Did you forget to thank someone? There’s still time.

I’m a family physician in Eugene, Oregon—a sweet town where folks are pretty darn friendly.  I still do house calls. Patients often surprise me with gifts. And nearly every appointment ends with a hug.

Kindness is contagious.

I like to return the favor. So every few weeks I celebrate “patient appreciation day.” I thank patients with balloons and chocolates. Why? For picking me as their doctor, of course. I figure I’d be pretty bored without any patients.


Patients are then inspired to share their appreciation with other doctors. What a great idea!

Physicians have a high rate of depression—and even suicide. Doctors treasure the cards and gifts they’ve received from patients over the years. Several docs have claimed that something as simple as a thank-you card has made their day—even saved their lives. Seriously.


Being thankful is good for your health. I keep a stash of thank-you cards with me so I’m always prepared.  As a physician, I’ve learned that the best way to deliver health care is to care. In fact, I just delivered a keynote on the importance of caring to top health care leaders.

In St. Louis.

Thanks to my pilots.


P.S. The pilot wanted to know if I was going to be the one giving the massage. Nope.

Pamela Wible., M.D., is the founder of the ideal medical care movement. To learn more about ideal care, watch her TEDx talk “How to get naked with your doctor.” Photo credits: Doctor office by Pamela Wible and GeVe. Anesthesiologist and pilots by Shutterstock.

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6 comments on “Did you forget to thank someone? There’s still time.
  1. Soma says:

    Loved it, so true and refreshingly funny too, thank you.

  2. Sum says:

    I happened upon your blog for a reason today. It just got me to climb out of bed, dust off my desk and pull out whatever I have to learn. In short it reminded me I have something to live for. After witnessing my fellow medical students bullying one another today, preying on someone who was already in a tough situation, I felt so alone in my profession. I’m sure many of us read your blog and your talks/workshops and are just so relieved to recognize a kindred spirit. Bless you.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Hey Sum, you can call me anytime if you want to talk. Just email me via the confidential contact form here with your phone number and best times to call.

  3. Dwayne legere says:

    I just would love to thank you Dr. for doing what it is you do for others I am from Canada and I do not believe that you can help me … I need to be away from this bad man of a doctor who took my mental Health meds away from me cold turkey and made me sick with withdrawals very sick on top of that do to the shock to my system ..I now have an infection in my lung and I am taking 10 pills a day 8 of one and two of the other sorry I can not spell very well so that is why I didn’t say Antibiotics oh I got it right …there for I hope to here from you and if you know of a place just like yours up here in Canada ONT TORONTO I would do a back flip just kidding know if I was 25 years of age then it would be fun to do it again… So from a lost 40ty year old man who has been in this bad place know for 1 month still fighting the withdrawals that might or could of killd me is what I was told But, you can not believe everything you here… However you please take care of your self and the good people that you help everyday… I really do feel better knowing that there is an angel like you out there… Even though The great help that you give to people my not come my way then I guess it just is…

  4. Amy Smith says:

    Everything that you could do for me if you can I have severe anxiety severe manic attacks social anxiety and all the above I would really appreciate it for everything that you can do for me

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