Take a Pinch of Optimism and Call Me in the Morning

When’s the last time you felt euphorically hopeful?


When I inspire citizens to design ideal clinics and hospitals I feel exhilarated and, honestly, a bit manic. There’s something extremely energizing about helping people live their dreams. And the excitement is contagious.


Last weekend NPR aired my segment on creating dream hospitals. Before the interview was over I began receiving e-mails from listeners in Wisconsin and West Virginia.


Then Dave from North Carolina offered me a recommendation: Take a few pinches of whatever “IT” is that you have, put it in a an empty jar, stick on a simple label, and repeat a thousand times. Then carry the whole lot to flea markets across the country and sell each jar for a fair price. You will make a fortune AND you will leave a trail of happy, healthy, and energized ‘patients.’


Samuel Coleridge, an English poet and philosopher, once said, “He is the best physician who is the most ingenious inspirer of hope.”


Amid recession, depression and unemployment, patients seek more than another bottle of pills. They want a jar of hope.


Here’s my prescription:


1) Remember your dreams, your passion, your reason for being.

2) Every day inspire as many people as possible with your dream.

3) List everything that brings you joy. Do more of that stuff every day.

4) And don’t forget to smile!



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