Mind Over Body; Head Over Heels

Can you meditate your way out of high blood pressure? Can you yoga your way out of atrial fibrillation? Will falling in love during menopause make you fertile again?

We’ve know for years that Tibetan monks have been able to lower their blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and metabolism with meditation. Can it work for you? Yep! Just five minutes of relaxation and deep breathing exercises in my office has been able to reduce blood pressure to normal levels in many patients with hypertension.

Now a recent article reveals that atrial fibrillation can be reduced or even cured with a regular schedule of yoga. Eleven out of 49 patients did not experience a single episode of altered heart rhythm during the study.

And I know of several patients who–despite being in menopause for a few years–resumed their periods when they fell in love. Yoga even increases blood flow to the pelvis and strengthens muscles that play an integral role in orgasm.

Your choice: Transesophageal echocardiogram, lifelong anticoagulation, or yoga?

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4 comments on “Mind Over Body; Head Over Heels
  1. Kim Zielke says:

    Of course, I loved reading this! I am going to read it to my students today in class. I realize that is preaching to the choir but have to start somewhere.
    Sending love,

  2. Jody Hagedorn says:

    Thanks for sharing Sweet Sister!

  3. jill says:


  4. Kelli says:

    As a holistic fitness professional my company has been working with both individuals and groups to achieve the things that you have outlined here. Yes, it is possible. In our hot yoga studio, life coaching sessions, Feng Shui interior design work, stress management, nutritional counseling and Reiki Healing sessions we have not only helped people lose weight and get fit but have helped them achieve balance both internally and externally- all with the same impact of achieving optimal health. Blood pressures have been lowered, cancers have gone into remission, and circulation has been increased to just name a few. Breathing has been a key component in all of those treatments. Thank you for being a progressive doctor that sees the benefits of things like yoga as that is what we are trying to explain to so many people who’s first resort is to pop a pill that their “MD” gave them a prescription for! Namaste!

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