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Some Doctors Are Afraid of Vaginas. Really. →

I’m a doctor. And doctors aren’t squeamish. We love blood and guts. But not all docs can handle genitalia.

In med school, a gay classmate was completely grossed out by gynecology. When I asked how things were going, he said, “After this month, I never want to see another vagina again.”

Some docs find respite in specialties.

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America: Oversexualized & Sexually Repressed →

The cover of my forthcoming book, Pet Goats & Pap Smears, has generated controversy on the proper display of women’s bodies for public consumption. During the last few days, I’ve heard from over one hundred people who have shared their joy (and their rage) over my book cover.

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The Endless War on Pubic Hair →


Over the years I’ve noticed a lot of hairless pits and pubes during paps. Some women apologize for the stubble, for not having freshly-shaven legs.

But I live in Oregon now where people celebrate pubic hair. And I prefer the natural look. I love smiling women with hairy pits who never apologize to me for not shaving their legs.

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