Doctor-in-training forced to work during miscarriage

Another doctor speaks out on the inhumanity of medical training. 

“We don’t get time to recover our own health issues and when I was in residency there were 2 separate [occasions], I remember the day in the ER. I actually had to tell my colleague, ‘I’m sorry if I’m a little emotional because I’m miscarrying today as I’m going through my shift.’ And that happened actually on 2 separate occasions and it was just kind of considered the norm. And that I guess is what I was just going to say. That it’s unusual that you don’t even get a moment to sit down or something. It’s just—you just deal with it.”

When asked for her call to action, she replied: “I want to say, ‘F*ck you. I need to rest of the day off!'”

Outraged? Have a similar experience? Please share your story below.


Pamela Wible, M.D., reports on human rights violations in medicine. Struggling? Need help? Contact Dr. Wible. Filmed at Breitenbush Hot Springs physician retreat. Video by Geve.

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4 comments on “Doctor-in-training forced to work during miscarriage
  1. Jess says:

    Hi Pamela. I began to miscarry during a 24h in-house call during my first year of fellowship. I called the fellow on back up call but he refused to come in and cover for me because he had to go to a “very important” golf outing (I did tell him I was having a miscarriage when I asked him up come in). None of the other fellows were in town to come in because it was over a holiday weekend and my attending could not come in. As I look back and reflect on this I realize what a f*cked up medical training system we all participated in.

  2. J. Kordich says:

    I had a miscarriage in my 3rd year of school and was told by one of my classmates that I had no business being in medical school if I had children. I had two children at that time.

    I have experienced some challenges in my practice as well. Colleagues are ruthless with their suggestions and comments. I was told that my practice was a “hobby” not a real practice. I’ve had 5 children during the course of my career and I took every single one of them to my office so that I could breast feed between patients. The patients never minded that there was a baby in the office but I did get nasty comments from my colleagues. Apparently it was ok to have your dogs in the reception area but not a child in your personal office. I have had to juggle work and home at the same time. One crosses into the next. Being Dr. is an identity you bring with you everywhere. I was never Mrs. I’ve been Doctor in the middle of the night at the same time I was up with a cranky baby. I eventually gave up surgery because I didn’t want to be sleep deprived in the OR. That was a choice I have not regretted; my kids were/are worth it.

    I started getting sick last fall. Vomiting profusely; one time in front of a patient. My life fell apart. I hit rock bottom in every way imaginable. Ultimately, I was unable to practice for a few months. My once thriving practice was all but lost. I was 94 lbs when a diagnosis was finally made. I have severe gastroparesis. I was told if you don’t gain weight we will be inserting a feeding tube. My brain was not functioning properly in the most acute phase. As I learned to manage the disorder and tried to put my life back in order, I experienced a similar response as I had in medical school, “…Maybe it’s time to consider another career.” I guess having a chronic medical condition, however manageable it is, disqualifies you from being a doctor. There is a zero tolerance for physician illness. Having a family, especially a big family, disqualifies you from being a doctor.

    I love my patients and I love my family. I shouldn’t be forced to choose between the two. It hasn’t been easy but I don’t give up because helping patients is rewarding…better reimbursement rates would be great though! Besides, what other career would I be qualified for? Someone suggested managing a McDonald’s….

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