Doctor’s infertility cured by quitting assembly-line medicine, opening her dream clinic

Today I checked up on a physician friend who just launched her solo family medicine clinic a few weeks ago. She writes:

It’s a slow start but it’s picking up. As more and more people get to know me it’s growing . . . like planting a garden for the first time . . . or growing a human.

Funniest thing is what happened with my fertility! So we had been unofficially “trying” for close to nine months with no success. I quit my assembly-line job and we moved to a new town at the same time. Not even a month later—I was pregnant! Just goes to show how much stress can impact fertility . . . and you know people were saying “Oh you shouldn’t leave, it will be too hard for you in a new place” or “moving is stressful” or “maybe you should just try harder.”

Well what’s the true price of NOT doing something about your situation? What’s the cost of staying in a the wrong place (personally and professionally) that isn’t serving you? Breaking inertia is so key. Even though on the outside it looks like we are paupers and we did take a loan to help us get through the move and start the practice, we are both wealthier in spirit, in knowledge (steep learning curve) and in opportunity. We just decided to go for it!!!! And you know even if the worst case scenario happens and it all crashes in a heap, we will still be happy because we followed our dreams and our passions and saw them come true—and no one can take that away from us—ever! 

There is no way you can fail now baby!


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3 comments on “Doctor’s infertility cured by quitting assembly-line medicine, opening her dream clinic
  1. Pamela Wible MD says:

    So I just got this email: Doctor’s premature menopause cured by going on long term sick leave!

  2. Martin Bednarek says:

    Just as animals in the wild do not reproduce in a drought season (don’t bring a baby into a world with no food), so too humans. I have solved many of my patient’s “infertility” problems by helping them to cope with their situational stressors.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I’m just amazed because I never thought that an ideal medical clinic could cure a doctor’s infertility. It all makes perfect sense now!

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