Don’t let your job suck the life out of you

This is an urgent message for doctors and all health professionals. It may also apply to you. 

“If you are standing at the corner working on your charts or sitting in your bed working on your charts or you have a million things to do and you have chest pain and you can’t breathe, then I want you to stop and understand that there is a different way to do this.” ~ JZ M.D.

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“Get off your slave ship underneath the abusive masters that are ruling your life right now and declare your emancipation and freedom as a true healer in your ideal type of practice.” ~ Kat Lopez, M.D.

“Really and truly you do not have to stay chained up.” ~ Patti Little, M.D.

“It’s an extremely simple equation where the revenue that you are generating for these enormous slave ship corporate bodies is being siphoned away from you to the tune of 70-90%.” ~ Kat Lopez, M.D.

“You don’t have to be oppressed by your group that is trying to take your money from you.” ~ Patti Little, M.D.

“I urge you to keep the money that you are generating from your extremely hard work and create your own ideal model of how best to live your passion as a doctor and a healer. It’s so simple that Joe and Mary down the street have created their own small businesses with their own passion be it a beauty salon to a dry cleaners. We have a whole network of people who can support you in doing this and there is not a moment to lose as you continue to feed the system with the money you are generating, and the system continues to enslave your colleagues and basically suck the soul out of medicine. You know it! Patients aren’t happy. Doctors aren’t happy. Guess who’s happy? These bloated bureaucratic corporatocracies that are sucking the lifeblood and wringing every bit of efficiency out of your soul as they possibly can preventing you from doing what you really want to do with your life. Not a moment to spare!” ~ Kat Lopez, M.D.

“Colleagues, patients, you’ve been dominated too long. Your board of medicine, your professional assistance program, your insurance companies, the pharmacist that refuses to fill your prescriptions. Let’s just end this domination right now. Is anyone interested in getting the monkey off their back? Okay. Let’s just be free.” ~ Mark Ibsen, M.D.

“We’re in an abusive profession. The sickest profession on the planet is actually health care.” ~ Delicia Haynes, M.D.

“We’ve been in a sick profession for so long that it has just literally contaminated our soul and we need to break free.” ~ Karen Chase, M.D.

“It left me sad. It left me on medication. And it almost caused me to lose my life.” ~ H.F.

“I need us not to kill ourselves. I need us not to go insane. I need us not to leave the profession.” ~ Erica Rotondo, D.O.

“Four hundred suicides a year in physicians. There’s a reason this is happening. My colleagues are desperate. I’ve been desperate. It’s time for us to take our profession back—our sacred honorable profession.” ~ Mark Ibsen, M.D. 

“You can come back to who you are. You can be an effective physician outside this horrendous fucking system.” ~ H.F.

“I’m begging you. Come from under that pile of charts and paperwork and come experience life.” ~ Avril Campbell, M.D. 

“I’m talking to you if you don’t see your spouse, if you don’t see your children, if you haven’t take a vacation or you just avoid vacations because it is too much of a pain in the ass to catch up on all your shit when you come back, I’m talking to you. If you think I would never tell my kids to go into medicine because I absolutely can’t stand what I have to do everyday now all the bureaucracy and the coding and the billing . . .” ~ JZ MD

“I need you to refuse to let your job, your work continue to suck the life out of you.” ~ Avril Campbell, M.D.

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“We’re getting our life sucked out of us. All we’re doing is being slaves to EMRs and pay for performance and CMS and paperwork.” ~ Roberta Nieto M.D.

“To all you stoics and suck-it-uppers out there, those who had dreams in medical school and residency of being the best doctor in the world, but now you find yourself stuck in a trap.” ~ Ron Sautter, M.D.

“Why did you go to medical school? Why did you get involved in medicine? What were your original reasons? Does that idealism seem kind of silly now? Does it seem like you don’t practice the way you had intended to and your life has become something completely unrecognizable?” ~ Neil Golan, M.D.

“Have you been wounded and hurt by the profession that you wanted to do your whole life?” ~ Christina Grucella, M.D.

“You in the middle of your training find yourself depressed, anxious, overworked, overwhelmed, having suicidal thoughts or thoughts of quitting medicine all together, and your self-trust and self-respect are gone, please know you are not alone.” ~ Katya Hurst, M.D. 

“Are you miserable at your job? Frustrated? Angry? Feel like you’re on a hamster wheel? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.” ~ Jennifer Nelson, D.O.

“You are not alone. There is hope. There is help. Please stay where you are and reach one of us. Reach Dr. Pamela Wible. Come to Breitenbush. Trust me. There is a whole new world out there that we never knew existed. Please don’t suffer alone. There is nothing wrong with you.” ~ Katya Hurst, M.D.

“I’m a compassionate, loving, kind person and all I want to do is be a healer. But in this journey, in this process, I have been abused. No one should be experiencing what I have experienced. No one should deserve to go through what I have gone through. So I call to everyone, all of you, doctors, medical students, residents, if you are feeling sad, if you are feeling depressed, suicidal, and you don’t know where to go, I urge you to seek help, to call Dr. Pamela Wible. Come to her retreat at Breitenbush. It will save your life. You will be liberated. I have been liberated.” ~ Kaying Xiong, M.D.

“You nurses, you doctors, you medical students, you MAs, nurse practitioners, PAs, we are the team. But we are also the sickest patients in the hospital right now taking care of those we deem sicker than us. We need to take care of ourselves and realize what is happening.” ~ Lisa Buenger, M.D.

“It’s ironic, but we’re the ones who actually need to heal. So take the time as physicians to actually heal yourselves so you can be of better service to your patients.” ~ Delicia Haynes, M.D.

“We ourselves have chosen to stay in environments that have allowed us to believe that it is only worse if we choose to do something different, that it’s only worse if we say no we are going to be persecuted, that it’s our fault that we can’t keep up. We have chosen to stay in this environment.” ~ Lisa Buenger, M.D.

“I’ve worked for a number of difficult groups where I was the lone voice or one of the lone voices that spoke out against the injustice, the injustice that was served on us as anesthesiologists, or pain doctors, which then carried down the injustice of not being able to give the standard of care that I wanted to give to my patients and I want you to know that I now know that I am free. I do not need to enslave myself to any of those people.” ~ Patti Little, M.D.

“No one can tell you how to do your job. You don’t need to have someone take a cut of your paycheck. You don’t need to have someone to do contracts with insurance companies for you. You don’t need anyone to manage your life and tell you what boxes to check and how often your patients should have certain things done or whatever. You know that. You are an excellent physician and an excellent person. That’s why you went into this profession.” ~ JZ MD

“People act like you have to have some administrator or someone to help you to take care of your patients. All they need is you. So stop letting them tell you what you can’t do. You’re smart. You can do this. You are enough.” ~ Delicia Haynes, M.D.

“You can open up your own clinic. You can do it. It’s easy. You make money. You can take care of patients the way you know they need to be taken care of. There are patients out there that are looking for you specifically right now. I want you to go out and do this because patients need you and you need the patients.” ~ JZ M.D.

“Here’s a novel idea: start your own clinic. Uh, ya know, that sounds like something new age but, ya know, there’s doctors all over the nation doing it right now. You can do it too. I’m going to do it. So let’s take that leap of faith together. Jump out there. Open a new door. Open a window. Whatever you got to do to get out of where you’re at.”  ~ Jennifer Nelson, D.O.

“Quit your fucking job. Okay. If it sucks that bad, quit! Please. Today. Because there are patients out there that want to see you as you as your authentic self and you have it in you to be you. Please quit and go do something amazing and be happy. It’s totally possible. There’s hundreds of us that have done it. Call us. Email us. Ask us. We will help you. QUIT!” ~ JZ M.D.

“I just want to implore you to make the best investment you can possibly make which is in yourself.” ~ Delicia Haynes, M.D.

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“I encourage you to come save yourself. Save your fucking soul.” ~ H.F.

“My life now doesn’t look anything like it did one year ago. I came to Breitenbush. I transformed my clinic. I put my patients and myself first. And I made sure that that doctor-patient relationship is all that matters. It’s simple!” ~ Delicia Haynes, M.D.

“I am celebrating my 30th year in medicine and my daughter is starting medical school this year. I want you to know that you can be happy in medicine like I have learned to become. You do not need to feel numb anymore. You do not need to feel dead anymore. You do not have to have fatigue and, in fact, you can go through your work day and actually feel like you have more energy at the end of the day than you started with. You can enjoy patients again. You can listen to patients again. You can have beautiful sex again. Your life can be really, really, really good if you start listening to your internal voice and practicing medicine the way you were meant to practice medicine. So if you’re working for a slavedriver company, get out of that. Call one of us. Come to Breitenbush. Get in touch with Pamela Wible and learn to be happy again. You can love music again. You can watch movies. You can go to happy hour. You can have time to go to church. You can be a human being again and still take incredible care of patients. In fact, you will probably take better care of patients. So get rid of that BS. Say no to it. Get your buns over here and start living again as a doctor and as a human being.” ~ Ann Cordum, M.D.

“There are pioneers and revolutionaries in our midst who are charting a path back to sanity, back to true healing.” ~ James T. Fields, M.D.

“You have been placed on this earth to heal people. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. You don’t need to let them. So in the manner of speaking of one great man of many in our past, ‘I am free at last. Thank God almighty. I am free at last.’” ~ Patti Little, M.D.

“Stay alive!” ~ Mark Ibsen, M.D.

Okay so let’s recap. Here’s a two-minute summary. 

Leave the abusers that are ruling your life right now. You’ve been dominated too long. You do not need to feel numb anymore. You do not need to feel dead anymore. You do not have to stay chained up. We’re in an abusive profession. The sickest profession on the planet is actually health care. We’ve been in a sick profession. I need us not to kill ourselves. I need us not to go insane. I need you to refuse to let your job, your work continue to suck the life out of you. We’re getting our life sucked out of us. Have you been wounded and hurt depressed, anxious, overworked, overwhelmed, having suicidal thoughts or thoughts of quitting medicine all together, and your self-trust and self-respect are gone, please know you are not alone. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. All I want to do is be a healer. But in this journey, in this process, I have been abused. Please don’t suffer alone. There is nothing wrong with you. Open a new door. Open a window. Whatever you got to do to get out of where you’re at. Quit your fucking job. Okay. If it sucks that bad, quit! Please. Today. Save yourself. Save your fucking soul. Get rid of that BS. Say no to it. QUIT! If you’re working for a slavedriver company, get out of that. Let’s just end this domination right now. Is anyone interested in getting the monkey off their back? There are pioneers and revolutionaries in our midst who are charting a path back to sanity, back to true healing. You have been placed on this earth to heal people. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Let’s just be free. Break free! I am free! I have been liberated. I do not need to enslave myself to any of those people. Declare your emancipation and freedom as a true healer. I am free at last. Thank God almighty. I am free at last. Not a moment to spare!

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29 comments on “Don’t let your job suck the life out of you
  1. Erica Rotondo says:

    My tribe!! Your tribe, too!,

  2. Mark Ibsen says:

    Thank you Dr Wible

  3. shanhong Lu says:

    Quit the F-job! I did and doubled my take home income – more time freedom and more financial freedom! This is working!

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Exactly!!!!! I’ve been telling doctors this for 12 years now.

    • RADU SEGAL says:

      I tried and lost everything! Do not quit your job! Working for yourself sucks even worse. I built a practice from the ground up. In a town of 60,000 souls I had gotten up to a panel of 5,000. That’s a whopping 5% of the entire patient population. But after 5 years of trying the start-up debt wasn’t paid, the patients were still ungrateful ass-holes, and the money wasn’t coming in because the insurance companies take over a year to pay and the patients don’t ever have their co-pays and when you send them to collections you get nothing, and etc. Fuck the sham medicine has become in this country. Just quit your Fucking job, but then get out of medicine!!!

      • Pamela Wible MD says:

        Sounds like you may have created a big-box clinic in a smaller box. A recipe for disaster. Use a new business model and financial mode. I launched my clinic for around $657 and began seeing patients who were very grateful (even though I was in a tiny office and only has 2 chairs the first day and no equipment had arrived yet).

  4. Ryan says:

    It’s hard to quit a job with only three years experience and training in healthcare limited to the associate degree level. I’m not a clinician but work in the revenue/business side. I hold a BA in liberal arts working on an MS for information systems. Where I am a lot is placed on my shoulders because when you’re relatively new to the profession you don’t have much say as to what working environments one can be in. Sadly, it’s the “e” word that employers need: experience, for which I significantly lack. As many have commented I’m tired of the stress filled, load bearing work I do but it’s the cross I take up because no one else will. I’m all for making things better but you have to realistic and idealistic at the same time.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      We spend 1/3 of our lives at work. Do what you love. My best advice.

    • RADU SEGAL says:

      If you’re not even a doctor and you cry about the stress…shut the fuck up and go do something else, or nothing at all. My guess is no matter what you do, you’ll bitch because you have to work. Give me a break! Try walking in our shoes for a few hours and see what stress is. You just have no right to bitch!

  5. suzanne says:

    I’ve been following your work for a while now and am a bit intrigued. If I understand correctly, you give patients 24/7/365 access to you via cell phone?? How does that even work? I cannot imagine that being any better, since a large part of my burnout is coming from unreasonable, demanding, overly entitled patients! Maybe I went into medicine for the wrong reason, I never saw myself as a “healer”. I just liked the life sciences. I know something has to change because I am miserable. I cannot imagine being bombarded by phone calls from patients like that!

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Suzanne ~ Its actually a very simple business model. Please download the free FAQ for doctors here on how to do it. I also am happy to speak with you by phone. Just contact me here with your confidential info (via my contact page)

  6. Kristina Dahl says:

    Is there any way you can help me? Though I am a neurologist, trained at Duke University and a specialist in movement disorders, trained at Columbia, IU haven’t worked for several years due to illness.

    I got Lyme diseases and had a bad fall at Outward Bound at age 17. It took 17 years for me to figure out that I had Lyme disease, and it took about 30 years from the onset to the time I was finally treated for it.

    As regards my injury, I figured out after 17 years that I had post-traumatic dystonia, but it took, again, roughly 30 years from the incident for me to have someone else agree with the diagnosis and the need for treatment with botox.

    I developed chemical sensitivities as a part of the Lyme disease and it took 20 years for those to be recognized and treated. I spent ten years being completely disabled and spending my life in bed when I rented a house full of mold. It took me ten years for me to figure out that mold was the problem. However this time, it took five minutes for my doctor to agree with me and start treatment.

    I moved to Dallas to be under the care of Dr. Rea so that I could be in a city where I might have options to sit in on those doing my type of medicine (movement disorders) in order to catch up. But, I unfortunately moved into a motel with mold in it. It took me a year to get out of it as it made me so ill I couldn’t function.

    And then I moved into the worst possible place. An apartment which had just had new tile put down of the variety made by a Chinese company with extraordinarily high formaldehyde levels. That took another year before I could get out of there and contemplate starting treatment.

    Then I got a violent flu and afterwards could barely stand up. I already had a POTS-like syndrome with marked postural intolerance, but it became dramatically worse. I am working on that now and should do fine.

    There have been bright signs of my doing fasticallyt well with certain treatments like erythropoietin (I guess I forgot to mention my markedly decreased RBC mass and total plasma volume, but can’t get it any more.

    I used to get growth hormone which I did well on for my absent growth hormone. Can’t get it any more. I did fantastical yell when I had a central one and did a liter of fund every night. It was fantastic.

    I did fantastically after a series of hyperbaric oxygen treatments. but the effect didn’t hold because my mold toxin levels, though halved, were not gone.

    I have been seriously depressed. I had TMS treatment and paid $11,000 for the privilege sen though the state of Texas approved it a month ager I finished y month-long treatment.

    I need that again and it will cost half that much, but Medicare will only pay for part of it.

    My allergy shots are essential and work amazingly well. They cost about %1500/month. I need to redo my testing to get the correct dose after 2 1/2 years.

    Basically, I don’t have the money to get the treatment that I need.

    Oh, one more thing, the government made a mistake and i lost my Medicare supplemental insurance and they say I can’t get it ack until I am 65. So that means no box for my agonizing pain because it is very expensive. I can’t even imagine what the copay would be.

    Do you know of anyone, any charity, or rich philanthropist that could help with my medical expenses?

    When I have the right medication, I feel just great and my brain works and I am full of energy. So I know I can get back to work if I an get treated.

    And I have a plan. But first, let me ask if you might know anyone who could give me advice about how to get retrained in my field of movement disorders.

    In 1-2 years, my income will stop and I will become homeless a year after that. I am really quite desperate about needing help. I have tried raising money from family members. I raised a total of $750 when I needed $11,000 so you can see how that went.

    My father left me a life insurance policy but my stepmother stole it. I have very little.

    My cell phone just died so that I am only reachable now by email or by the phone at the long-stay hotel. 972-238-1133. Ask for room 139

  7. Jack Carney says:

    Hello and congratulations you Healthy, Whole, Healers! All of you who have chosen to free yourself from the Mainstream Medical Penitentiary! This is Jack of Carers For Health Carers which is to be an OUTSIDE OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDICAL MACHINE 24/7/365 App online Call-in Service for Health Carers everywhere in the world to find capable Carers who will just LISTEN because they truly CARE.

    I think that with doctors like all of you here spear-headed by the indefatigable Pamela Wible we are beginning to follow Bucky’s advice: “You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

    Health Carers worldwide are unlocking their Solitary Confinement Cells in the Medical Penitentiary and beginning to step free of the entire System which I believe cannot be “saved”, “renovated”, “made better”. Like government it is an Unnecessary Evil (I am an Anarcho-libertarian who acts on the fact that the State past and present is an “unnecessary Evil”).

    Hence, I recommend Anthony Sutton’s solution:
    “The power system continues only as long as individuals try to get something for nothing. The day when a majority of individuals declares it wants nothing from the government, that it will look after its own welfare and interests, then on that day the power elites are doomed.” Anthony Sutton

    This is what I intend Carers For Health Carers to do: offer an ALTERNATIVE to the “Inside-the-System” maintenance of Health Care workers that works to keep them maximally operating as replaceable parts in the Machine (classes on Burn Out, etc.) but is actually causing the damage to them that it pretends to repair and cannot therefore truly “Heal” them (etymologically, make a person “Whole”).

    Carers For Health Carers is created to exist entirely outside the Mainstream Medical Model and offer an ALTERNATIVE for the harried and harassed doctors and nurses who are, understandably and for good self-protective reasons, afraid to seek help for their Personal Life Problems (note: I tend not to use the label even of “Mental Disorders” and try never to use the label “Mental Illness”—Thomas Szasz being my main Moral Mentor here) within the System.

    I will end here by adding one important “disclaimer”. Even though I am mortally and morally against the Mainstream Medical Machine and the State, I recognize most Health Care Carers will be working within it and I am in no way morally condemning them for doing so. I wish to care for them as much as those who choose to work outside of the Monster. Just as it is a reality that we must pay our taxes or go to jail or be killed, so too working within the Belly of the Beast is a reality for most rather than working outside of it as I have chosen to do.

    Using the political example, I admire Ron Paul who believes on changing the System from within; but I do not agree with him that it can be successful…but I applaud his effort and support him although I would never vote for him or any one else.

    I leave you with a quote from James J. Lynch (he is a friend I have communicated with via email) on the term “Communicative Disease” which he defines as “the absence of heartfelt communication in human relationships which leads to loneliness and social isolation”.

    “This growth in knowledge has led me to one inescapable conclusion: Dialogue is the elixir of life and chronic loneliness its lethal poison. Based on recent health trends, it is growing every more apparent that New Age cultural forces that disturb, disrupt, and destroy human dialogue must be viewed with the same concern and alarm as has been brought to bear on other plagues, infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria and cancers. For all of the recent health data suggest that if current trends persist, communicative disease, and its resultant loneliness, will equal communicable disease as a leading cause of premature death in all post-industrialized nations during the twenty-first century.”

    From the Love of Liberty To the Liberty of Love,

    Cheers, Jack in Santiago, Chile

  8. Lisa Buenger says:

    The idealistic becomes REAListic thru this information, support, network and healthcare doctors! No one is doing this ALONE!

  9. Kathleen Hurd, MD says:

    Can I make a deposit for the seminar?

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Sure thing! See the menu/nav bar of my website for upcoming retreat options & on-demand fast track course.

  10. Pamela Wible MD says:

    I came to work at 6am. It’s almost 5pm, I’ve been working full out nonstop — no food, no bathroom breaks, no time to even take a deep breath and I have 4 more patients to see, 5 family phone calls to return, and all my notes to write still. The families will no doubt grouch at me for not getting back to them earlier in the day (they usually do), the patients will passive aggressively react to being later on the day’s list. UR and billing and coding have been on my back since they came in at 8 to have my notes done. Had to fight with 3 insurance companies today. This is my 20th day in a row working like this. This is not unusual to me or my specialty or my hospital. I’d leave, but my loans are too big (more than twice my mortgage) and my preferred patient population/type of medicine is only seen in hospitals. I’m writing this curled up in a ball on the floor under my desk, crying. If I don’t pull it together and get back to work, I’ll never get home. Please. Just warn people: don’t become a doctor. ~ Jill

  11. Deborah McGregor, MD, MPH, CP/CLA says:

    Dear Pam Wible, This is a letter to you as a long-awaited visionary. Thank you for acknowledging the sad conditions of medical education and the abusive life for providers thereafter. Your work to heal other healers gives me so much hope in the future of health care.

    My litany of “add me to that list” starts with bullying in med school, marriage to an abusive spouse, hating the hallowed halls of hospitals, and a tour of duty at the worse VA hospital in the system.

    I survived it all by creating an alternate world of medicine for myself called “AppleHeart”, a place of compassionate health care. I studied as a paralegal while caring for an elderly parent and drew the blueprint of my dream world of medical practice, registering a trademark and set about building my own brand of health care.

    I want to share the benefit of my 44 year journey towards balance. Will you give my offer to help others a look? I call it “Bridging the Gap”.
    Deb McGregor

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Yes Deborah! Please share more and feel free to contact me confidentially here via contact page.

  12. Jere Henderson says:

    Need pharmacists?

  13. H. E. Butler III M.D., FACS says:

    1. Help me out: One person appears to be responsible for this cruelty: “Name, rank, and serial number” please, rather than the faceless name of a faceless committee. This matter, as reported, appears to compromise far more than the accreditation of one program–such alleged abuse threatens all interns, all residents, and all patients in our “Land of the Free”: Why expect anyone applying to medical school, internship, or residency to trust any medical school, internship, or residency until this matter has been properly explained by the responsible person?

    2. I suggest bringing this matter to the attention of Senator Charles Grassley (R., Iowa): He has been praised by National Public Radio for reporting unethical “nonprofit” hospitals’ profit (1) in states outside his own: On its face the treatment afforded this doctor appears to be the antithesis of what we in the military are pledged to defend.

    H. E. Butler III M.D., F.A.C.S.
    Commander, U.S.N.R., Fleet Reserve
    Instructor, Psychiatry, E.V.M.S.

  14. Anna says:

    I moved to the USA from Europe 2 months ago. My husband had to finish his research here.
    I’m a doctor, I have two kids. Your page appeared on my facebook after I paid for the usmle test. God, I regret so much it hadn’t before I entered my cvv code.
    Why? Well because what you wrote here sounds like the worst nightmare. I got 1 year fully paid maternity leave after each pregnancy. I got 4 months fully paid leave before giving a birth. Every time my kids were sick I could stay with them at home and I was fully paid. Doctors in Europe can’t work more than 24h straight. NEVER. EVER. The day after 24h duty is fully paid. My lunch brake is ALWAYS at 1 pm.
    If you think that our medicine is worse than yours because we have so many brakes. Well, just think about it.. The probability that a woman dies during childbirth in the USA is 10 times than in the Netherlands. I’ll live nearly 10 years longer and my children had an exceptional health care (available for everyone).
    Oh.. did I mention that I was breastfeeding my children till they were 3 years old each. I got 2 brakes during my workday to breasfeed them. Fully paid. That was my right and noone has ever questioned it.

    • Raphaelle says:

      Anna – wondering what decision you made regarding getting into practice in the US… Your medical system in the Netherlands sounds wonderful. Fortunately for me I am old enough to be retired here – so don’t have to endure the system any more as a physician. I was born in Britain, so think I might have moved back there to practice if I were just graduating from medical school (an unlikely fantasy given the current costs and brutality of medical school). Anyway, have a wonderful life, and hope you get back home soon 🙂

  15. JYP says:

    I am a psychiatrist currently on an H1B visa and my workplace is seriously abusing me, double-triple booking patients, making me do case manager duties on top of this, threatening me to sign off on things they want me to bill for without seeing the patient, endless paperwork and forms to click on and humiliation and shame if I don’t get it done as well as the other providers(namely NPs) who get preferential treatment. The NPs routinely dump onto me refusing to be double booked but feel free to place their complex crisis patients (who are totally new to me by the way) onto my roster. I feel so trapped here being on a visa and I am not allowed to quit (or else the employer will sue me for hundreds of thousands), I have consulted immigration lawyer and also contact the dept of health but the reality is that my employer has total power over me. I actually regret being a physician and my complaints fall on deaf ears here. the more I complain the more I get abused. I am the only physician on a visa here and feel completely alone and demoralized. This workplace has a sociopathic dictator who exploits the employees and also likely the medicare/Medicaid for billing. there is no patient quality of care, just a big huge drug pill mill here, the medical director is awful just gives controlled meds to drug addicts. I had to even report him to the board of medicine and he is now on probation. yea its awful here, I am the whistleblower and in a lot of danger being here.

  16. Rebecca Gaskins says:

    Where do RN and NPs go for help-we also are hurting

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