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Physician Suicide: NPR Interviews TEDMED speaker, Dr. Wible →

This week TEDMED announced, Pamela Wible, M.D., Physicians’ Guardian Angel, as a speaker at this year’s event in Palm Springs, California. She will speak on physician suicide. Dr. Pamela Wible was interviewed on NPR station KPLU in Seattle on physician suicide

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Medical Student Suicide—Simple Solutions →

It’s medical school graduation season! Here come the caps. The gowns. The smiles. And sighs of relief . . . Time to celebrate our brand new doctors. Except for the families that can’t celebrate their child’s graduation. Or their child’s

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My testimony in support of medical student mental health to the Missouri State Legislature for House Bill 867 →

I’m Dr. Pamela Wible, a family physician in Oregon. I’ve submitted my CV, witness form, and transcript of my testimony to Chairman Frederick. My schedule prevents me from traveling to Missouri for today’s hearing; however, I thank Vice Chairman Morris

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Assisted Physician Suicide: Are Doctors Killing Doctors? →

Standing on the edge of his hotel balcony, a doctor describes the rolling hills. He tells me, “It’s a beautiful place to die.” Ten minutes later, he agrees not to injure himself—for now. I’m not running a physician suicide hotline.

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Heroic doctor’s heart-wrenching letter →

Most heart-wrenching e-mail I have ever received. From a true hero, Dr. Varun. November 18, 2014 Dear Pamela, Hi, der. I don’t know how thankful I am to you for writing that article on physician’s suicide. I really wanted to

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