How to overcome fear and live your dream as a healer

Doctor was scared to quit residency. Here’s what happened when she quit.

You quit residency to become a “real” doctor with your own practice, but when you came to me at the retreat you thought you were going to be a pharmaceutical rep peddling drugs out of the back of your car. You did not know what else you could possibly do. I had to tap you on the head with my anti-BS wand and say, “You are amazing. You can do anything you want. You can have your own practice and people will pay you more because you quit residency and you can give them the true answers they are seeking from a very balanced view that’s not indoctrinated in any one healing art.” . . . “The longer you stay in training in the system, the more fear builds up internally of reprimands and firings and the board and trouble and lawsuits and so doctors who have less fear and can act from less fear and more certainty, trust, and a feeling of faith “I know what the right thing to do is” and I’m not living in the medicolegal paranoia and my people will “line the fuck up to pay cash to see me.”

Lessons on overcoming fear:

1) Fear begets fear. The more we submit to fear-driven decisions, the more our lives will be driven by fear.

2) Low self-confidence and lack of business mentorship keeps many stuck in jobs they hate for a lifetime. Your employer knows you are their greatest competitor so they keep you afraid of losing your “shitty” job with endless intimidation tactics.

3) When you take back your identity, your heart and soul, and you authentically and ethically deliver your gifts to the world, you will be inundated with clients and greater revenue than working for a system that preys upon your humanitarian spirit.

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