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Should you go to a brand-name medical school? I didn’t. Here’s why. →

Pamela Wible Med School ID

Is the doctor-making “factory line” the same everywhere? Yep. Pretty much. Here’s why you may not want to attend a big-wig school. Listen to today’s podcast inspired by a letter from this amazing premedical student. Enjoy!


I have shared your work with so many of my premed and physician friends!

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7 steps to financial freedom in 2017 →

I grew up studying my physician parents. My dad, a pathologist, was a hard-working hospital employee with multiple odd jobs on the side. He always worried about whether he’d have enough for retirement (though he never really wanted to retire). My mom, a psychiatrist, is more of an entrepreneurial businesswoman.

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Who else wants to be debt-free & quit working by 36? →

Pamela Wible Debt-Free Doctors

Want to step off the treadmill? Here’s a fool proof strategy: live debt free.

If your life seems out of balance, maybe the life you’re living isn’t your own. If you’re a doctor, nurse, midwife, med student—anyone who wants to heal the suffering in the world—my message for you is: heal yourself first—and start with your financial health. 

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