Port Angeles doctor opens ideal clinic—designed by patients


It’s like a scene from a fairy tale—a dream come true for the patients of Port Angeles, Washington. And the heroine of this tale is Dr. Lissa Lubinski, a family doc with a plan to open the first ideal clinic designed by patients on the Olympic Peninsula. She is currently hosting town hall meetings throughout her community and the town is rallying in support of their awesome doctor. If you are a Live Your Dream graduate, please contact me to listen to an amazing interview with Lissa.

Practice pearls of wisdom:

Dr. Lissa Lubinski will open an ideal clinic designed by her community on June 1, 2017.

She led town hall meetings to listen to what the people in Port Angeles want from her. She inspired great community participation. Here’s her flyer:

Lissa Lubinski Town Hall Flyer 13.11color

During her March 11th town hall 52 people showed up. She collected 49 pages of testimony from excited citizens who want to be a part of the community clinic.

Lissa was surprised by how many citizens offered to volunteer at the clinic.

The best thing she learned is that patients want an integrative healing experience with a lending library, cooking classes, plus lots of networking and community building. Read actual testimony:



She plans additional town halls at the local organic farm store, a women’s gym, and at an outdoor community center.

Dr. Lubinski used to have up to 15 migraines per month at her prior job. Now she’s feeling great!

Turns out community-designed clinics are great health care for all.


Want an ideal clinic in your town? Watch a quick 1-minute video on how it’s done. 


Leave your comments for Dr. Lissa Lubinski below. 

Need help? Contact Dr. Wible. If you’re a physician who wants to break free of big-box medicine, join our Live Your Dream Teleseminar and/or attend our Hot Springs Retreat.

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15 comments on “Port Angeles doctor opens ideal clinic—designed by patients
  1. Lisa E Goldman MD MSW says:

    Is anybody out there doing the ideal clinic with psychiatry? Just wondering.

  2. James Halliday DMD says:

    How about an Ideal Dental Clinic?

  3. Somebody who lives in the real world says:

    Seriously? What make believe world do you live in? Wow, just wow. In a fantasy world this would work amazingly but in Port Angeles, very doubtful. Good luck. Your going to need it. Maybe you had those migraines because you took on more than YOU could handle.

  4. Carrie Link says:

    I think this type of outside the box thinking is just what healthcare needs to get back to caring. Good luck to you Dr. Lubinski

  5. Jing says:

    It’s great to know about this. It shown how doctors care for their patients,just to open clinic and designed by patients. It’s amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Arlene Taylor Rose says:

    Hi Dr.Lubinski!!!! This is what we are trying to do over at The Rose Yarde in Granada Hill!!! I would love to be a fly on your wall, see how this works and perhaps learn a thing or two from you!

    Arlene – Family Nurse Practitioner
    The Rose Yarde

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