How NOT to lose your medical license with dual relationships

Discover 30+ dual relationships you might not know you have (that may wreak havoc in your life) * Why you should avoid hiring a patient as an employee * How to legally terminate a patient relationship * How simple contracts keep you safe * What constitutes sexual misconduct * Waiting periods for sexual contact with former patients * 3 ways to prevent civil or criminal liability in dual relationships & more . . .

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One comment on “How NOT to lose your medical license with dual relationships
  1. OMB Email says:

    Dr. Wible,

    Thank you for reaching out with this question. This area is often specialty-specific and each complaint is evaluated on the unique and individual circumstances. Please review OAR 847-010-0073(3)(b)(F), the American Medical Association Code of Medical Ethics Opinion 9.1.1, Romantic or Sexual Relationships With Patients, and relevant specialty ethical codes such as the American Psychiatric Association’s Principles of Medical Ethics.

    Best regards,

    Elizabeth Ross (she/her)
    Legislative & Policy Analyst

    Oregon Medical Board
    1500 SW 1st Ave, Suite 620, Portland, OR 97201
    Desk: 971-673-2667 | OMB: 971-673-2700

    OUR MISSION: To protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of Oregon citizens by regulating the practice of medicine in a manner that promotes access to quality care.

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