The Best Rx ~ Love

One of my sweetest patients is John, a man in his fifties with debilitating arthritis. He’s a fast-talking, anxious fellow who returned for some advice. He told me he wanted to stay active and volunteer, and was ready for the companionship of a good woman.

His blood pressure was higher than usual. I wrote two prescriptions. The first was a small dose of a beta-blocker for blood pressure and anxiety. The second prescription read: “John is a great guy. He needs a wonderful woman in his life. I highly recommend him.”

As I reviewed his instructions, he jumped up from the sofa and hugged me. I guess I’m old-fashioned. I still handwrite my prescriptions because what patients really need can never be prescribed electronically.

Pamela Wible MD (excerpt from Goddess Shift: Women Leading for a Change)

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2 comments on “The Best Rx ~ Love
  1. Mind Power Mojo says:

    When you sign your prescriptions, is your handwriting legible? Can someone reading your second prescription for John identify who is actually making this recommendation, or is the whole thing gonna just freak these potential female friends for John out? Are you sure that you are helping John’s love life by writing that second prescription? I mean, I’m under the impression here, judging by various subscriptions I have been privy to and from popular TV shows, that most doctor’s signatures are illegible.

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