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7 secrets to live your dream in 2017 →

7 Secrets to live your dream in 2017

I’m a family doc living my dream life in my dream clinic in my dream town. Now I’m spreading my love. During the past 12 years, I’ve helped hundreds of medical students, doctors, and health professionals overcome their fears so they could live their dreams in medicine.

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Medical marketing: 147 ways to grow your clinic now →

Need help getting patients? Medical marketing is my specialty. In 2005, I pioneered the first ideal clinic designed entirely by patients. Six months later, my waiting list was out of control—nearly twice my number of patients. I gave the list to a new doc in town and I’ve been helping folks launch successful clinics ever since.

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Who else wants to be debt-free & quit working by 36? →

Pamela Wible Debt-Free Doctors

Want to step off the treadmill? Here’s a fool proof strategy: live debt free.

If your life seems out of balance, maybe the life you’re living isn’t your own. If you’re a doctor, nurse, midwife, med student—anyone who wants to heal the suffering in the world—my message for you is: heal yourself first—and start with your financial health. 

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Doctor explains insurance from bubble bath →

Hi! This is Dr. Pamela Wible and welcome to “Insurance 101” where I’m going to explain my philosophy about health insurance. So let’s just use the rubber duckies as kind of a teaching tool here. So this is you, the doctor, and here’s the patient. And so you all are sitting in the room doing your office visit.

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How to be a happy doctor (in less than 2 minutes) →

So you wanna be a doctor to “help people.” You paid big bucks for med school. Now your life sucks. It’s not your fault.

You need 3 skill sets to be a happy doctor. Med school provides only one—the technical skills. No human skills. No business skills.

The truth is: Med school trains you to be a factory worker.

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