Physician retreats: how doctors heal

This past week I held my 14th physician retreat. To promote intimacy, I generally allow no more than 40 attendees at any one retreat. This retreat was unusual in that I only invited a handful of graduates from prior retreats—all successful solo doctors in their ideal clinics. In their own words . . .

Why physicians need retreats

“I came here needing a sense of unconditional love. I certainly needed some rest and ideas and support from people who had already been ahead of me in creating the vision that I want to pursue.” ~ Rebecca Gallagher, M.D.

“I came here to Oregon needing to find purpose and direction.” ~ Erin Kalan, D.O.

“I came here with a need for validation and affirmation.” ~ Kat Hurd, M.D.

“I needed to be with my tribe of people, needed confirmation that I was on the right path.” ~ Jennifer Zomnir, M.D.

“ . . . to be refreshed, needing to get away and get a birds-eye view of my life.” ~ Delicia Haynes, M.D.

What physician take home

“I’m leaving with clarity, strength, and incredible new friends.” ~ Erin Kalan, D.O.

“I’m leaving with a sisterhood.” ~ Delicia Haynes, M.D.

“Relationships with beautiful strong creative women who I see as sisters.” ~ Lissa Lubinski, M.D.

“A belief in myself, a vision for what I’m looking to do in my career.” ~ Rebecca Gallagher, M.D.

“A reconnection to a more playful part of myself.” ~ Lissa Lubinski, M.D.

“I help doctors leave with an action plan so that they can build the life and practice of their dreams.” ~ Pamela Wible, M.D.

What’s the post-retreat plan?

“My plan is to create a clinic that reflects who I am as an individual and what I believe medicine can be” ~ Rebecca Gallgher, M.D.

“To keep following my path and to keep trusting my heart.” ~ Erin Kalan, D.O.

“ . . . and also a new sense of confidence and love and I plan to incorporate that into my daily experiences with my patients.” ~ Rebecca Gallgher, M.D.

“My plan is to set a date and an intention for my first shared learning experience with my patient community which is an idea that came from our town hall meetings (something my community wants) also to set, to write and share my clinic policies, and to continue to practice setting boundaries with my time.” ~ Lissa Lubinski, M.D.

Our message for distressed doctors

“If you are suffering please know that you are free and you have the power to do exactly what you are meant to do in this world.” ~ Erin Kalan, D.O.

“You are your own lifeline—but you can’t do it alone and so try not to isolate.” ~ Delicia Haynes, M.D.

“There’s light at the end of the tunnel. I want you to reach out to happy people. What you’re going through right now in your medical school or residency, your current practice situation is not permanent and you really do have the power to create the life of your dreams.” ~ Jennifer Zomnir, M.D.

“You must reach out to another human being.” ~ Lissa Lubinski, M.D.

“Find somebody who is optimistic and who has been ahead of you in the path and has proven in some way that you can take the next step towards where you want to be long term.” ~ Rebecca Gallgher, M.D.

“And know that you are enough just the way you are.” ~ Lissa Lubinski, M.D.

Who I am. Why I’ve devoted my life to healing healers.

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6 comments on “Physician retreats: how doctors heal
  1. LuAnne Codella MD says:

    Hey Pamela and Pals…
    really loved to see this on this Sunday night-heading into a NEW week in medicine in these
    United States of America.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      We need more love & inspiration on our healing journey with patients. May you have a blessed week my beautiful friend & colleague.

  2. Nightingales Autumn says:

    Hey Pamela
    Really like your thoughts of treating your patients,it’s a very good technique to heal patients with love and care than medicines.

  3. Ratna says:

    Thank you for sharing those information.

  4. merhs says:

    this site is really informative for medical & healthcare industry people and blog have really informative posts thanks Pamela for sharing good content on internet. already bookmarked this site for more good article.

  5. Kumar says:

    Hey Pamela,

    This article says others to get inspire how physicians care their patients with love and caring.

    Thanks for sharing

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