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Tired after 200 patients? You need resiliency training. →

Dear Pamela, I just worked 36 hours in 3 days. Stick a fork in me. Must have seen close to 200 patients [in the emergency department] and picked up a nasty head cold from one of them. My throat feels

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I may not accept your insurance, but I will always accept you →

Just for the record: I am happy to see you—irrespective of your insurance. I accept most insurance plans. And if I don’t accept your insurance, I have a very good reason. I will not sign a contract with a health

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The Endless War on Pubic Hair →

  Over the years I’ve noticed a lot of hairless pits and pubes during paps. Some women apologize for the stubble, for not having freshly-shaven legs. But I live in Oregon now where people celebrate pubic hair. And I prefer

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