My Best Prescriptions

I’ve been writing prescriptions for twenty years. Early in my career I realized what patients often need can’t be delivered by Pfizer or Merck. Here are some of the best prescriptions I’ve ever written:

  • Have sex every day!
  • Quit your job!
  • Take a one-week vacation at the coast.
  • Go on a seven-day silent retreat in the woods.
  • Find a girlfriend.
  • Reconnect with deceased relatives.
  • Experience a month-long media fast.
  • Fall in love with yourself.
  • Drink kale smoothies (recipe provided).
  • Practice twice-daily meditation.
  • Speak your truth.
  • Get a puppy.
  • Publish a book.
  • Come with me to a writer’s conference. I’ll pay.
  • Get divorced!
  • See an energy healer. I’ll go with you.
  • Sell your car & commute by bike.
  • Start a spring garden (seeds provided).
  • Avoid your mother-in-law.

. . . and more!

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2 comments on “My Best Prescriptions
  1. Serene says:

    Can I have your Kale smoothie recipe please?

    I bought some Kale the other day, tried making kale chips and they were horrible. I really want to give this stuff a decent try though and I havent given up on it yet!

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Use lacinto kale (same as italian kale or dinosaur kale). Use only a few leaves in your first batch. Blend with apple of choice (I like fuji), and a ripe banana. Add water and blend. You can add as many other fruits as you like. This is just the basic recipe.

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