I feel is real and so is the fatigue, yet I can not get anything more than gabapentin and wellbutrin. No wonder we have a heroin epidemic. If I didn’t have kids I would do anything to make this non stop pain go away. I am in my shiatsu chair right now and my skin is literally rubbed raw from it. Please tell me there is someone who can help me near Pittsburgh PA 15236.

  68. Tresa Gibbs says:

    I was referee to a pain clinic in amarillo tx.I have tumor on c1,digenerate disc,lupus,RA,autoimmune deffenceincy,diabetic neuropathy,I had been on hydro 10/325 and butran patch for 7 pain has become worse. Went to pain clinic.they put me on alternative meds.cut my hydro from 6 a say to 2.I was in extreme much that I didn’t want to live,due to pain.I called to let them know.3 days later went in.the PA said I was late and she was leaving for lunch.I told her my phone showed 6 min late.” We don’t go by your time.I was telling her about my pain.I also told her that there were 2 day’s that I had accidently took an xtra hydro.due to not thinking straught.she rushed out of room. Came back in ” we can no longer treat your pain” but can continue with injections. Now I am without pain meds.and my chart was flagged.what do I do? Help pleasetresa

  69. Kimberly Reese says:

    i lost my insurance and had to see psychiatrist at health department Dr Fornash,, he was rude,mean, very judgmental,basically called me a drug addict,,, because i wanted the medication i was prescribed by my former psychiatrist before i lost my insurance,,, he sized me up before i ever opened my mouth,,, i left in tears

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I am so sorry. That sucks. You need a doc who you can connect with. We are out here. Keep looking.

  70. cynthia thoma says:

    yes i am trying to find help for my wife with out a doctor down grading her and making her feel so small she has a bad knee and she is on bone to bone with it and needs the help with out a doctor thinking she is drug abuser she just want it replaced as they say she needs

  71. Terry West says:

    I started taking Tramadol about 6 years ago, at the time it was prescribed by a urgent care doctor then continued by my gp. I have suffered 10-15 head injuries from sports through my early twenties. That’s when the headaches started and I was in debilitating pain. So continuing on, the tramadol manages my pain; however, I was prescribed if because it wasn’t supposed to cause dependencies. Three years later I start having issues obtaining my meds like normal when I found out I am totally dependent on tramadol… I read a lot message boards, websites, etc. When realized I was dependent on a drug that is very hard to stop. Now I’m being forced to go to pain management clinics. everybody can attest to bad experiences with pain management doctors.

    Now my current situation, the pain management doc wrote me a 30 day script but scheduled the appt for 32 days out. I called and had to leave a message, never called back, I waited two weeks as to not seem like I wad desperate out of fear of being labeled. I called three times this week and was told they can’t help me. They also told me if I go to the ER or go to urgent care I will violate my contact. I’m totally being neglected and being forced to suffer for their incompetence. I looked at your map but don’t see anybody close, I live i live in santa Maria, ca

  72. lisa mullen says:

    Oh heavens, a real life MD is going to try and answer theses its quite a mess. I’ve been on 1mg clonazapam tid since at least ’13″‘ Presciped originally by shrink or neurology (wroking together) kind of a 1 pill does it all. severe anxiety, severve muscle spasms with unknow etiology many other things as well. Need a refill go to my FNP where I’m told ” we don’t write scrips for that anymore” WTH? Well I say ya just cant take me off of it. so she writes me for .5 tid. OK we’ll try that. we chat then she says would you like me to call that in, I say sue thanks and hand her the script. Then, the nurse comes in with “contract” yada, yada I wont get these from anybody but her. No problem, I sign, not worried. Ok pee in a cup we need to make sure its in your body. sure no problem. nurse comes back says this isn’t enough.
    I leave for lunch and then cannot go back as they are closed for luch and my brother needs the car. I call and let them know ASAP. I am the 1st person there the next morning. different nurse informse me that “because I left yesterday and didn’t come back I acted suspicious and she needed to come in with me” again WTF? So, no problem ok.
    fast forward after many calls worried about how long this test is taking I find out is wasnt done at their regulare labs, hmmmmmmm…She wrote me script for some random stuff and I was told good luck by the nurse as well as the pharmacist she gets around to calling it in at 4:30 ish on Friday. Because by all means lets make the woman with severe chronic anxiety disorder wait until the last freaking second. Of course because of all the stress, changes in sleep etc.. It through me into a Fibromyaglia flare as well as exacerbated all of my major depressive thoughts. In fact I’ve not been completely back to my normal yet.

    The script was writen by another Doc in her office. Did he look at my file even. How do you just yank a med like that off of someone without monitoring them and or a referral to psych. It seems they’s be better suited for that. In fact my 1st visit with her was because I was suicidle.

    Oh, and BTW I am post surgical spinal fusion pseudo arthrosis from C-2 to C-6 there may have been some more fusing since last MRI I have hardware as well.

    I cannot help that I know my ailments how my physche body and all else will react. I am responsible for my intelligence. Worked in a hospital many years. I’ve heard that if you sound too intellegent ha ha, the Docs think your drug seeking.

  73. Samuel says:

    I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and herniated L5 S1 I go through severe pain everyday and i was on Percocet 5 mg twice a day my doctors no longer will give me medication due to a bad test now I look like an abuser. Of medication I have multiple medical problems torn rotator compression of the elbow carpal tunnel arthritis in back and shoulder and plantar fasciitis in both feet it is very hard to move every day it’s hard to function properly the past 6 months have been the worst pain in my life they dont want to help me they say this injury I will have to live with the rest of my life that surgery will probably not help referring to my back is there anybody they can help me

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      You need a family doctor or internist doctor who can oversee your entire care plan. Look around for an independent doc. Where do you live?

  74. Melinda emery says:

    I stopped using adderral oxycodone 3 other meds i got a chemical imbalance went nutz so i told the dr i wanted off the medication and since i was going nutty suicidal mean ugly person. I was scared of what i might do to myself. I was in so much pain i justtook tramadols 2 ever 4 hrs. I was able to only walk about 15 min then i needed to sit orlye down. After about a month i told her i need to at least take hydrocodone i was in too much pain. She wouldnt do it. I was also bleeding had lots of pain severe pain when i took ibuprofen. Pain specialist end up giving me hydrocodone 7.5 60 tramadols 50 120 when i said that wont work she said to take 1000 ml of ibuprofen. I had told heri have stomach issue. Now i have another dr she says i have fibermyaldia. But some i cant walk hip gives out. If i dont take medicine i am in so much pain lower back shoulderblades neck. I just want to dye dont sleep more than 15 min. I am judged as a drug addict i was on a diet with my chiropractor i waslosing1 to 2 pounds a day i ended up in the hospital the dr was saying i could of only lost weight thatfast by doing drugs. They checked my blood over and over checkedfor track marks checked my nose found nothing. Anyways i went to his office for a check up he was like ok were here alone TELL ME (HOW DID YOU DO IT) howd you do it. I was like do what? What drugs? I got upset and said i dont do drugs! (I used drugs but had be clean almost 5 years) then he was like well looks like your good. HE TOLD ME GET OUT OF HIS OFFICE AND NOT TO EVER COME BACK!!! Ivebeen clean since 2006. Ive been treated poorly everytime i go to the hospital. Drs too. I burnt my esophagus hot food the hospital would just give me something to soothe my stomach send me home.they were thinking it was cause of the medicine my blood pressure was 190 110. It went down to 175 98. Anyways now ive had problems withthese dr helping me tell me to quit my job instead of figuring out whats wrong. I havehad bad things happen im tired of being in pain tired of beingtold i have fibermyaldia when i knowmy nerves are being pinched charpel tunnel degenerative disc among other problems what can i do go to get some help i am ready to go to a lawyer.i have bluecross insurance livein tri cities washington

  75. Chiquita Rogers says:

    Hi my name is Chiquita im trying to find out who can i go to in BATON ROUGE LA. That takes Medicaid my brother haven’t walked since 2015 i really need for him to walk by SEPT 04 2018.

  76. Christine Durand says:

    I know that being a physician esp in America sucks. 1st it is the insurance companies making all the money. We as patients line their pockets. 2nd doctors to line their pockets. So, I think we have miserable physicians. I am dealing with the article here of being preconceived and judged esp in the local ER here in Valencia CA. They think I am posibly there just for.pain meds. It is to the point I wont go there. However when I fell at work of course they call 911. I had no choice but be there. I told them test my blood & urine for drugs. Look between my fingers & toes. That my job drug tests. They did not care. They put me what they call “red listed”. I was told by the cheif of staff of.the ER that once you are on this list you probably wont be change that status.
    Odd, everything was fine good insurance and all until.I told one of their doctors, good looking, stuck up & middle.Eastern that hey “you dont like me, so I dont like you”. Then I asked.for.another ER doctor to.take care. From that point on as.I was back in about a week later I got him again. I looked.right at him and said no this wont work.
    Well of.course he came back acting as if he really wajted to help me. However besides 2 tylonol pills which the nurse gave me.there was nothing more they me their hands were tied. I asked what was going on in tears as.i was.suffering horrible migraines. That is when he explained the “red list”.
    As you can see I have been profiled as a.woman who just wants IV meds.
    Finally about 4 months ago from the fall job a nurse leveled.with me. She said because I used 4 different pharmacies, that it is a strong sign of a patient trying to get.pain meds.
    It made no sense Computers now a.days talk to each other. Also easily they can makw a form for.a.patient to sign to release their pharmacy records.
    Mine will read.a consistant list, every 30 days of depression meds, anxiety med, and a pain med that is not addictive.and helps.calm nerve endings. Its my lucky drug, “Neurontin”. This drug saved my life and off.all the Opiant crap.
    So, being that I have never.tried street drugs, not even pot. I never abuse my Rx’s, i feel.when I go to this Henry Mayo Hospital I am definitely being judged. My pain is not in my head. I have had a couple bad falls at work and 1 pretty severe car accident. So my body will.never be the same.
    I hope with this article.and maybe a letter.drafted by a attorney I will.get better medical treatment as well personal better bedside treatment.
    Goodluck to all the other patients who are preconceived incorrectly
    Good luck to physicians for.not being able to have more freedom to help us patients.more for pain.
    The doctors.should take out their frustrations on the insurance companies. They are worth billions not the patients.
    Thank you

  77. Kara says:

    Dear Dr. Wible,

    I am a chronic intractable pain patient. I live in Maine where they passed a 100MME dose limit. Except they amended the ruling to allow chronic pain as an exemption. However, my doctor of roughly eight years has refused to use the exemption. He says he is too afraid to lose his license. I have been in pain since 1981 when I was eleven years old. I am now 47.

    I have been through every surgery possible, every alternative treatment, barely FDA approved trial drugs and so forth. Nothing has allowed me the quality of life that high dose opioid therapy allows me to live. I have tried and tried to adjust to the lower doses but the pain has taken my chi (I cannot even practice Tai Chi any more or do my chair yoga! I’m bound to my bed and sofa. I can’t work on my business ventures or my dream of opening a free animal hospital. Heck, I cannot even shower daily, or clean my home or play with my pets. My life has become utterly useless.

    I’ve tried and tried to find a compassionate doctor to no avail. Is there any chance you know of a doctor any where in Maine or New England? I would be forever in your debt.


  78. dhayyan says:

    my dad was wrongly injected to his leg so i just want to know which medicine is good to unreact that medicine.please help me????????!!

  79. Drew Pavilonis says:

    I dont see clinics listed anywhere on the website.

    Help! Am I not looking at it correctly?

  80. Kerry Sellers says:

    I live in Alabama. When I first met Dr Roberts he began the visit by yelling at me. He said he had seen patients like me before. He fussed at me about the medicine I was on. He put down every dr I was and had seen. I told him that I had a lot of shots in my back. He stated that “well I haven’t given them to you.” I have 5 bulging discs, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and fibromyalgia. He stated that my pain meds were contraindicated for fibromyalgia. They may have been. But there were still the back issues. My back and sacroiliac joint dysfunction makes it difficult to stand. Sit, or walk for any lenght of time. Then Dr Roberts got in my face and yelled, “do you still believe that you have fibromyalgia huh do you ” he lowered my medication. I have had fibromyalgia for 20 years 4 drs diagnosed me with this. 2 pain drs, my pcp, and a rheumatologist. I was so afraid of him. Again this was my firstvisit with Dr. Roberts. He didn’t take the time to get to know me as a person. He told me that I may have neuropathy and walked out. He never said what we could do about this nor did he address it again. He was wearing a walkie-talkie and was paying more attention to that then he was trying to get to know a new patient. He even told me that if I didn’t want him as a Dr that was my choice. I was in such shock and disbelief that I could not say anything. He made me feel stupid, increased my anxiety, and made me feel like I was a waste of his time. When I left his office I cried. I was so scared of him. I signed a contract and was told that it was an understanding that the Dr was changing my meds and that I would only get my meds from him and use the same pharmacy. During my next visit I was looking at videos on my phone prior to the nurse practitioner coming into the office. When he came in I just tossed my phone in my purse and I hit a button unknowingly. The practitioner asked if I was recording him. I looked and it was. It was a complete accident. It’s like butt dialing someone. It happens and it’s an accident. It didnt even record the whole visit and i erased what it did record right in front of the nurse practitioner. I apologized over and over and told him it was an accident. I have erased pictures from my phone by just tossing my phone in my purse. I knew then that I would never take my phone into the office again
    The practitioner stated that he knew that accidents happen. I even told the practioner that my left knee was giving out on me and he ordered an x’rayand told me to come back for shots in my back . But then the practioner told Dr Roberts about the accident with the phone and Dr Roberts discharged me and told me that I would have to wean myself off my pain meds. They said I violated my contract. It was an accident, but just as in the first drs appointment, dr Roberts did not want to listen. I feel this treatment was unjust and inhumane. Now I am left with no Dr to help with my back and will have to suffer pain from this. When the dr yelled at me he dehumanized me in front of the nurse and nurse practitioner. I will suffer withdrawals from meds and this too is inhumane treatment of a patient.

  81. Jacki Doll says:

    I am sooo upset right now! I went to see my gastroenteroligist for a 3 month post op appointment . Everything was going well …then as he is leaving he says “you look tired” do you want some coffee sarcastically. I was clearly upset and I told him well if you want to know I was up very late doing my rescue work for animals. He says does this pay well? I said no it’s volunteer..his response is why do it? He has told me once before I looked like crap when I was ill with my gallbladder. For the record I looked very nice..make up looked good. What is this? It’s not appropriate at all. I looked better than a lot of people in there. Do I have to look like a model when I go there??? This is not appropriate and I feel he has profiled me as being lazy because I don’t get paid. Wish he wasn’t so good. If it happens again I am going to tell him how he looks! Fed up!!!

  82. Sherry says:

    I had a wonderful dr out east of Colorado who did beleive me on my arm and shoulder major nerve damage .it took a while but it was nice to have a dr that tried and believed me.Imoved away and really miss his help been to supposedly the best ortho here in the front range and they are no where near what this,Dr was they treat you like a number and bed side manners,stink.was told I have frozen shoulder sys not the case found out year in bicepts. However his bedside manners suck .checked him out afterwards and my feelings,were now I’m looking for new Dr that cares I go back to my old Dr but it’s 2 and half hours away then the insurance wouldn’t pay because out of area.also I had a family dr that should have never got a license last time I saw him for major issue he never ran test told me in the waiting room with other patients I needed to go home and get my affairs in order as I had termial cancer.I was so upset from this now have anxiety issues when I see a dr .I called my insurance about this and they sent me to a,wonderful dr in Denver I owe him my life and such a caring your self a flavor go with your gut.always right.

  83. Miranda Berrian says:

    Im looking for a pain clinic and a orthopedic surgeon. I have a rod in my left Fema and I need a total knee replacement; as I type this message im in soo much pain and i have nothing to take. The doctors like to judge you as a pill seeker when im really in pain. When you call any office for a first time visit they treat you like a criminal and if they decide to see you, none of them are friendly, pain clinics staff always make you feel like a pill seeker. I need surgery asap. Im really in pain.i have had 11 surgeries. My lower back and shoulders hurts. I worked 2 jobs for 18 years and raised 3 young men as a single mom; now im suffering the consequences

  84. Cynthia wilkins says:

    I needed a new dr to refill my prescriptions and he refused till i get blood work he told me i needed a shrink i ended up in er with ct scan showing mini strokes can i sue him?

  85. Cindy Hecht says:

    Dr. Wible
    Are there any doctors who practice the model of medicine you pratice in the state of WA? You sent me the names of 2 doctors in Eugene, Thank You very much. Iam so desperate as I’ve been told Iam not suppose to look for care for pain management out side the person I see now who does not hear me in Tacoma. So I guess Iam not suppose to find a person/doctor who is willing to work with me, but despise me. I went to Seattle for pain management for 17 years and transferred my care to Tacoma as my pain prevents me from driving to Seattle any more after an ill fated gallbladder surgery which has left me bed bound.
    Thank You
    Cindy Hecht

  86. Gwen Steffan says:

    I am a patient on Vancouver Island. I have lived here since Jan 2016. I came from the greater Vancouver area looking for a new start. I have been labelled and discriminated among the health care professionals. As soon as they hear I deal with PTSD, I have been dismissed, treated like a child and a drug addict because I have chronic back pain and I don’t sleep. I have never been an addict of any kind except cigarettes. I average per night 0-4 hours per night. I have seen so many doctors here, it is not funny. I try to get across my issues, but many just say I should see a psychiatrist, even though, I had for many years been a pharmaceutical guinea pig for them all. What has worked for me to sleep 4-8hrs is T3 with muscle relaxant, or 1 -2 Tramadol and 30+mg Melatonin. I have been on so many drugs that don’t work, and again they want to keep trying them. I pay the drug costs, and get a cupboard full of unusable medications.
    A nurse practitioner bascially told me I was labelled because I was angry. Of course I am, this has been going on for over 3 years…..barely any sleep and discrimination repeatedly would make anyone wary of sharing anything with these so called “health care” people who accuse, judge, label, call patients liars and much more. I had an ER doctor take more time with me and truly listen than 5 clinic doctors put together. Furthermore, this “meet and greet” to meet new family doctors is a joke. I have met 2 this way and as soon as I said that I would like to have my own say, as I research everything, they didn’t want to have me as a patient.
    There is much much more to the story, but that is an outline. This system is broken.

  87. Mark Raby says:

    Back in 1982 I have 32,000 amps run through my body lost a leg and two fingers but I went back to work now I’m 56 and disabled with chronic pain fibromyalgia and to cyst on my spine where they won’t operate and now I taking my pain medicine away what can I do, not addicted just want to enjoy life very active person

  88. Catheryn Duggar says:

    My PCP, my old neurosurgeon who cannot do surgery, and my rheumatoligist all know I need neck surgery. I cannot even sit upright half of my days. Yesterday, at the new neurosurgeon, the nurse practitioner smiled as he told me that nothing was wrong with me three times. Each time I begged him to look at the pictures I had right there on my phone but he acted like looking at my phone was too much of a waste of his time because as he said I’ve already looked at your MRIS. I think he got enjoyment out of telling me that nothing was wrong with me. Also he was too stubborn to think that maybe he’s wrong and just look at the pictures on my phone. I’m very distraught about this but at least I know that I do need the cervical fusion in my neck. I am looking into writing the board of directors for that hospital to tell them how he treated me. I don’t think this is the first time he’s done it I think he doesn’t very often.

  89. Joel D Mccollam says:

    Iam from WV and have been in pain since 2013.My back is in terrible shape and I have fibromyalgia. I was taking tramadol and it was helping with the pain,but my dr moved and now I can’t get them. I’m 55yrs old and get looked at like I’m a drug abuser. What can I do while I wait to be referred to a pain management center,?

  90. Jennifer A Barrett says:

    Super Excited I found you! I have (In moderation) smoked marijuana most of my adult life. I have RA & Believe I have (blood tests were inconclusive@the time)since I’ve been in my 20’s&I’m a 53year old female.I have been labeled a “drug seeker”since I have failed 2 drug tests(In a lifetime) because ofy marijuana use.It did&still does ease my RA pain& anxiety.How do I PROVE that this IS NOT TRUE? I am not a drug seeker! I just want a better quality of life!

  91. Catherine Swendsen says:

    I’m tired of being judged as a drug addict or an incompetent mentally ill person. I’ve always be compliant with my doctors, but I make important choices about my quality of life and

  92. Mary Rush says:

    I am not a healthcare provider. I am a person looking for the Ideal Clinic.

  93. Jerry T Hinton says:

    I’ve sent you a message before after my disabled son’s doctor passed away and we still haven’t been able to find a doctor to treat him because of his diverse medical conditions mainly many traumatic brain injuries, CTE, several Degenarative diseases and more because of liability and his medications. He was actually pronounced dead for 40 minutes with 3/4 Ton truck on his head. He’d never had residual effects from injuries before but as soon as he came out of coma he started having multiple types of uncontrollable seizures cognitive issues, uncontrollable pain throughout his body and more. It took team of doctors over 4 years to come up with correct combination of medications and doses which put him on road to recovery helping him accomplish things they said he’d never do, during that time he had 2 minor strokes. For 2 years everything was good but he had to move back in with me because he has to have caregiver again even with 3 foot of records from their trial and error plus research saying never change it unless patient has problems no doctor would accept him, the 2 that did almost killed him from changing medications up. His pain level never gets below a 7 and he’s fine with that so the only thing original doctors did was lower his two pain medications. When we finally found a pain doctor only (we still had no one to write other medications luckily he had refills) he drastically increased his pain medications against our argument. Finally the pharmacy we used got in touch with doctor they knew who reviewed his records talked to the team of doctors and accepted him as a patient so we were able to send the other doctor back 2 months of high doses of medication. Finally everything went great for 4-5 years till his doctor passed away. Now he’s back to being bedridden full time, he’s single father so can’t be a dad to his sons. I saw question before this one where you told lady to look at map for doctors. Where do I locate map and is there any doctors in Mississippi, Arkansas, or Louisiana. I don’t know if this will matter but they had got his two pain medications down to between 225mg mme and 240mg mme (which was much lower than the almost 1800mg mme) the other doctor tried to put him on. He finally was a dad and had a life again and accomplished everything that the doctors said he’d never be able to do. But now he is dying little by little each day with seizures everyday and night and pain so bad he yells and screaming even with tens unit, ultrasound, laser unit, massage therapy, heat and ice. If you can help me with anyone from those 3 states or recommend anything. Thank you for helping.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Unfortunately one of the doctors I know in LA has been now in trouble with the medical board for prescribing pain meds. Its a real witch hunt. I don’t know of docs in the other two states.

  94. Starr HG Activist says:

    Do you know any doctors in the Kaiser that are in the Southern California area of San Bernardino, Orange County, Riverside a PCP that will keep treatment for someone with Avery complex medical issues meds and history ?

    Also if you have a list of OBGYNS that treat Hyperemesis Gravidarum
    Within the USA ?
    I run a organization to help mothers with Hyperemesis Gravidarum and I always keep my doctor list to expand
    Thank you

    • Earl Herr says:

      If you were in southern California I would suggest Menu Bawa in San Marcos Kaiser facility. She is a internal medicine doctor. I was told after so many problems at Kaiser to ask for a Internal Medicine doctor and when I did my care got so much better at Kaiser.

  95. Nicole Charlene Davis says:

    My doctor who i had 7 years
    passed away Can not find another like hin

  96. Sandi Oswalt says:

    I am about to lose my primary care provider because his current practice is changing their policies and he isn’t going to stand for it. Unfortunately, this leaves me and many other patients very vulnerable. I was a patient at the former G.H. cooperative for 15 years. They treated me like a drug seeker. I cut my finger almost all the way off and wanted them to sew it up at urgent care and was still treated like I was there for drugs (I didn’t ask for any). Anyways, I have psoriatic arthritis and degenerative disc disease, and osteoarthritis in my hands. I have a screw in my thumb from a joint fusion and have had numerous injections in my sacrial joint due to damage there. I finally found someone who has me on the perfect regimen that allows me to work and bust my butt on my feet all day and then sit in class for several hours at night trying to get to the end of a graduate degree. I’m a single parent and without my medicine I would be in a bad place physically and unable to care for my kids in so many ways. I would have no quality of life to speak of, I know because I was there. The way I see it, I’m not even 40. I should be allowed to have the meds to get the most I can out of life while I am still able because sooner or later I won’t be able to at all. So why make me suffer with no quality of life now and later when it could just be now? Anyways, done rambling. I need a provider in Tacoma Washington (pierce county area) ASAP.

  97. Earl Herr says:

    I wish I had found your site earlier. I was about to kill myself, I had bought a 44mag to make sure I did it good, no mistake.. and then decided I had to leave the country regardless of the outcome.

    I bought my ticket 3 days ago and leave for Ecuador on Saturday 12/08/2018. The medical community is in chaos over the Opiate crisis and its gone past that into benzo’s and everything else. I can see the doctors are unhappy too. If I was a doctor I would switch to plastic surgery so I wouldn’t have to treat the patients so bad and be told what to do by the government.

    If you have a chronic illness and on pain meds, which I get 3x 90mg Morphine a day and a #25 Fentanyl patch, the doctors walk on egg shell with me and really don’t help me anymore.. They ignore my high blood pressure 180+ all the time. I’m just sick of trying anymore here in the united states.

    My medicaid was cancelled again. I’m done.. If I would have seen your site and the doctors and clinic you had opened, before before buying my ticket, I might have stayed.

  98. Melanie Carter says:

    I have severe pain due from a offshore accident, I have rubsured docs, spinal stenosis. Severe anxiety disorder, and depression,and I’m desperately needing treatment and relief from this torture, please PLEASE help me

  99. Dwain Alexander says:

    My Doctor from Kaiser is playing with people lives He playing God I have a real bad condition of SAD I keep trying to tell them the problem and may be lacking Testorrone I’m so depress I think about dying everyday This is no way for a person to live Your Doctors are Racist because of my race they thinking I’m looking for Drugs I am getting so close that I’m thinking about killing myself and just get it over with something bad to all you doctors that treating me like that are something bad are going to all those doctors family thats treating you see you will remember this Email

  100. Sara J Parsons says:

    I have Medigap, pretty gpod. Chronic pain, PTSD, Anxiety and Crohns disease, plus I’ve had 27+ surgeries and BC,HER2+. UNTIL 2017 when we moved back to a state I was previously treated well in I was prescribed 3 Oxycontin, and 3 Oxycodone (breakthrough pain) plus 3 1-mg Clonazepam daily, and I was fine. Now I only receive 3 Oxycodone 20mg every 8 hours and nothing else,plus I’ve developed addtl. problems (tendonitis, fibromyaligia, & the
    Crohn’s) I can barely walk, my 2 replaced knees are giving out as are my hips, shoulders, I have awful headaches from Chiari & hydrocephalus. I cant get any help. I don’t see a reason to live. Is there any help for me? I’ll be 69 in 1 month. My husband passed in February. I’m so sad. I’m in Tulda, OK

  101. Mark A Callicoat Sr says:

    Hello Everyone
    I’m not sure how this is going to stop the incessant patient profiling I’ve been getting for years now! I’m a white male, in my late 50’s, tattoos, longer hair, dentures, and since I’ve been disabled by desease…..poor!
    For thirty years I’ve been fighting Crohn’s Disease. I’ve done nothing but follow all my doctor’s directions and have taken all my meds diligently over the years as prescribed! Having done this, I’ve contracted Addison’s, Osteoporosis, Cancer, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, severe joint problems, lost my teeth, going bald, bad eye sight, Skin Conditions, and more just from the meds trying to control the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease!
    All this time and many many procedures that require sedation has my tolerance way out of control to say the least!
    But when I go to the ER or my doctor for pain; any one of them, I get profiled and told, they do not prescribe pain medication and/or I shouldn’t be feeling any pain. In fact they have gone out of their way to try and prove I’m NOT in pain! Even when there is PROVEN medical tests that dictates otherwise?
    Recently I went to the ER @ O.S.U. Hospital for what I was told by my doctors is Lupus Rash and Cancer on my head, back and spine area. But I’m NOT supposed to Feel any pain? When I’m experiencing a lot of pain!?
    I was told in the ER that they don’t know what it is, don’t come to the ER or hospital with a rash because they don’t do well with rashes? Or pain I guess? Instead of giving me pain medication to take @ home along with inflammation meds, they give me a spinal injection for my pain and sent home?! They didn’t check SED Rate for inflammation or anything for that matter!?
    I was even told I may have Syphilis? Really? I’ve been down that route before by doctors telling me I may have HIV because of low weight and very ill from bad Crohn’s outbreaks because they didn’t want to acknowledge I needed pain control!?! They don’t want to hear that their meds got me in this situation!? Tested and retested, no I do not have HIV or Syphilis!? PROFILING? YES! even a child could recognize this behavior in a different setting!!
    They don’t want to acknowledge that years of LEGAL PRESCRIPTIONS caused more health problems than the Crohn’s Disease!? And has caused other severe health issues!?
    But nowhere in the medical profession will they admit to patient profiling! I’ve asked them to their face before, and was bald faced lied to!
    I’ve never ever abused any drug be it legal or otherwise!!
    There is a lot more to this….so stay tuned! I’m taking this issue right back to them. I want to hear some more excuses I guess and receive more punishment from the medical establishment!!?

  102. Judith Stafford says:

    When I moved to Salem Oregon I was told by every clinic they would NOT see me if I had a hx of Chronic pain. I am driving over 50miles & am being treated like a leper. I hve horrible arthritic, fibro & lupus pain. Im under contract but meds r not sufficient & meds lowered when I ask for help. I saw sme doc for 18yrs in sme clinic umbrella. Is there anyone in Salem who will c me? Ive never abused my meds or asked for early refills.

  103. Joni Meade says:

    I’m disabled. 59 years old. Have GAD, depression. Bulging disc, arthritis fibromyalgia panic attacks. I would like to comment on medication for this. I take zoloft. And lorazapam, they cut my dose because, I need my medicine to cope. Now its lower, because lorazapam is now a controlled substance I’m in alot of pain, but I try to just cope. I dont understand why primary doctors here in az. Want to treat everybody like a addict.i feel humiliated, I dont ever ask for any pain meds, all of the real addicts make people people who need meds where they cant get what they need. Pathetic

  104. Carolina says:

    Hi, I went to your website under patients, but cant find the map of ideal clinics. All I see is articles from 1 to 118. Where is the map of ideal clinics? Please help, I want to find a doctor who is not biased and gives people a benefit of a doubt.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I thought you had a map of ideal clinics on your website. I can’t find it. Patients across the country often request referrals to doctors. I had a map on my site listing ideal clinics. I found it challenging to track all the clinics and—more importantly—I don’t certify ideal clinics and can’t guarantee that health professionals on the map are practicing medicine in a way that I deem safe. I no longer offer a map of ideal clinics. If you’re looking for an independent, holistic, or ideal clinic, just Google your town plus keywords important to you, then review websites and meet the doctor to see if you two are a good fit.

  105. Ginny Wainright says:

    I have been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma and all the docs want to do is chemo and radiation. I refused and am taking a holistic approach..Juicing and raw food. I want a doc in Tucson who will work with me. Oh yes, I might mention I’m 73!
    Feeling really good and want to stay that way!

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I’d recommend Patricia Petralba who is starting her own clinic in Tucson. Also LOVE Lisa Goldman MD (a psychiatrist) who is having an open house today!!! She is serving cool people through telepsychiatry Solar Powered Offices.

  106. Kimberly Johnson says:

    So much to my story but JOB causes me rmsf vasculties.. not been treated DENIED , as mgt lied .. ignored , and GOT medical DRS to DENY me, I found out WHY I was still sick , aprn verified* still MD at VANDERBILT didn’t test me with a positive Vasculties In Kidneys , 10/6/16.. the vasculties * after perfect blood draw, THEN immediately.. FEET purple .. So 2.5 years .. on 12/27/18 the DR Myers of Vanderbilt tells my ss lawyer * yes the idiot that didn’t test me w positive test * tells lawyer “ wow Kim really has that . No one lives 2 mths won’t it. 100 % terminal..Why is she alive?

  107. Carolina Darouiche says:

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and i was put on the suboxen program but i was told that was hated and never explained to me what to do with my medications from my physiatrist and instead he dismissed me and canceled my prescriptions for 3 months like promised until I find a doctor because I was dismissed for asking questions about my prescriptions instead he took me off 8 medications without weaning me off and I had the scariest side effects. After begging him not to, but he said that a 30 day supply was called in with half the dosage and had assured me that they would not. I have been falling and passing out due to his negligence. I have spent the year texting him and as a birthday gift they dismissed me. The emotional distress is unbearable. The pain and suffering have been unbearable and my hands have become handicapped. They have belittled , they have wasted my whole year and dismissed me for their lack of knowledge and no one is listening.

  108. Amy Tomasello says:

    I’m a victim of MALPRACTICE.I had a simple laproscopic procedure to remove a fibroid tumor and all my female orgaywere removed.both ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and uterus. No cancer. My surgery was 1 hour 15 min Dr came out said surgery went well, she’s in recovery now and should be out in 45 min 1 hour tops. I really liked my doctor anyway my mother and husband we’re in waiting room, the 2nd hour no one came out said anything to my family third hour my mom insisted on what was going on.She and husytold they were having trouble waking me up.hour later I came out blown up like a balloon and my family didn’t even recognize me.My catheder bag empty. I was a law abiding citizen (still am) never missed a bill or late, hard worker never missed a day of work, was smart, organized, bread winner and extremely healthy, no medications was I on, no allergies, ran 3 1/2 miles every other day.Thriving in life, one son 15 at time.April 1st 2010 my life was robbed from me. Woke up trying to pull cathader out it was pinching and very painful.My 3 week recovery on medical leave turned into 3 months.I knew something was wrong w my brain but was confused and set on getting back to work to support my family.Frim first getting home I was having trying to pay bills couldn’t do math(I took care of all the stuff) my son was having rage when I got bill paying 550.00 month and would say mom you don’t pay them a dime look what they did to you.Sue them My co-worker and friend told me someone is responsible for this I will personally drive you to attorney, that’s why they have insurance.I was still not understanding and wanted to protect my doctor. I didn’t feel he was responsible.Went back to work that I excelled at and forgot what I was supposed to do, no track of time, switched departments so Co workers wouldn’t notice, now know they knew right away. Was a Target in new department as they seen my disability and was doing horrifying things to get me to quit.A preacher from church always visiting the elderly at my job seen what was going on, got govenor who got state involved the lady told me they’d be there next day annonomos visiting residents, and work would have to pay me for the rest of my life.had nervous break down that day,in pshc ward for 2 weeks scan found pituitary gland was not sending signals to thyroid.induced dementia,”bipolar1, GAD, etc, pretty soon I’m getting SSDI assigned payee rep,and shortly after live in caregiver.Was 39, just found out this past November having a surgery from anesthesiologist that called anesthesiologist from April 1 2010 he had to Know what happened as my life was in his hands. Thank goodness my medical records were fixed after investigation cause they revised and falsified them.The specialist that I seen who did surgery asked my caregiver about my complications in recovery, I knew records fixed.Anastesiologist talked to Mom n caregiver about what he discovered.My brain went wout oxygen for gosh knows how long,was reintubated, I died was revived. Nice to find out 8yrs later.I was a guinea pig for medications and open for all different diagnosis. The life I had to live and being prejudged cuz they sent my pshc info everywhere in surrounding area.My caregiver was gone for 8 months.NP had me signing papers I didn’t know what I was signing. Took rights away, changed my contacts to courthouse (never been in trouble).Unimaginable things.A special person knew what was going on and told me # to call, complain.ironically she left moved.How do I forgive this Injustice. I am going to die from this conditions worse,I am a human being.First time w great specialist and caring anesthesiologist who abide by their oath, I felt safe, trusted them and first time in yrs I was treated like a human being.How can the anesthesiologist from 2010 not tell what happened left me high n dry? I hope no one ever has to experience anything like this.Disabled ppl matter, we have feeling just like everyone else.Its criminal.I remember my past and I am proud of who I was.My son is excelling in life and did 4 yrs Marines, now college 2 jobs. A savor like I was frugile. He is a kind, honest,smart,personal trainor and phy therapist tech. So proud.My mother said I died that day and she got that right I guess.She is embarressed of me and grieves me as if I’m already gone.Im ashamed of who I am now and live a horrifying life, struggling with everything. Its not okay to neglect to tell. I pray to find forgiveness ? but can’t I have no closure.My son lost his mother, my husband his wife and me I lost my whole life.There are great docs out there but there are also doctor’s who do harm or prevent you intentionally from getting great care to cover their ___ It’s a doggone shame!I am so thankful for the honest doctor’s out there.I have great doc now.I also feel so sad that the good docs have PTSD. I’m here for a reason and I will survive. My faith remains and my heart is the same, I can’t let this define me.

  109. Brandon Orourke says:

    I severed my spinal cord in 2016 and had T11-L4 spinal fusion surgery. I am in severe pain 24/7. I’ve been to numerous doctors to get help and can’t get a single doctor to help me, I van even get 800mg ibuprofen, NOTHING. It’s got to the point to where I don’t care if I wake up anymore, What can if do???

  110. Tamra Clark says:

    I have passed up going to see my doctor many time for lack of ins. Now that I’m covered I have a great deal of issues. I want him to listen but he checks one thing gi es meds and leaves the room.

  111. Karen McBride says:

    I went to a CNP at a clinic I was very familiar with. I was suffering with severe back pain. She ordered an MRI and the result was a herniated disc. I was immediately prescribed 2 meds….both were opioids. I am a cashier at a large retailer and need to be alert and able to work. If I needed meds at work, which I often needed to do to function, I was like I lived in Zombie Land! I finally went to a pain clinic which prescribed meds, but nothing that debilitated me, yet helped the pain. Another MRI revealed my spine has multiple herniated discs because of arthritis. The CNP didn’t even consider treating me and feel she thought I was seeking drugs. After our office visit, she had her nurse call me and tell me to go to Urgent Care. I am learning to live with a bit of pain, I am having physical therapy and am scheduled for a consult with a Doc to consider injections. I feel happier just knowing I am heading in a healthier direction

  112. pamela cyrus says:

    HELP. I have been a profiling victim, I have been in 3 pain managements, I’m accused of lying about pain, and lying about being severely hearing impaired, I have always been deaf on right side due to nerve damage and I have been totally deaf, hearing came up some on left side, hearing aid won’t work on right side, hearing is dead. left ear keeps changing, but I don’t know who would lie about it, for what reason, it’s been very bad for me and I’m also accused about faking pain in which I have had neck and back surgery that wasn’t done correctly, I have had one fusion that was to replace the donor bone that wasn’t done correctly and now need another fusion on C6 and C7, I live in pain 24/7 and wish I was faking because I often think of just ending it all, but I take care of my 83yr old mother with dementia, and it’s so hard. but as long as I breath, she will never go to a nursing home. then I had one surgery in my lumbar region about all my disc are messed up and the pain is just awful, the pads of my feet and toes stay numb but it’s a hurting numb. my legs kill me 24/7. and I need pain meds, and the dr office where I had the messed up surgeries lie and say it’s nothing wrong with me, my mri’s show I need these fusions but I cant find a surgeon in Lynchburg, virginia that will help me. I have to have my surgeries in my home town because of my mother. she cant travel. I need pain management and a surgeon, I got my mri’s, I need help ASAP, If you know how I can get help please let me know, i have to live for my mother, the rest of our family has gone to be with God. bless you, pamela

  113. Fran Griffin says:

    I am an old nurse and work with children and adults who have disabilities..It is a calling, so to speak..Would like to write you concerning a 30yr old male with Anoxic Encephalopathy and long list of complex secondary conditions..This case was referred two yrs ago and on this like a fly,ever since! Please let me know address so can get in touch..After 40 yrs plus of working and service, this is most tragic case I have ever seen..Maybe you can help..Thank You ❤️

  114. John says:

    You still have the truck.

  115. Sherri says:

    Are you in Cincinnati. I am being profiled at my first appointment and getting texts asking me if I smoke cigarettes! Really in pain management that’s not there business. That’s invasive I’m sorry. I quite smoking awhile ago but sometimes if I have a craving I chew nicotine gum! Once in a blue moon will I have a actual cigarette. I can’t afford medical marijuana in Ohio right now but if I could I would be out of pain management immediately! I can’t trust the dr at this point. My other dr did not treat me this way at all but my insurance changed and I was forced to go to another dr. This one is a jerk. Please tell me if there are any near me

  116. A.Nicholas Scala says:

    I went Twice, to the ER near me with a history of lots of kidney stones. I was told to wait for more than 7 hrs+ to be seen, 2 days in a row. No medication and very mean people.

  117. Dalyene Beecher says:

    Im 58 yr old flight attendant that got jarred during landing and now have L5 & S1 herniated disc and suffer severely with sciatic nerve down my right leg. I can hardly walk without tearing up or moaning loudly. The Florida Workman Comp Nurse sent me to Urgent Care which gave me antiflammatory medicine, and 3 days of pain medicine. I went to the ER that night because pain got worse and after 6hr they gave me two shots and sent me home. Now waking up again in severe pain the Urgent Care says by state law they can only give me 3 days of pain med’s. Totally frustrated called WC nurse but she’s trying to get me into Ortho Dr. that can help me. Go to Ortho Dr. and he sees the pain Im in and doesn’t exam me or give me any med’s just ships me off to the ER room. Im now going on 7days of severe pain and no one helping me at all. I haven’t slept and have not been out of pain for more than one hour since this has happened. My MRI shows the bad disc that is causing this pain but Doctors here in Florida are so scared of this new narcotic law they are letting people like me fully suffer!!!! Im a flight attendant that is drug tested randomly and I am always clean. I need pain medicine to break this horrible cycle of pain but no one will help me!!! Do you have any advice for me or should I just get a lawyer because everyone is shuffling me off to someone else instead of doing their doctorly duty????? This chronic pain is driving me insane!!

    please, please help me

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I can not give medical advice to patients who are not established with me in my Oregon clinic. I would encourage you to continue your search for good docs in your area,. Try DPC, ideal clinics, independent docs. There are a lot of wonderful physicians who really care launching innovative new clinics.

  118. Lisa Gordon says:

    My body wasnused as research wuthout my permissions. Injected, burned wurh massive radiation, Dr. Bradley Mons of Cancer Treatments Centers of America cut something out of me and left it in fell out. It was huge and black. I am denied meducal treatment for exousing David Lee for sexual harsssment..2 sheriff from Mclennan County came to my home and asked me if I were going to kill myself. I am tortured mentally, physically assaulted at Aafes, HEB Woodway Texas. Detective Andrew McGee lied to WPD and Waco Police came to my home to shoot me. Sufferinf a great injustice with no hdlp from police and my health needs attention. They are trying to kill me to shut me ul. Was paid to nevertell anyone about the secual harassment

  119. Tammy Schyvinck-Bruring says:

    I have had many surgeries on my lower back. I just recently got a stimulator implanted on my spinal cord! Even with the pain I have been in, I am only allowed 3 hydrocodone a day. Yesterday early morning I fell out of my bed when I was asleep. I was in so much pain that I was throwing up from the pain. I was ambulanced to hospital. Doc did X-ray and said no change compared to last X-ray. Went home in excruciating pain and throwing up every time I got up to move! I have bladder lose and experience sharp headaches when I am standing. Back doc called and wanted to see me today. He said that the X-ray showed a slipped disc and moved vertebrae above the two vertebrae that have hardware in them. Knowing this, I told him that my prescribe hydrocodone is not even noticeable as far as any kind of relief. Nothing changed! I am at home pretty much bed ridden because I do not want to experience the nausea, headache and vomiting when I get up! Everyone that knows me feels that it is cruel to make any human being to live with it’s this kind of pain! But again these are people who have absolutely no idea what this is like but they are determining my quality of life! Who can I turn to that can be my advocate?



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