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Doctor explains insurance from bubble bath →

Hi! This is Dr. Pamela Wible and welcome to “Insurance 101” where I’m going to explain my philosophy about health insurance. So let’s just use the rubber duckies as kind of a teaching tool here. So this is you, the

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Why I encourage patients to fire me →

Not all relationships work out. My prescription: if a relationship isn’t working, end it. Now. Recently an insurance plan told me they were sending a nurse to my office for a chart review that would take 3 hours. After 24

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When your health insurer pays for breakfast, here’s what happens . . . →

Health insurance is complex. Eating out is easy—unless you were to involve your health insurance company. If you hired a third party to pay your restaurant bill, you’d pay twice as much, wait 2 weeks for a table, and have

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I may not accept your insurance, but I will always accept you →

Just for the record: I am happy to see you—irrespective of your insurance. I accept most insurance plans. And if I don’t accept your insurance, I have a very good reason. I will not sign a contract with a health

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Health Insurance Isn’t Health Care →

Some call it Obamacare. Others abbreviate it PPACA. Is the Affordable Care Act the same as health care reform? Most would say yes. I disagree. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is primarily health insurance reform. The law attempts

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