Housecalls for the Homeless

Dr. Pamela Wible spends the afternoon with Tamara and Marlo on 7th & Washington in Eugene, Oregon. A photoessay by Pamela Wible, M.D.

Pamela Wible, M.D., pioneered the first idea clinic designed entirely by patients. Are you a nurse, doctor, med student who wants a community-supported ideal clinic? Join the next Teleseminar & Retreat  and be part of the Ideal Medical Care Movement! Photos by Spark Boemi.

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14 comments on “Housecalls for the Homeless
  1. Eddard Waggie says:

    looking good there DR!

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Thanks Ed! Please subscribe to blog and share with others! I am also now the health care reporter for The Oregonian blog. Wooohooo!

    • Nancy W says:

      God bless you mam! And all who love and care for others. I’m working on getting YOUR work in front of local physicians here, (Snohomish County WA). Don’t get tired of doing this good work, let it be a jewel pressed in your crown.

  2. William Jankovsky says:

    Your photo essay was moving. I was all warm and fuzzy inside seeing people in need with someone who cares. I am very proud of your actions. Keep it up!

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Thank you so much Bill! Hopefully all your colleagues will feel warm and fuzzy when they read the books! 🙂

  3. Dave Roberts says:

    You are an angel. I think I might just do something good today. 🙂

  4. Patricia Ritchie says:

    What a bold thing to do! Thank you for being so caring!

  5. karuna says:

    Hi Pamela. What a great idea. Would love to see more about this experience. Did you have any more takers? What are the health issues? Wow heart in action. love you Karuna

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      What they need is less medical care and more plain everyday “care.” We all can help in that area Karuna. Right?

  6. Wendy says:

    Wow!! Your heart is gold! I love this. I laughed and cried. Will be sharing this with my friends and family.

  7. Dale Howard says:

    Kudo’s to you! When people inquire of me as to the benefits of having moved to Eugene I list your accomplishments and our association as being like nothing that can be found anywhere else.

  8. Clare says:

    Patch Adams mentioned you yesterday at the OCF!

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