The Endless War on Pubic Hair


Over the years I’ve noticed a lot of hairless pits and pubes during paps. Some women apologize for the stubble, for not having freshly-shaven legs.

But I live in Oregon now where people celebrate pubic hair. And I prefer the natural look. I love smiling women with hairy pits who never apologize to me for not shaving their legs.

Why apologize for hair?

Hair insulates and offers a buffer to chaffing and abrasions. And shaving inflames follicles leaving microscopic cuts that act as a breeding ground for nasty bacteria like staph, herpes, and other STDs. Plus there’s the risk of abscesses, boils, and deeper infections that necessitate surgery on one’s scrotum, labia, penis, or inner thighs.

Some claim shaving their pubes increases sexual sensitivity.  My plea: Just a trim, not a clear cut.



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3 comments on “The Endless War on Pubic Hair
  1. Robert Bolman says:

    Yeah Pamela,
    This recent trend toward shaving pubic hair is saddening! I think that a lot of it emerges from the porn industry where over the years, shaved pubic hair has become the norm. To me it suggests a perverse fascination with nubile, child-like youthfulness. But me? I’ll take a nice bush with an earthy, mature, experienced woman attached.

  2. Pamela Wible MD says:

    Yea, I knew you’d like a mature forest, not a clear cut. I love Oregon!

  3. Serene says:

    Im an RN, and I just found your blog tonight (on nightshift) and Im reading like a mad thing and going “yep yep YESS!!” to all your posts, and this one too! Ive been saying this exact thing for YEARS and everyone thinks I am insane! The most common response I get from it is “I dont find pubes sexy and you arent a doctor so your opinion isnt real”. Now I have a doctor to back me up!

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