Physician Retreats: Lessons learned from leading 20 retreats

Hi I’m Pamela Wible and my dream was to be a small town family doc doing house calls and loving my patients. Yet I was funneled into all these assembly-line big-box clinics where I became depressed and suicidal. Then I did something kind of crazy for a doctor—I asked for help.

I invited my community to design their own ideal medical clinic. So I could work in the perfect clinic designed by my patients. I made flyers that I posted all over town. I led a series of town hall meetings collecting 100 pages of testimony. I adopted 90% of what my community wanted and I opened one month later—with no outside funding. That was 2005. Thirteen years later I’m still loving our clinic where nobody’s turned anyone away for lack of money (and I actually earn more per hour than I ever did at the treadmill clinics).

I wanted to share my formula for success with as many doctors as possible. I wasn’t sure how so I started physician business strategy retreats. Now 20 retreats later, I’ve helped hundreds of physicians launch their ideal clinics.


I picked my favorite hot springs retreat center where doctors could relax in these beautiful pools with each other on a cliff overlooking a rushing river in the middle of the forest while designing their dream clinics.

I began with 10-15 doctors per retreat. Some of my earliest students became my best teachers. News spread and retreats got bigger. It was so much fun to be with doctors outside of our toxic assembly-line factory jobs. I started teaching higher level strategy in a 10-week teleseminar ahead of the retreat, added an online support group, and the retreat turned into one big family reunion.

More and more ideal clinics were launching immediately after the retreats—sometimes even during the teleseminars. We had to start a waiting list and cap retreats at 40 students to maintain a high level of intimacy and create lifelong friendships and support.

I absolutely LOVE these people and we do anything to help each other. I even award a $10,000 scholarship each year at the retreat.

We help doctors launch successful clinics—even if they haven’t completed residency. Premed and med students—anyone pursuing medicine should join us. These retreats are like a vaccination against cynicism, despair, and bad advice from naysayers.

Teachers are so skilled at cutting through all the crap that keeps doctors paralyzed with fear. From the hundreds of graduates we’ve now got so many fabulous teachers who come from all over the country.

More and more specialists are attending now. More and more men too. We always bow down to the brave men who make their way into the woods with us gals.


Nearly 500 graduates now continually support each others dreams forever.

In the fall of 2017 forest fires encroached on our hot springs hideaway so we relocated to the magnificent Oregon coast where we now offer monthly retreats too! Still with all the great vibes and awesome people.

Fabulous teachers return to share their wisdom like Kayla Luhrs, MD:


Dr. Luhs broke through the trauma of her medical training to become the top doctor in Portland! And she has a message for anyone who is suffering:


“Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try”

I want YOU to reach your full potential as a healer on this planet so you can heal your community like these amazing doctors.

Lots of suicidal and depressed doctors claim this experience saved their lives. Many get off psych meds after the retreat! Look at Hawkins. He’s so adorable. He’s the star in the Do No Harm documentary with some scenes filmed at our retreat.


Here’s beautiful Mona launching her ideal clinic in Brooklyn!

And Kat Lopez who’s been teaching every retreat since graduating in 2013 and launching her amazing clinic in Oregon.


We’re heading back to Breitenbush Hot Springs for our spring 2018 retreat. It is such a magical place with a mission “to provide a safe and potent environment where people can renew and evolve in ways they never imagined.” We have a beautiful lodge where we hold the retreats and there are such cute cabins where you can stay for as cheap as $70 per night—and that includes 3 fabulous organic meals per day and use of all the facilities.

So if you’re a premed or med student, doctor, NP, PA, RN, any health professional who wants to live your dream—JOIN US. We’ve only got 40 spots for each spring & fall retreat. Register early to get a cabin. We already have a waiting list for monthly retreats currently sold out. If you can’t travel or are waitlisted for a retreat, jump in our seminar or fast-track course at any time. Not sure what event is right for you? Contact us at WE CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU!!!!!


Thanks to our all our photographers & staff. Especially Chimi, Sun-Tzu & GeVe.

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