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The Pap Party—The Definition of Patient-Centered Care →

There’s a gazillion scholarly articles on patient-centered care. You can even attend conferences on how to deliver patient-centered care. Or you can stop all the academic masturbation and just do it. The Pap Party is a perfect example of patient-centered

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How to Eat a Triple Bacon Cheeseburger with Your Doctor →

Joe just had open-heart surgery. A triple bypass. When he left the hospital last month, he promised he’d follow a healthy diet and quit smoking for good. I call to review his cholesterol results. He picks up on the second

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How to Smoke a Cigarette with Your Doctor →

Joe has smoked two packs per day since his teens. He knows better. I don’t need to lecture him on the dangers of smoking. “I was a respiratory therapist back in Brooklyn,” Joe says in his thick New York accent.

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Why I Kiss My Patients →

I started kissing patients in med school. And I haven’t stopped. During my third year pediatric rotation, I used to stay up late at night in the hospital, holding sick and dying children. I’d lift them from their cribs, kiss

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The Life of a Miscarriage →

Last week a woman told me that she had a miscarriage in her bathroom. She was terrified. She didn’t know what to do. So she flushed it down the toilet. A miscarriage is the spontaneous expulsion of a fetus from

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