7 steps to get what you need from your doctor—fast!

7 steps to get what you need from your doctor

Sick of phone trees, endless refill requests, packed waiting rooms, out-of-control bills, and other medical misadventures?  Follow these 7 simple steps to get your doctor to do what you want.

1. Get Organized. Be clear about what you need from your appointment. Make a comprehensive list of all the issues you want to discuss—and your ideal outcomes for each. Patients who are proactive and organized can cover twice as much in an appointment compared with patients who are passive and unprepared.

2. Prioritize. Organize your list. Assign numbers to each problem in order of significance to you. Now scrutinize your list for conditions that may be life threatening. Move those to the top. This is the order of significance for your doctor. Highlight the top 3 and handle remaining items as time permits.

3. Start early. The best time to see a doctor is early in the day. Twenty percent more polyps are found on colonoscopies before 11:00 am. Why? Physician fatigue. Need your physician’s full attention?  Mondays and Fridays are the busiest days so schedule your appointments on midweek mornings before 11:00 am.

4. Be human. You need a physician, not an automaton. But many docs feel more like factory workers practicing assembly-line medicine. Jolt your doctor out of the robotic technician role by making a human connection in the first 30-60 seconds of your visit. Start with a joke, a poem. Bring a smiley-face balloon or homemade chocolate chip cookies. Humans bond over food and fun. Try it.

5. Be direct. Now that you’ve got rapport, share the top 3 items on your list—and your desired outcomes—in as few words as possible. If you prefer not to take drugs, state that immediately so your doctor doesn’t go on a detour discussing medications. If you want a referral to a physical therapist, say so upfront. Just want reassurance, ask for it. You’re more likely to get your needs met quickly by stating your intentions directly.

6. Plan ahead. To avoid multiple visits, consider your medical needs over the next 6 – 12 months. Ask for refills at your visit rather than calling later. Are you likely to have a flare-up of a chronic condition in the next year? A bad back? A panic attack? Prevent midnight trips to the ER by getting emergency medications now.

7. Say thank you. End appointments with this sentence: “Thank you. I really appreciate ____________.”  (Fill in the blank). If you can’t say anything nice, find another doctor.

And if your doctor looks terribly distressed, hand your doc my phone number: 541.345.2437. I help physicians off the assembly line so they can enjoy seeing patients again. You just might save your doctor’s life!

Pamela Wible, M.D., is a family physician and pioneer of the ideal medical care movement. Join the movement to deliver ideal care to all Americans!

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200 comments on “7 steps to get what you need from your doctor—fast!
  1. Mark Turner says:

    Thanks. Seen the good bad and ugly. Loved the points. Mostly the last one. Love what you’re doing!

  2. Geoff says:

    Brilliant! Such strategy will help patients get their needs met AND help meet the needs of tragically overstressed doctors so EVERYBODY WINS!! 🙂

    • alan haig says:

      befor they closed down the doctors that were over priscribing narcodics, there was less ods because now their turning to heroin and it is sometimes laced with fentenal and that is why there are more ods today then 5to7 years ago. I do not think all of the ods are from priscribtions.if they would check this out,i think they would be surprised.

  3. James M. Kenyon says:

    I believe DR. Wible is right on target, again, what she shares with folks is very important to the health and welfare of both DR. and patient. I like to take dried fruit and other gifts to a medical appointment, I have also used the dried fruit to accompany me when I go to the thunderbolts conference, where I have made some good friends and found an abundance of valuable info. We need more DR.s like Pamela, and patients who are willing to listen to the advice of someone who cares.

    • Michelle says:

      Hey doctors, put your patients before the DEA!

    • ANN says:

      Oh for f*cks sake, as if a docotor needs food donations ? Believe me they can afford to bring their own little snackie-poos.

  4. Christy Thomas says:

    Great list! I’m in the process of trying to donate a kidney, and will need to see several specialists I’ve not met before for some follow up tests. Knowing these things will help a great deal.

  5. no doc nys says:

    You have some really good ideas. You need to come to NYS and start a movement.
    Patients here can ask questions , be organised and try to do you their best… but you do not get anywhere but tossed out on your ear.
    I had what I thought was a good relationship with my PCP… he was an exception and really was a good human and doctor… ( His CEO terminated my care)
    It is downhill from there. You bet I have alot of questions. I just have no one to ask.
    They stick together like glue along with our electronic medical records. That read like facebook posts.

    I got a big questions…. WHY CAN”T I REASONABLE GET MEDICAL CARE?
    WHY HAVE THEY FIRED ME …. i thought I hired them?
    Do I have ——– ? why did you stop treating me saying I had no options? There is more than one treatment…. says that in my record. Why does everyone say get used to it suffering? Why won’t urgent care treat me- specialist that fired me told me to go there? Why was i forced to abruptly stop medications and made to suffer? Why didn’t you treat my spinal cord injury but instead diagnosed RMMS. How come after severe medication reaction you didn’t see me again but fired me? How come the Office manager, your wife, blames Obama for me not having care? “she wouldn’t take someone like me in a NY city minute”
    I got questions…. Or I would ask the gyn what he ment when he said in front of my husband”I did what I wanted to do to you” – that was during a surgery. I would ask him why there is no record of me calling with severe bleeding … i recorded it. or” he hated records and Obamas bullsh%T” I want to know about my surgery… Why did you fire me too? and why did the PCP i finally was able to see request records without my ok…. and never treat anything then not exam me when my BP was 181… only to fire me too. Urgent care why would you not help me?
    I have too many questions and only myself to ask. I think I am Blacklisted ….does that exist?

    In NYS you can ask as many questions as you want. No one will ever answer or be accountable. You need to come to NYS we need HELP… The world needs help. One person at a time
    ty make me think there is hope… but i am realistic. I got no doc …

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I have a map on my website of ideal medical clinics. More opening every week. Please establish a relationship with a primary doctor who has time to care. Makes all the difference in the world.

    • Sherry says:

      no doc nys….I know how you feel. I received a certified letter saying that the doctor had fired me. I had no idea what the problem was. I thought we had a pretty good doctor/patient relationship. I found out different when I got my medical records from them. And It wasn’t the doctor. It was the doctor’s nurse. The nurse had put things in my record that I did not say and she added things that she supposedly had said. And none of what she put in my records was anything good at all. I tried to get it changed but I didn’t have any luck with that. Now I am left without a pcp. I see a nurse practitioner. With the problems that I have. I really need a pcp doctor.

      • Mari says:

        That is how the horror began in my life. I am hoping for a major heart attack. How many people kill themselves because of doctors? You speak of physician suicide, what about the people here, who have no one to turn to? Nitrogen? Dark-net and drugs? Make your own poison? Hibachi? Nope, just go to a doctor and ask for help. Let them prescribe pills that you know you should not take. Voila problem solved…hmmm. I may actually do that. Epileptic, most of my seizures are triggered by mood modifiers. Given the nature of medicine it would be singularly easy to do this. I know exactly how long they take to produce sz., dosage, pretty much everything. Take the meds., making sure the recorder is running, tell the doctor about my history with these meds. and when they ignore what I tell them, just take them. Wait for the appropriate time, and make sure there is deep water or a cliff near by. I always go down face first…never understood why…boof. Hopefully that would be an end to it. Problem is that death is rather final, and all I really want is an honest doctor. No respect left for the profession, but if you really wanted to make change Pam then start whistle-blowing. Lay complaints against those you KNOW should not be practicing. That is the only way to reduce physician suicide Pamela. The good ones, the empathic, conscientious are the ones who die, not the bastards. So, if you mean what you say you will provide a venue for medical professionals to get rid of the bad apples. You won’t you would be black-listed and lose money, and that is what it is all about. How much are you making Pam? How about a little transparency with you?

    • Mari says:

      You bet blacklisting exists. My son is in a wheelchair because of blacklisting. We had to move across country to get him that and it took 6 years here. He is almost 40 now and was told, where we used to live, that the doctor he was seeing retired. Two years later I became a pharmacy technician, quess what…he was still practicing…you people were so concerned about your own reputations that you crippled my son, ignored my mothers problems with her stomach for eight years, she, like my son tried to treat herself, finally to listen, surprise, surprise…cancer. Hope that hell exists…it is where such people belong.

      • Debra Harrison says:

        I’m with you. Had so many bad Dr.s now sm desperate with back pain tjat used to be better. They have made it worse. I’m losing all hope.

    • Brenda says:

      WoWeeee. I thought I was the only one with these questions. It’s a dad sad affair. Could say so much ask so much…….

    • hallie Adams says:

      If you use proper English they would take you more serious. I go, no, I have. Listen to yourself. This is not rude, helpful if you want to be taken seriously.

    • ROB says:

      According to the silly article the answer might be you forgot to give your doctors little goodies and snacks.

  6. Alisa says:

    These are a huge help! I take home made chocolate chip cookies to our dentist every visit! He Loves them! He is so kind and I want to make sure I show him how appreciative we are for his skill and bedside manner. As usual you rock!

  7. Alisa says:

    To add another thought, our dentist wanted to make sure that our daughter’s little stuffed gingerbread man felt comfortable as well so he talked to the toy and reassured it that the exam would be gentle! 🙂 and our daughter was really happy about that. We have stayed with him through the years and our little girl is 13 now and we still go see him and pay cash. He stopped taking our insurance but he was so good we would pay whatever he charged to just have him as our dentist. That is a doctor that acted in a heartfelt manner.

  8. Papa says:

    Thanks for more good advice Dr.Wible.
    I especially like the first one #Get Organized and the last one #SayThankYou
    If we remember nothing else, these two are a good foundation.

    A belated Happy New Year! to you Dr. Wible

  9. karuna Chapman says:

    Hi Dear Pamela – You’ve done it again! Thanks for the great info I will start using it today with love Karuna

  10. Bill says:

    Is there any help for dentists … and patients with exorbitant bills? Doctor glanced at a tooth, charged me $88 for “cursory exam,” sent me to specialist who charged me $110 for cursory exam. By the time the excitement was over, I was $880 lighter in my pocket and right jaw. I imagine their industry has lost volume in the last 6-7 years. God bless all the practitioners.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      What will help us all: direct relationships. DISINTERMEDIATION = remove the middlemen who are making a nice salary doing nothing. When patients and doctors/dentists/nurses can get back to their sacred we shall finally have the care we all deserve.

      • Jen says:

        Oh yes… thank you about the middlemen! I’m a veterinarian, and if you know anything about our profession, you can see how livid I get being charged hundreds just so someone with some “authority” can order the trip to the specialist, the screening test, or what have you, that I already knew I needed. $330 for the consultation fee for a breast cyst to be aspirated, another $800 for the “diagnostic ultrasound,” and ANOTHER $600 for using that ultrasound to guide the aspiration? In my clinic, that’s $40 consult + $15 minor ultrasound use + maybe $20 for the aspiration… the only way I could even fudge it would be by doing a full ultrasound with radiologist consult for $250 max. Highway robbery at its finest, and they didn’t even educate me about how to prevent cysts… had to look that up on my own. Just wanted to push a mammogram, which they also couldn’t show me the science to support… more work I had to do on my own time, and found out that no the science doesn’t support it. MDs could learn a few things from the way veterinarians practice.

        • Heather H. says:

          1) you posted this years ago but for my own well being I’m replying. I’m always surprised/irritated when people complain about how expensive vet bills are. My first dog as an adult lived to be almost 16 years old and for the most part was pretty healthy but the first real aha moment was when the dog and my husband both had pink eye. We have good health insurance but even with that my husbands Dr. visit and prescription was $100 more than the dog’s and they got the same eye drops! It was really when the dog got lymphoma that I realized the difference on a larger scale. 6 months of weekly treatments (keeping him for 8hrs) a couple of overnight emergencies, numerous medications, then a year of monthly visits with ultrasounds, cost $6000+/- but if it were me it would have been $100k+!!

      • Who cares says:

        that’s bullshit when medicine stops being allopathic and turns to homeopathic again then we’ll be saved now you just want to kill us with your fucking drugs you think we’re stupid

        • TampaDude says:

          Homeopathy is bunk.

          • Marin says:

            I have had great success with homopathy and no side efects , and usually about $5. to $7.99 for 100 pils to put under tongue!
            Never disappointed! I wonder if Tamper dude ever even tried them???

  11. Dr Sanjana Kondola says:

    Being both a doctor and a patient from time to time I think these 7 steps are excellent guidance. Great succinct information. Thanks.

  12. Lisa Clifford says:

    I understand physician burnout. I have been married to a family practice physician over twenty years now. I have an easy temperament by nature. I have had wonderful physicians in Minnesota, caring and understanding. I have chosen the same clinic my husband works at, because I believed there slogan. Marcus Wellbey type clinic, getting the best care with physicians that have a home town flavor. I never acted as if I wanted special treatment. Having had chronic pain for over a decade, I am still taking appropriate dosage of pain meds, and have never abused them. I think I am type cast immediately when they see my pain meds listed, the first to be discussed. They are reluctant to help me with my depression and anxiety which is associated with chronic pain. My psychological health is very important to my survival. I now how have much fear entering any clinic for any help, because I know they will treat me with dismissal and think I am an addict. Four doctors in this clinic have disturbed my well being, I am now suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. My husband is furious with all of these doctors, but can not intervene in fear it may disrupt the clinic profile. I personally fear for other patients that may be in harm from emotional abuse. This problem disturbs me, and I do not know what to do. How can I prevent physicians profiling me in the future, I am bound to get sick, nobody to turn to.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      No replacement for a kind compassionate family doctor whom you can trust. Sadly, manny students are abused by the same system that abuses patients: https://www.idealmedicalcare.org/blog/physician-burnout-is-physician-abuse/

      • Liz Haskell says:

        I have been profiled also
        I have had 12 major back surgeries due to scoliosis along with infections related to those surgeries
        I have been kicked out of 2 pain management clinics because of asking for a change in medications or re questing visits before my monthly scheduled because I wasnt receiving any relief from what was prescribed
        Each time I was would be seen would be by a different PA…not a doctor at both places. And each time I would be getting different advice. Finally the doctor said he can no longer help me because I have been seen 11 times and its ridiculous
        I guess to assume I am just trying to get meds to seek help
        He said he would be contacting my PCP I guess to stop them from referring me to another pain management clinic…can he do this?

  13. Kendall says:

    I was on androgen 1.6 6 pumps per day, the adverse side affects increase my rbc, estrodial levels, moodiness, hypertension testicular atrophy. I studied trial notes from Dr. Mark L Gordan, a leading intervention endocrinologist. In his studies and treatment for secondary hypogonadism he suggested clomi was the best and safest med, as it stopped the atrophy by triggering the pituitary to release lh and fsh. In turn the lh stimulates the testes to produce testosterone while the fsh stimulates sperm production. I had developed very sensative breast issues and my chest went from just subtucanious fat to developing breast tissue. When I discussed this with my endo she stated I was on the right meds. She refused to look at information I copied from Dr gordan, and sent me a firm letter by cert mail stating she would no longer treat me.
    I also have b.d.d, 1 month shy of my 14th birthday I had a bike accident striking mt head hard against the paved road, I spent the night under medical supervision and at 15 my mother took me to my family dr. He examined my genitals and said I would develop until I was 20. My public hair and length and girth have been unchanged since that biking incident. 4 times in puberty and even tearfully at 18 I begged a different dr. To just help me. The apathy towards my concerns was deafening. At 32 I finally got that hormonal screen after I complained to the osteopathic board. My tl test at 32 was 197, extremely low. And upon reading my file I discovered my Dr. Had lied to me when I asked her if I was normal adult sized, she laughed a little and said yes but in her notes she a dressed me as a tanner stage 4 in development and stated that I was of adolescent in development. I would not have become diabetic had my dr. At 15 just order the blood test and prescribe standard therapy such as hcg injections and test replacement to kick start my development again. I would not have gained 100 lbs at 23 my first year out of the Army.I may be in the so called normal standard deviation but that does little to comfort me knowing what my brothers and father look like naked and I don’t add up. In short there is light for me at the end of this very painful tunnel. And that is I will be going back to finish my biology degree and go to PA school, and serve in pediatric endocrinology. I never want what happened to me to victimize another boy or girl when sxience and a full hormonal panel can solve it.

    • Sandy says:

      Thank you for sharing your pain. I applaud you for taking your painful past to help others. How brave and empowering. You will be a wonderful doctor.

  14. Wendi Speigle says:

    I am at a loss as what to do for my chronic back pain. In 93, during my second pregnancy, I started having sciatic nerve pain. I was prescribed Hydrocodone. I used this for quite a while, and actually became addicted. I entered a Methadone treatment facility, and ended up on this program for way too long (15 years). My pain continued, but was tolorable during this time. I had bi-lateral knee replacements last year, and since then, my back pain seems to be getting worse. I detoxed off of the methadone, and within about 1 week, my pain was getting worse and worse. I’ve tried everything I can to control this pain, and nothing but a 20 mg. EXTENDED morphine has helped. I have been honest with my PCP about everything.I have my life together, I have 3 wonderful grown kids, 2 part time jobs and have a very upbeat personality. But because of my past (I assume) my doctor is very reluctant to prescribe any narcotics. I just want to control this pain, and I assume I’ve built up a tolorence during my methadone treatment. I can always go back to the Methadone if anything DID go wrong for me…I understand her reluctancy to RX narcotics, but SERIOUSLY that has been the only thing that has helped me. I am not trying to get “high”, I am only trying to continue living my life with this daily struggle of low back pain. I finally had an MRI yesterday, waiting for those results. I feel like I am being treated like an “addict” even though I am NOT in withdrawl, I am in pain. I wish Dr’s understood more about the Methadone program.

    • Michelle Riddle says:

      I know how you feel. When I was reading what all you said I felt like you was talking about me . I’m so sick of being treated badly and judging me because of my past. Thanks

  15. Hi there! says:

    #4 is absolutely genius! That’s how the drug reps get my Dr’s ear, isn’t it? Because being direct about those drugs not working for me doesn’t work…love my Dr, just wish she was more…effective.

  16. ScheerM says:

    I appreciate your website and your wanting to better care for neglected or poorly treated patients by doctors who treat us like numbers or drug seekers without conversation. My story starts at 17 when I had a FULL body CT as I was peeing and #2 BLOOD on an ER visit to a hospital here in Syracuse, NY. The year was 1999. I was diagnosed with DUPLEX KIDNEYS that work in Tandem and SHARE the ureter (splitting it) making my condition of reocurring kidney stones due to the ureters being 1/2 the size as 2 tubes shared the “into the kidney”. I have had several ER visits since then needing IV Saline and FLOWMAX for help passing the kidney stones. Unfortunately, because I am also DISABLED and am prescribed narcotics for a condition onset from a car accident 2009. I went to the ER that I had been to 5-6 times before. My initial check in conversation I told them I need just IV SALINE as I could not drink water to help pass the stones as I was vomiting anything I ate or drank, etc. I told them FLOWMAX (NON NARCOTIC) and the saline is all I needed. 3 hours into my visit, seeing about 4 to 5 different physicans or ER nurses, the doctor came in to tell me about my medication and he could not give me pain relief in the form of those same narcotics, etc. I, with my wife, IMMEDIATELY got angered and looked at him and asked, “did I ask for ANY NARCOTICS or PAIN MEDS? All I need is your help to PASS THE STONE with WATER/IV and FLOWMAX” I explained ALL I had asked every nurse or doctor that came in that I needed an IV SALINE PLEASE! The doctor informed me that NO ONE had told him that I needed that and I was again perplexed and angered after I had told every one that I needed water/saline in my IV as I was in severe pain, with the stone in my kidney ureter, unable to drink water to PUSH it and unable to hold down my pain meds due to that vomiting due to severe pain. He left the room without answering my questions, and a NEW nurse came in and I asked to be discharged. They discharged me without any help. I needed the HYDRATION and HELP with the stone and without correct conversation with either MYSELF or ANY Nurse that had come in, he labeled me as drug seeking…. As soon as I told him (the treating doctor) 3 hours in that I JUST wanted water and flowmax, he said nothing and just left. I think he knows he made a mistake with labeling me and NOT helping me due to my disability and medications OUTSIDE the reasons I was there for a chronic kidney stone condition. I STILL have the stone and it has since moved towards the exit. Still in pain and wouldn’t be if I had received the WATER/SALINE and FLOWMAX as I had done so many times before. I was made out to be drug seeking (I THINK) due to the doctor wanting to discuss the pain meds aspect of my history. I am very unhappy due to the neglect and incompetent doctor that did not bother to LISTEN to me or read the report WHEN I WAS admitted into the ER that also stated I DO NOT NEED PAIN MEDS I NEED IV SALINE and FLOWMAX ONLY!!!
    I will never go back there and I am filing a complaint with the NYS Dept. of Health – Office of Professional medical conduct. I can’t believe this doctor would not hydrate me or help me with my condition of severe flank pain with a history of occurrances due to the chronic kidney stones. Thank you for the site, it is good that someone cares.

  17. Tammy Harris says:

    I am currently with out my med because my doctor must think I’m a drug seeker although I’ve had to be on nerve med my entire life .I am not a drug seeker I have real problems !Now I have no idea what or where to turn to?

  18. Janet says:

    I have type I diabetes and see an endocrinologist. I have always been on the thin side, and developed an acute onset of type I diabetes at the age of five. I was on four shots of insulin per day, and used to check my urine for sugar. Then they came out with glucose monitors. In 1984 I went on the insulin pump. What I cannot stand are doctors who treat me like I am stupid because I have diabetes. My condition was not caused by overweight or lifestyle issues. Yet, they still talk down to me. Another problem I have is that my current endocrinologist messes up my insulin prescriptions, and when I mention it (I need insulin to stay alive), she gets defensive and blames her mistakes on my insurance company. Then, she writes weird and incorrect information with my test strips prescription. She keeps saying, “I know all about…” When in fact she does not know certain things. I am having a difficult time finding a good endocrinologist, because, in one way or another, they fail. One of them flirted with me, another one rubbed my feet inappropriately. Weird. Another one yelled at me because I wasn’t using a certain feature on my insulin pump. She also interrupted me constantly. I can’t seem to find a respectful, caring endocrinologist. I am going to make an appointment with an endocrinologist in major city hospital – maybe I will have more luck. Wish me luck, I need help finding a good endocrinologist. Thanks.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Sending luck and hugs from Oregon! <3

      • Lavaughn says:

        I am reading articles like this over and over and over to this website. I see a response or I don’t. I haven’t yet heard her concern for the patients writing in with their concerns and asking for referrals to other doctors, but I see if a doctor write in about her agenda and in favor of it she eagerly respond. I hear people writing in telling abut their problems but getting no answers. This Websit loves to hear about these type problems to fuel their agenda for doctors to go out on their own somewhat. This site is not for the patients they ask for recommendations of Doctors they may see for their concern but they are browned off and get responds like above, “sending luck”, and hugs from Oregan. Huh? I guess this is a sounding board for patient, I agree it’s good to have a sounding board, but this website is to fuel doctor to get their own practice and go to her seminars $$$ ideal medical care it is not for the patients and those whom are writing in on this site. Does she really care about the patients concern or her agenda to advertise her ideal medical care? Read all her articles. She is not really out to help the patient she has other agends. Look at her response to the patients compared to the response to some of the doctors whom seem to like her ideas. Just saying and have anybody else noticed that. I feel she loves to feed off all the negative and gives no recommendations (she can not give medical advice or legal advice unless you are her patient. That’s understandable). If you are a doctor writing on this site and feed favorable with her agenda ideal medical care she respond back to you with answers but if you have complaints she doesn’t give you anything back but “God luck” you are on your own. It’s your problems and no doctor recommendations to you from her. I am not a hater I just want to understand is she for the patients or her agenda of her $$ ideal medical care making business to advertise her business and getting doctors to go her way, she will show them but yet there is money involved. I just don’t see from this web site her concern for the patients, those writing in on this site, ideal medical care. Help me see what I am not seeing.

        • Pamela Wible MD says:

          I am one woman with no staff who runs a medical clinic and a physician suicide hotline for med students and doctors (not because I planned to do so – they just keep contacting me). I was up until 2 am sitting with 2 suicidal med students last night. I do the best I can and have never turned anyone away for lack of money. I train doctors to open ideal clinics so patients like you can finally get the care you deserve.

          • Mari says:

            I no longer have any respect for medical professionals. They lie all of the time, do whatever they want, and protect themselves and each other by covering up,usually using the “Mental Health Act”. After all research is where the money is. I am using a tape recorder now too. Btw make sure you record every call you make too. I just finished with one if the lying hordes, and realized that I have to call them back to tape the info. It appears that they have lied to me again. These people have absolutely no respect for the patient/consumer.

          • Vicky says:

            Hey this is Vicky look for my comment somewhere here because I think you’re full of shit. Fuck the doctors who are committing suicide there’s nothing wrong with them we’re patients some of us have been severely traumatized and hurt if being a doctor’s too damn fucking hard then they should quit school and do something else. because you know what I bet you War patients commit suicide than fucking whiny dr. Student who were so stressed let them be raped and violated over and over hit by cars run over thrown out windows locked out with pneumonia in the rain and then they can talk about wanting to commit suicide but just because there are a fucking physician students and they can’t take the stress of going to school then they should quit otherwise they have nothing to complain about not one damn thing and you’re just fucking feeding us bullshit I can’t believe they’re people who are actually believing this. Yeah where is the transparency huh and how come you take phone calls from Physicians or from student Dr. What about the patients who are suffering that you’re supposedly trying to help where’s your phone number for us how Pam where is it nowhere thank you.=more proof that you really don’t give a shit about the patients and it’s all to make you look better

        • Mari says:

          Making lots of money for yourself Pamela. You are like every so-called health professional. As for doctors committing suicide, do you report them to the authorities. I already know the answer to that. No, because they are your peers. A consumer/patient would be forced into a hospital, possibly committed. You would never do that to a doctor…all the same. Tape recorder here I come. If using this means to protect yourself, and believe me, you NEED protection, make sure that all calls to medical offices are also taped.

  19. Kristie says:

    I have recently been discharged from a practice and give multiple reasons why that don’t make sense. Pain management refuses to see me because a specialist said I should not get any more spinal injections. I have tried to get a new primary care but was to,d my needs were too complex for them. I have all but begged a numerous surgeon to do surgery to try to receive the underlying problem but he is too afraid it will fail again. I can bare.y stand, I have to use a walker, can barely shower or do any normal activities of daily living. I can’t find ANYONE to help me with refilling my pain meds OR trying to correct one of the underlying causes of the most pain with surgery. Due to my severe pain, can’t sit in a car for long periods so can’t travel long distances to other doctors / specialists. I’m feeling helpless and hopeless.

    I looked at your list and unfortunately, there are no providers listed near me. I’m clueless as to what to do next. I feel like the more doctors I try to see, the more I will appear to be a ” Doctor hopper”. I’m being forced to be one by the doctors themselves.

    I have never given them any reason to suspect abuse of my medications. I have documented proof of several painful medical conditions including Chiari Malformation type 1, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, 3 herniated discs in my spine with degenerative disc disease, retrolysthesis and a host of other issues. Unfortunately, I also have P450 enzyme deficiencies (also with documented PROOF) which make my medication management difficult, but not impossible.

    I’m coming to the end of my rope. It’s not fair that no one is willing to help me with treating the pain or even with treating the underlying condition so maybe the pain management, and all the stigma it carries, will no longer be needed…or not as badly.

    • Teresa Daniels says:

      Oh WOW , I know what mean, I to have “EHLERS DANLOS SYNDROME”, and other issues, my doctor that I did have is no longer a doctor, n I’m having a hell of a time finding onuther doctor, all the doctors that I have talk to so far, said that they need my records from my doctor first, well i ccan’t get my records from my doctor, so, I don’t know what to do, n yes suicide is my only option. I just don’t want to go through the withdrawals and the really bad pain. Sind ” tator chip”.

  20. Pamela Mckinnon says:

    My pain doctor told me “since you don’t like me here’s a list of doctors you can see besides me” Unprofessional way to treat a patient you have treated for a lot of years. Went to another doctor she wanted men to get on my “hands and knees” couldn’t do it she sent me back to my primary doctor he was no help.Please some body help me!!!

  21. Andreena Gallardo says:

    I am a patient with chronic back pain due to trauma of a roll over accident 12 years ago. After having my son last year I began having extremely bad sciatic pain. The first doctor after I gave birth (my primary) would not give me an mri or xray I requested and sent me to physical therapy. It didn’t work and they cut my pain meds. I decided to move back home because of a divorce and to be closer to my family. My current doctor immediately gave me referrals for my xray and mri. The mri result was a bulging disk between my L4 and L5 along with petrusion sinosis between S1 to L5. I was given a referral for a nuerosurgeon and a pain management dr. My pain management doctor did nothing to fix the type of medication I was on because the Norco was no longer working. On top of that he scrutinized me and asked if I ever been to burning man and when I said no he said he highly doubted that and asked if I was in the Lake Tahoe drug scene in which I replied no I was a manager of restaurants. On top of that he called me a gypsy and scrutinized my absent relationship with my child’s father. I have a mother with a brain injury who can only watch my son for a couple of hours a week in which I use those hours for school to get my nursing degree. I am a single mother who has no one to help with caring for my 14 Month old son. I was in tears the whole way home. I’m calling my doctor in a little here and demanding a new pain doctor. I felt humiliated and I know about patients rights as I am also a Certified Phlebotomy Technician. I hope I find better care. If you could at all get back to me I would really appreciate it, if only for some reassurance.
    Andreena Gallardo

  22. Artemis says:

    Really impressed that you included your phone# at the end. I put it in my phone – I haven’t seen a distressed doc yet, but I’ll give it out if I ever run across any.

  23. John says:

    I was abused as a child so bad I nearly died several times, and I would have if the state didn’t step in and take me away from my birth parents. This took place from birth till I was 2 then the next several years was spent in the hospital. Bones were broke, scares over my entire body and surgurey after surgery all the way till my last one when I was 21. As I was getting older my back was getting worse and worse till one day I was stuck on the floor for 3 hours. The ambulance came took me to the hospital, pumped me up with pain killers and out the door they sent me. I have had several MRI done and my back is worse than a 80yr old man with degenerate disc all over and sciatic. Like I said I have had so may surgeries that all the muscles around my stomach have been sliced and stitched, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times. I’m told that I need to build up my core to help my back from the doctors. Every P/T that I have been to is saying that since you have been cut so many times and the muscles around your stomach are not operating properly, intact I can’t even do 1 sit up nor have I been able to do one my hole life. I go from Doctor to Doctor due to the pain in my back, rear and legs and I can’t get a simple answer out of them, and that would be,I’m sorry but this is how it’s just going to be or let’s try this. No all I get is we have done all we can, try some place else. Or you need to see somebody about the medication your on. Da!!!! You gave it to me, I told you I didn’t want to be on anything and all I want is for the pain to go away. I’m open and honest with them why can’t I get the same in return. I was refused by the military after high school because of my situation, I was denied employment to law enforcement and fire departments due to the same issue. All I want is to go to work and enjoy time with my family pain free as much as possible. Not one Doctor looked into my situation with my stomach all cut and stitched up to see if that has any barring to my back and why I can’t build up my core or even do 1 sit-up.
    Yours truly, frustrated, disappointed, angry and alone.

  24. Bob Havkler says:

    I am veteran of VA war. I take narcotics for Headpain. Had heated argument with new provider at VA. Can I lose my benefits for being surly, mean and 100% correct?

  25. Barbara says:

    You did make some good comments however I felt some were biased towards

    The physician. It’s a 2 way street. They need to realize that some of

    Their patients are suffering immensely and some of them need to be

    Kinder and empathetc and less judgemental towards us. I am going through

    An acute exacerbation of chronic pain Related to a very painful neuro

    Logical condition. I was refused an increase in my pain meds, doctor

    Didn’t even talk to me, and then He went on vacation. My pain has went

    On for 16 hours or more per day. Barely eating, unable to sleep.

    Suffering excruciating pain for 2 weeks. Went to see another provider,

    Told pain was psychological therefore UNREAL. So, my human rights

    To adequate pain TX have been denied. Oh, and I was a nurse for 16 years

    And took care of everyone else’s pain and suffering. What is wrong with

    Our country? My doctors have been too quick to JUDGE!!!

  26. Barbara M Tuck says:

    I’ve been fighting this torture since HMOs was introduced. Reaching close to 30 years.
    Now I’m just four months shy reaching my 66th birthday. Now I only have one word to describe my burdens: “HEAVY-LAYDEN”!!!! Now my options are fast affecting my health!!
    Desperate for guidance in a hurry!

  27. Aren Latimer says:

    I have been waiting to get arthrtis meds thru medi-cal for almost a year. my referral has been denied. What can I do?

  28. Leigh says:

    I will admit, I have an extensive medical history. Because of endometriosis, I’ve had 4 laparoscopic procedures and a hysterectomy. Also, because of the endometriosis, I have a very high tolerance for pain medication. This has caused issues with several doctors. I have hardware in one of my ankles and recently had to have shoulder surgery.I was just healing from the shoulder surgery when I was in a very serious car accident. I’m lucky to be alive. The first er I went to was actually in the hospital I work at. The experience was horrible. My door and curtains were left open, I did not have a call bell for nearly my entire 8 hours stay, I was left alone in the room for hours at a time and the nurse was rude and dismissive. I called a friend who is an RN on the floor in the hospital and she called the er to let them know I needed some attention. I was in extreme pain and needed to use the restroom. After that, things went downhill fast. I was discharged with a diagnosis of no broken bones & told I wasn’t injured, even though I already had visible bruising, couldn’t bear any weight on my foot and could hardly breathe. I left with a few pain pills and went home, suffering for 5 days. My abrasions were not dressed, my foot was not wrapped and hadn’t even been looked at. After 5 days, I still couldn’t breathe, so I went back to the er; different location, same hospital. The doctor there didn’t run any new tests, except a drug screen, didn’t listen to anything I said, but did look into my prescription history extensively. Once he did that, he refused to prescribe anything, telling me that these I juries were “normal for an accident like the one I was in” and that it would start to get better “in a few weeks”. When I was discharged, even the nurse was surprised the Dr hadn’t addressed any of my injuries or my pain.
    I have dealt with a lot of doctors who accused me of drug seeking, both during my fight with endometriosis and during my injuries. Most doctors seem to default to “drug seeking patient” any time someone presents without obvious trauma. Or, in my most recent experience, even when faced with obvious trauma. I’ve lived a good portion of my adult life in pain, and, honestly, I’m tired of it. I would LOVE to know what it feels like not to be in pain, not to have to take pills just to function, not to have to explain, in graphic detail, the issues I have had in the past. But I doubt any doctor would listen to me. I just wanted to be able to recover without suffering the whole Damn time.

  29. Kimberly K.Yzaguirre says:

    I fell on a nearly recovered rotator cuff repair.I must add that I am on Humira for PsA because I got thrush and antibiotics. After returning to Humira,I was having vertigo issues and I fell twice on different nights. I have had this before so I was being careful after the falls. I was sleeping a lot. No fever,but I had to go to the RR. Apparently, I fell into the shower,where I was found unconscious.I woke up 8days later with severe pain in my right arm and a moderate to severe case of Sepsis of unknown origin.My arm was only xrayed despite mention of my PsA and recent surgery.I went straight to my orthopedic surgeon who said that I needed total replacement.The referred shoulder surgeon agreed, but said I was too young and wants me to go to pain management and didn’t get the message when I repeated that it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t work.I don’t want to wait 5 years to use my right arm. What’s wrong here.I could be dead in 5 years.I want to live the next 5 years, not wait until the arthritis or a third episode of sepsis to kill me. What should I do?

  30. CARL SPIVEY says:

    Thank you so much for this article, and thank you for kindly understanding that not every patient is a criminal, I was sent to a VA Pain Clinic, it was basically the equivalent to being black-balled in the VA Healthcare system. After physical therapy, weight loss, a tens unit, a disco-gram, a 2nd bout of physical therapy, and finally electro-thermal disc therapy, and nerve block, followed by years of pain medicines, My civilian doctor told me long ago, that I was too young for disc fusion, and that for any decent quality of life, pain meds were basically my best option. My experience at the VA pain clinic has H-O-R-R-I-B=L-E!!! I was immediately questioned about my recent travels to Peru and Colombia, they treated me like a drug dealing criminal…
    It was not a patient interview it was an interrogation. I filed a formal complaint, and vowed that I would never be treated in a pain clinic again. I have expressed to my doctor that I would like to stop the weaning process as my quality of life is suffering, in one year I have decreased from 270 10mg Methadone tabs down to 70 10mg tabs per month, I am very happy with my success but, my pain levels are horrible, I suffer routine pain attacks that are so severe that I can barely walk, and I have occasionally had to use additional meds to get through these painful events, and thus have occasionally fallen a few days short during the “so called, flexible, weaning process” I have a very good rapport with my doctor she understands my situation. However, the head nurse has apparently profiled me as a drug addict, or a criminal and she treats me as such. I am read the riot act any time I am unable to follow the doctors explicit dosage instructions. My doctor understands that my pain does not come and go exactly in sync with her instructions, the nurse does not… For quality of life and pain management reasons I wish to halt the weaning process at this time, my doctor has suggested that I re-visit the pain clinic and that I see a different doctor, I have reluctantly agreed. I will follow your advice and see if it makes any difference. I am skeptically optimistic and will follow-up and tell you how it goes. I so, appreciate that someone realizes that patient profiling does occur and anyone can be falsely labeled. Thank You,

  31. Anita says:

    While your steps sound great, the drug seeker handbook lists “being overly nice to physicians and nurses” as one of the top signs of a drug seeker. So if anyone is suffering from severe chronic pain, I wouldn’t recommend taking cookies or other goodies in to your new PCP.

  32. Cathy Carter says:

    This sounds good on paper, and I certainly do not mean to be rude. 14 years ago I was brutally assaulted and beaten. He fractured my back and jaw. Ive had 5, back surgeries and I’m in constant pain. I’m almost 50 and have no quality of life whatsoever. I miss so much with my grand children it led me into the 2 year depression in in now. I do not believe in suicide but I do pray several times a day that I pass away as soon as possible. I’m so unbelievably sick of being treated like a drug seeker. With any luck in my next life I come back as an animal and at least I would be euthanized pain gone!!

  33. Peter Murphy says:

    Had hernia repair and profile is a understatement as a suboxyn patient, I received zero pain relief after the surgury and went I went home. My sub Dr put me on the subutex so there was no blocker for surgury then the dr for the surgury was supposed to provide pain relief. I had a script lasting enough till surgury. Of subutex. I cried for two hours after surgury in pain. I’m up now at 230 in the morning in pain its in the first day still after. I would have to take 24 of what he prescribed to eqail a sub script. But with acetomitphen not cool. But needless to say I got pooped on. By Riverside hospital surgury doctor.the nurse doing my pain after surgury was told to read up and learn about me. WTF I was a educational patient for pain and they are so narcotic paranoid they would not provide relief.How can I do those 7 steps when he says he is giving me what he gives all patients.oh the reason I went on subutex is for the at that time pushed by doctors the non narcotic ultrams which have a worse withdrawal than a narcotic so now it’s labled a narcotic. Doctors made me and pooped on me.

  34. Jordan says:

    I Have been plagued by lower lumbar back pains for several months. They don’t seem to be getting better. In fact, it seems to be getting worse. I have tried massages, yoga, exercise, new bed, physical therapy, and OTC pain medications. None of my attempts to help my back have made things better. In fact, some of the attempts have made things worse. The pain is constant, and at times, flares up and is excruciating. I have reached out to my doctor. She is aware of my issues and has not provided me with any guidance (it has been four weeks and yes, I have tried calling and following up with no help on her end). I also have chronic migraine headaches, stomach problems (unsure what it is, doctors have not been able to diagnose), and a bum left knee (I broke it in 1999 and had ACL reconstruction, and 3 other orthoscopic surgeries since). I am in constant pain daily to say the least.

    I fear my doctor is not taking me seriously and I believe the doctor has labeled me as either an addict or someone with Munchausen syndrome. I don’t know what I should do.

    • Stephanie Guzman says:

      I have had the same problem with my dr. Every time I call to make an appointment, they say “go to the er” Ridiculous. I am now looking for another dr. Get on Google and healthgrades, find the type of dr you need, and don’t even consider anyone who has below a 4 star rating.

  35. Jeanne Thompson says:

    I always say “Thank You, I appreciate it” to every Dr. and nurse that treats me.Then I get told I am too nice and looking for drugs. I cannot win. I have been in a hospital room with a minority person and that woman called the nurses so many filthy names it was terrible. They came running when she called. Am I being punished for being a majority? I am definitely not a bigot but this situation floored me. What did I do?

  36. Heather Benson says:

    I have diabetic gastroparesis and it is very debilitating. The everyday pain is hard to live with. I have to work, I need to pay the bills. I have an internist who is very knowledgeable and compassionate and I have an oncologist who I feel the same way about. But my first experience with a GI was awful. My mother was with me and apparently I misspoke or there was a misunderstanding about my alcohol intake. She immediately said she thought I had cirrhosis and my tummy was bloated due to ascites. I had an ultrasound that came back normal, just a couple of very small spots of fatty liver. I continued to have ups and downs with the GP and my internist referred me to another GI who diagnosed me with GP after having the appropriate tests. Since then, I have developed moderate liver disease and I rarely drink. I was in picture perfect health before the tummy tuck! Anyway, Now I can view my medical chart online and the very first thing that is listed is alcoholism! I am not an alcoholic nor have I ever been. I recently went back to the GI because of extreme issue with GERD and my GP pain being so bad. He prescribed new meds for the GERD and prescribed meds for the GP that we have already tried and they did not work. He apparently is not concerned for the pain I am experiencing everyday or my nutritional needs as I cannot eat more than 10 bites of food a day and I never eat at night. My husband went with me this last time because I usually leave there in tears and feeling defeated. My husband ended up with tears in his eyes, he now understand what I was experiencing and feeling. I know there isn’t a lot known about GP but I really need to find someone that will help. I am only 44 and my quality of life is diminishing. I see my oncologist today and I am going to talk with her and ask for her advise. Fingers crossed she can help.

  37. Clinton bynum says:

    Hi Hello. I have been with a Home pervier for 9 mouths after about 3 mouths later they stared treating me like am just a adick.

  38. Michael Michaelson says:

    Oh man, where to start. I’ll make this brief because I know you are busy and reading each and every comment. 🙂
    Just seeing you hold up the sign stating “I’m Sorry” speaks many words to me.
    I was in a MVA 1/13/09
    C5 – Multiple Fractures (Right Lamina, Right Pedicle, Lateral Mass)
    Collar Bone Fx, Knee Injury, Shoulder Injury, Subnormal Hematoma that still somehow effects me still today. Resulting from these injuries, after following a 3 year rigorous physical therapy plan I am still in pain 24 hours a day, well except for sometimes when I am sleeping but still wake up a lot to toss and turn. The migraines suck but thats what propranolol is for, it does help. The Angina is a bitch, but the propranolol is supposed to also help with that. Splenomegaly, intermittent? Who would think of these things, I do. I once had a doctor tell me I wouldn’t make it to 30, problems with Liver, Spleen, Pancreas, Abnormal Heart Rhythms, etc. Enlarged Lymph nodes, constantly for no apparent reason. Decided to have surgery to alleviate the pain of some of the herniated discs in my thoracic spine, silly surgeon operated on the wrong part of my back. Mistake, yes. Improper reporting of records was the cause of this mistake. Who can blame the guy, they make him see 2 patients an hour for surgery, sometimes 3-4. How could you have the time to accurately document records.
    Oh yeah, and can I mention the pain management. Non-Existent ha. It’s cool, I cry in often and scream in pain on my way to and from work where nobody will hear me. I cry at home if I can’t fall asleep because of the pain. The numbness from the Radiculopathy makes me laugh, maybe a crazy laugh. When I have to lower myself to the floor because the weakness in my left side is too much to handle, I embrace the floor as if it is my best friend. Sex, forget about it. I don’t want to move, call me lazy if you must but who cares when your numb and pained at the same time. I drive 335 miles to obtain pain medication for myself since nobody in my state is willing to prescribe it unless you have a toothache. I report honestly to my doctor about my use of Tylenol with Codeine. 8/325mg – 2/3 tab 1-3 times daily PRN for Excruciating pain. The only days I do not need to take the pain medication are the days that I do not work since I can go lay down as much as I want. I squirm as I attempt to write this as my back aches but oh well, such is life. Doctors prescription here for chronic pain is ice/heat combo. Like I haven’t tried that before, no way have I thought of it. When I tell him about the Tylenol with codeine he says, “You really need to stop using that, it’s extremely addictive.” To me, I understand that common complication with Opiates but for me it doesn’t seem to be an issue. I don’t take it on my days off, I get to relax my back on those days. I see no symptoms of increased tolerance, or dependence. Im happy he is concerned about the addictive nature of the medication/drug.
    I live my life cry by cry, scream by scream. Doctors are stuck worrying about the implications of the DEA and what they consider as excessive prescribing. Every medical office I have researched in my state has a strict policy that they will not prescribe opiates and must refer you to pain management for these reasons. Every pain management center in my state has the same policy except their policy states they must refer you to your PCP for these medications. Ill find relief when Im dead, comfortable at last.
    There needs to be a major change in policy, people need to stop suing doctors. No other doctor has been willing to do the procedure in the right spot since the last doctor messed up, I don’t blame them. As soon as I tell them about it there must be a huge lightbulb go on that says, “Lawsuit”. Thats not me, I struggle every day to make ends meet because I want to. I enjoy making a living for myself.
    Must I also mention, I work as a counselor in a group setting. Can I tell you how much I care for my clients/patients yet they tell me all the time that I’m a “Piece of Shit”, “asshole” , “fucker”, etc. The cycle is something to laugh at, but cry at the same time if we must because well…… We work in healthcare.
    An interesting concept for me would be fully self-directed medical care.
    Pamela, Keep up the good work.

  39. Iris Meyer says:

    What about all the chronic pain patients who commit suicide because they don’t get the help they need. They get labled as drug seeking because doctors don’t know how to help or are just ignorant of their issues.I pay a lot for my Kaiser insurance every month. AS a small business owner who can only get Medi-Cal, (which is a joke) I feel like I pay Kaiser to abuse and berate me. I have Fibromyalgia with ALL symptoms, severe neck and shoulder pain due to stenosis, degenerative disc disease and bone spurs, and also calcification of the kidneys which leads to vascular kidney contraction and small stones. My helpful primary care doc left Kaiser. I got stuck a woman who told me I couldn’t be in pain from my kidney issue and that my last doc was breaking the law by not giving me drug screenings for the tramadol I have been taking for the last 5 years, with good results for all my issues, I have also decreased the amount I take, and my Rx history shows this. Then she yelled across the room as we were leaving the exam room that “it’s the law to drug screen.” They wanted me to do it right there at the “office” restroom. I was mortified, embarrassed, angry, and hurt. I did the screening downstairs at the lab 40 mins later after calling member services to complain. I had nothing to hide. I live in San Diego, CA. I would love to cancel my Kaiser and give my money to a doctor who actually cares about my well being. Could you direct me to a facility in my area please?

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Please see map of ideal clinics on my patients page at idealmedicalcare.org

  40. Wanda S. Mahboub says:

    I wish that I lived in Eugene,Oregon. I am not happy with the Healthcare that I receive here. I would love to have a real doctor like her . All I have is a nurse practioner who is a man and has cultural beliefs. He talks down to me because I am a Female and a senior citizen. May God bless you for being a Real doctor who cares for people and not just profit. I live in Albuquerque,NM

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Try Sunil Pai at Sanjevani in Albuquerque. Tell him I sent ya! Great, great doctor!!!

      • Wendy says:

        I also wish that there was a clinic near me. I live in Biloxi Mississippi and I moved here a month ago and have been to searching for a PCP. I’ve seen two doctors; first one sent his nurse out to tell me he wouldn’t prescribe any of my pain or anxiety medications so I left. Second doctor said fibromyalgia doesn’t exist and referred me to p.m. Going to third Dr this afternoon… Praying ?

  41. anthony ramirez says:

    I like the way you are up front ,i am terminal with arthritis, liver disease 3rd stage cirrhosis,hep c ,dg severe, I am only going to be 49 June 23,denied my disability can’t work n need a good doctor ,in severe pain ,can’t do pain clinics need one good doctor to help me try n live.asap close to huntsville help or southern tn

  42. Kim says:

    I have alt of medical issea and have moved and been turned away from doctors in this area.I am pretty sure I am being a victim patient profiling and want to know if this is legal and also what organization I can get a hold of for help on how to deal with this.
    I live in Greenville Michigan

  43. BobbiJo Richards says:

    Question, I see a pain Dr for four years now neck back nerve damage severe canal stenosis in neck slipped disks tearing into nerves on hips, anxiety, hyperthyroidism,deoression, severe insomnia anyways i am given vicodin es for the pain, use to take percosets which worked better but a bad faulty test caused it to go down to vicodin, i went to tge classes, all was fine now again faulty bad test that something was in my system but wasnt when i past the same test in offjce, my doc and nurse stood there and said well tell them yoy didnt and they will take urine and he said to nurse i dont want her to withdrawal so he went down to 60 vic, he left i went to desk still wondering who wad going to talk to me and furious,i was not rude, the receptionist handed me my card and i left well three weeks later i lookat my appt card for the time and seen thry write on there a namw to a rehabish place,so after weekend i went to appt at docs and the receptionist asked if i went i tried tellhim no one told me but he said the doc wont see you till affer your done, i couldn’t talk to my doc or see him and i said so i have to withdraw and receptionist said yeah and the nurse wad right next to him, hoew do those two have the right to keep me from my doc,. I go to that place in a month! Thats the fastest.

  44. Gergina oneill says:

    I have 2 types heart disease,2lung disease,body always has inflamation some wherei have m.e. and the label of fibromyalgia,I have chronic pain and loads of inflammation i can hardley stand never mind walk,my gp wont come out to me they want me to go to them but i cant manage it,i have been referred to physio therapy i wont be going im at my wits end and so depressed im suicidal i dont know what to do im most certainly not fit enough to do physio i cant hardly stand up i have lost my family and my marriage due to this i think im a victim of gp profiling or discriminated against because of fibro myalgia

  45. Donna says:

    This is all well and good, but ever since I moved to this town the local practioners have seemed to have one goal in mind: Making sure that they can list me as a trouble maker. And, no that is not the fact. What they are not doing is covering/explaining procedures or conducting office visits in a manner that leaves the patient wondering what they are supposed to do next. I am positive there is a ‘blackball list’ around here with my name on it. From now on I plan to tape record every visit.

    • Kelly Bertotti says:

      Yes you can be “blackballed” or as they call it here in NYC “red-flagged” it happened to a friend of mine….

      • Kelly Bertotti says:

        I would rather suffer in severe pain as I do now than have to find another doctor. I’ve had 2 doctors retire on me and leave me hooked on Morphine 100mg.3xa day the first time and Fentanyl 100mcg and percocet 10/325for breakthrough pain…. now I take just Relafen 500mg 4x a day…

  46. Justine says:

    Thank you I was profiled as not being in pain I was given Levant in now 3 years later they finally believe me as I can’t walk have had all the allergic reactions to levaquin.finally they believe me but I wasting away it to late I went from 138 pound to 105 and can’t even raise my arms I have neuropathy thru whole body and now have accidents.now they finally stopped profiling me for uping my dose so I can not scream in agony daily and am fighting with every bit of strength I have to stay alive as it all thru my organs.great page very helpful.the government has made it hard for really chronic pain suffers to get the medicine they so need.i notice how I been treated by how I dress or by my slurring due to neurological that went to my brain now they belive me after mris.very helpful article I hope this helps others thank you

  47. Janice Tavakoli says:

    I went to a new pain management dr. He told me he would not give me the medication I was on because he know my other dr.’s and I was fired from them. He did not care if they had quit take my ins. I had one dr. that I was explaining what I had been taking. He looked at me and said you American’s think you can get what ever you want I’m not doing that. He gave me a lower dose and only two a day. When I went back he gave me the same med.s and told me to find another dr. So I did the dr gave me the med.s for 3 monthes the I took a drug test 2 times failed even thou I was taking my med.s right. I tried to explain all this to him and he would not lesson to me. I really need some advice on how to handle this. Oh I even told him I was a caregiver and had to pull on my patent.

  48. Nathan Williams says:

    I am 31 years old. I have been disabled since I was six years old due to a hunting accident which I was shot and lost my left leg. By the time I was 18 I had five disc bulges and patruding discount and excursions and avascular necrosis in my hip. 24 hrs old I had a total hip replacement. I now need a revision done. I am in pain all the time. Honestly I suffer because when I was younger I use to go through my meds so fast and I admit I was addicted to pain medicine. But I was young then and very immature. I am now a father and don’t abuse pain medication. I have actually not touched any opiates other than subutex because I have a severe allergic reaction to suboxone. Plus i need to have surgery soon and that wouldn’t be good to be on if I need emergency surgery. I can’t even get a referral to a doctor from my primary physician on my medicaid card because of paitent profiling. They will not even perscribe me a valium to sleep on or anything. No pain meds. Nothing. I was let go from my subutex doctor because my cousin got cut off from the doctor and he thought my wife and I had something to do with it they never sent me a letter or anything. No reason to why they cut me off. The only way I knew is my best friend told me my cousin said I sold my meds which is a lie. I couldn’t afford to. Why do doctors listen to a paitent that they no is no good because they cut them off or right term terminated from the practice. Well now not only am, I suffering because I have nothing at all to take for my pain. Subutex helped. It isn’t as strong as 3 oxy 80mgs, 4 roxy 20mgs, and 3 oxy 10mgs a day. But it does the trick. I have come a long way from taking all that to subutex. Three a day. It also makes it where I don’t want anything else. I am suffering now though and I honestly need to know what to do. I have medicaid but that doctor won’t give me any care and they are snid at me. I am honestly doing so good and I have had a heart to heart with them. They don’t hear me out or care.

  49. Nathan Williams says:

    I meant a patruding disc sorry. Stupid spell check.

  50. Kelly Bertotti says:

    What about us poor unfortunates who are on Medicaid because of a disability? I have trouble finding a decent doctor that will take Medicaid in NYC. I have chronic pain and was discharged from Pain Management for having a dirty urine for Marijuana of all things. I didn’t know it was even an issue as MaraJuana helps my pain too.And I only smoke it occasionally. Another strike against me is that I am on Methadone Maintainable. Right off the bat you are seen as a drug seeker. That’s not the case as I have a letter from my clinical stating that my tox screens have been clean for years as well as copies of these tox screens. It doesn’t matter they don’t care. I am suffering from pain every day and all I take is Relafen 500mg 4x a day. I also have sciatica, a herniated disc(L4-5),and I need a hip replacement. I can barely walk and cannot get around at all without my Rolla torrent. Any suggestions?

  51. Bobby Rice says:

    Thanks for the advice. I tried to be nice to my surgeon before my operation on my back, I had seen the MRI of my back. I had one disc completed out of the spinal column . (L4-L5) another disc was about 90% out. One disc was pushing into a root nerve that controlled my feet and legs. One disc was taking up about 46% of space for the nerve. My surgeon told me he would put cages with bone matter to fill the space in my spine. I asked him if he was planning to remove the disc that was putting pressure on my nerve. He said he would.
    After the operation every thing was great. My feet did not feel cold an numb. No sharp pains in the ankle. Before the operation, I could not get myself off the floor, unless I crawled over the a chair, or something I could pull myself up with.
    This lasted about 4 to 6 week. Things were great. Then gradually all the symptoms came back.
    I then questioned my surgeon about it. He said I needed PT. I did six week of PT. It did not help. Now I am back as I was before the operation. My surgeon said he was not going to operate on me again. He wanted to send me home with pain Medication. He told me he did not remove the herniated disc. He acted as he could walk on water and I was nobody. Thanks Bobby

  52. Patricia Lamas says:

    I have a Dr that’s refused to refer me to a pain dr.what do I do

  53. Mike says:

    I wish I had a Dr like you with an open mind and would let me talk and take my answers seriously! Not Profile and insist on surgeries that I have already had that made my conditions worse. Also want me to actually get the proper help that my cronic pain condition has caused… to get better. I have RSDS. Dr’s are not even taught what it is because they do not know what causes it and how it spreads!
    I know this for a fact because of the stupid questions and I know more about it because I have lived with it for over 20 years!

  54. Loretta v lynum says:

    Thank u good advice I’m a black 55 year old 5 police officers beat me up and they punched me in the side of head and they held my face in the snow I couldn’t breath they kicked me in the stomach and thigh I had pictures of bruises and the kneed me in the back and I was in hand cuffs that happen on my dead sons brithday January 31st 2015 on my dead sons brithday he died from cancer at the age of 18 so they told me to jail for 12 hours then when I seen the jail nurse I went to the hospital in zanesville ohio because I’m mentally ill than I kept my mouth shut and filed a lawsuit i might be mentally ill but I’m not dumb I won my case and October of 2016 I bought me a Cadalac CTS

  55. Alex j. Alexander says:

    I have had 7 surgeries. Both of my knees have been operated on,ACL reconstruction on both with no cartilage. I have a left shoulder separation and herniated discs from my neck down to my thoracic spine. Surgery on my lower spine and a right elbow with artificial parts but I have been labeled as an addict because I’ve been on a lot of pain medications and have also resorted to heroin as a result of the lack of pain medication because of being labeled. Now I am in the hospital after having surgery as a result of abscesses in both of my arms and I am being sent home with no pain medication and being profiled I am scared.

  56. Susan Mulberry says:

    I have a friend that is going through patient profiling it has been documented and according to her MRI that there is problems that need to be surgically addressed her physician refuses to give her the correct pain medication. I read the complaints about this what I want to know what is the solution? My friend at times can hardly move and loses sleep due to her pain! Please get back to me at so I can help her get better results with her doctor. Thank you
    You can get a hold of my friend her name is Sue

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      The doctor-patient relationship is built on trust and respect. If your friend Sue is not able to get what she needs with her current doctor, she needs another doctor (or nurse practitioner or PA or someone who has the skill and interest in Sue to provide care for her).

  57. marilyn taylor says:

    Your site, info &all the feedback is good. I live in Canada where I’m sure many situations are similar. I am a patient. I do have ‘decent’ insurance but sadly I have seen & experienced much of the same issues. Is there a Dr. in Canada doing similar progressive work – on both patient/doctor problems? Would love to know, and if not yet -well I will follow your posts as they are very enlightening.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      More and more doctors in Canada are coming to trainings on how to launch ideal clinics. 🙂 Keep following along.

  58. Gary Ferguson says:

    I am going through this right now with my Doctor I have been profiled before this as well. I was recently required to give a urine sample in order to stay keep under my doctors care. I got a call from my doctor to come in and I was told that I had too much THC and pain meds in my system.
    I was a bit put off by the THC comment because I had never heard such a thing “too much THC in someones system” Also I was taking the medicine according to the doctors orders. She immediately stated that she wanted to taper me off of my medication. I told her that I have had total pain and have had this same condition caused by past surgery and how it has left my body. I can’t function and lead any life without REAL PAIN MANAGEMENT. The doctor had the nerve to say that I was a codependent and was using my medicine as a crutch and that my pain was caused by depression and ” I would feel a lot better off of pain medicine” I about dropped right in her office. I am so sick of being lied to and profiled my symptoms downplayed and shuffed off and ultimately ripped off by the “best doctors in town.
    I don’t know what to even do anymore I don’t trust doctors much anymore.
    Gary Ferguson.

  59. Markus P. says:

    I don’t want to be treated like a criminal for having anxiety. My last doctor put me back 10 years with this thing. I only got yhis condition from a doctor that was trying not to prescribe narcotics anyway when I went in over a decade ago and very lightly complained about my back pain driving and sleeping problems. He gave me Ambein and Flexeril when not even asking for medicine. That stuff CAUSED my first ever anxiety attack which cripples me physically and basically mentally..I’m 6’5″ long hair and makes me want to curl into. ball and evaporate…nothing suicidle just feeling like pure Hell mentally and physically as if nothing matters and I feel I like I’m dying and also feel I cannot breath(I also have asthma).
    Nothing helped after that doctor GAVE me this condition except clonazepam. I went through the usual spectrum of SSRI’s and they made things so much worse.. so it was back to just klonopin.

    I had a pyschiatrist that did nothing but refill my script..then a profiling woman doctor that sent me to my last doctor. I signed his little “I will take a drug test” form out of TERROR of not getting my medicine. I go to him for years and last month out of the blue he decided he wants to drug test me “in case they check” whoever the hell “they” are. He was constantly checking that damn privacy violating database and it was fine. I had told myself I would walk out if he ever asked me…but terror again held me and really did force me to comply. I had one refill and I was low he knew it and I didn’t know if he would cancel it or not. Pure terror made me comply ..and immediatly after regret such a blatant invasion of privacy when I have ZERO criminal record. It’s like being treated like a felon at a probation office..except I’m not a criminal. Dr. Scott Eller set me back a decade to when I was so desparately seeking help from a bunch of prejudging fools. What he did whether he realized it or not was psychological rape…a violation..abomination. In the name of fighting illegal drug use doctors in this state are violating the Constitution of the United States and they are violating their Oaths as physcians. I wish to GOD they could feel the way I do every single day if I don’t have my medicine. I must find a doctor now and have no idea where to start or how to explain to profiling idiots how this makes me feel…and that I still need my medicine. Help from here is a long long shot I know but God ehlp me I’m almost out of my meds and I have no doctor. I fired Eller. I could not ever go back to that happy faced judgemental fool that commited psychological RAPE on me.

  60. Linda Freeman says:

    I informed my health care provider to not give me any liver treatments. She prescribed a medication that alters my immune system for a simple ailment that may have had nothing to do with the state of my liver that is used to treat herpes and AIDS and has chemotherapy type side effects and is like liver treatment. I would have to continue with similar treatment. How do I get a doctor to respect my wishes and work with me?

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      You need a relationship-driven (rather than a production-driven practice). If you don’t feel you can trust or communicate with your doctor you need another doctor. Check out solo docs in your area. Kind of like looking for a spouse. You may have to date a bunch of people before you meet the right one.

  61. Lorraine says:

    You are so right about Drs being forced to accept assembly line mentality. I just had been told that my dr. Quit medicine because two investors bought the business and demanded that each physician see at least 35 patients a day or she’had the choice to leave. A make and female chose to leave. She already had 1200 patients. So sad !!!

  62. Laura Hadley says:

    I’m hoping that you can help. I have chronic pain.i have fibromyalgia. Arthritis, degenerative disk. I’ve had 7 neck fusion. 2011 had a right shoulder replacement and in 2012 had a left shoulder replacement. Healed very well from both. In July 2015 I went to er my shoulders (both) were hurting and I felt just awful. They sent me home telling me nothing was wrong. 2 days later I went to a different er with the same complaints, but felt worse. Again I was told they could find nothing wrong. I was sent home. I think they thought i was drug seeking. I really hurt. The next day I had some drive me to a different er. I woke up 2 weeks later, I woke up on life support and in another state. I was then told I almost died. I had become septic due to infection in my shoulders. The dr removed both shoulders replacing them with antibiotic cement spacers. I went thru a series of 5 surgery and home on iv antibiotic. I was told they could possibly put reverse shoulders in. Apparently the arthritis is to bad. In Sept of 2016 while stepping out of my son’s diesel my shoe broke. I grabbed the bar snapped my homers and the bar the had left in. Again I was life flighted the humorous repeated and a new antibiotic spacer put in. 6 days later I began leaking a red tinged fluid from the arm. Xrays show the spacer had fallen down to the middle of my arm and hurt the the dickens. The doctor sent me to a different dr but also from the core institute. It took 6 weeks continually leaking fluid and a lot of pain for that Dr to take out the fallen cement, reform and replace the cement in the left shoulder. I have very limited use of my arms. I have pain. As long as I don’t do life I can tolerate it. However productive life is difficult. I go to chronic pain clinic. Thank god they’ve been giving me something for pain so can just live. My doc told me last month that he needs to reduce my meds. Something about a new law. Is this true? By the way I was running 5 miles a day prior to the shoulder removal. I’m scared. I need the meds to dress myself, shower, get into and out of my recliner.cantbpush up with my arms and my balance has gotten bad. The continual pull from my shoulders makes my neck hurt which causes headaches. I have a 2 inch by 4 inch plate in my neck. All the docs tell me they don’t know what to do with me. I sure don’t know what to do.i see my Dr again on the 14 of june. I was seeing him every 2 months but has to do something more with my meds. They dropped me down 40 mg 8 days ago. I can certainly feel the difference. I’m not as comfortable as I was.

  63. Kent Wilson says:

    I really agree with your comments above and it’s great advice. I have been in chronic pain treatment since 2011 and was with the same doctor for 5 years. His wife had a heart attack and then he had one so he decided to move to a part time job where he didn’t have to be watched like a hawk after its pray. I went to another clinic and after 3 or 4 doctors in a year I caught the office manager falsifying my records. I went back one more time with the proof and she dodged the question and walked out of the room. Of course, I already had another appointment and only went to let her know I had proof she had altered my records. In fact, in addition to adding things that I could prove were incorrect, she had changed dates and didn’t even have the documentation from my last several visits correct. I changed to a doctor closer to work and I unfortunately came down with Cellulitis and later Lympheda. Well I had to go onto disability and was approved just 3 weeks after my doctors visits in
    January and started disability in February which was the exact 5 months of my waiting period. Well the previous clinic had closed due to the office manager and inability to keep doctors mainly from the way the office manager treated the doctors and staff. After several months of them closing due to no office
    Manager or doctor, they started calling old patients and promising them things would be different and they had a better Care Team Coordinator and doctor. Well I was driving 90 miles because I had to move home and passed by their clinic which was half the distance to my doctor at that time. So I said I would go back after talking to the only employee that stayed and was really nice. She promised me it was different soon made the change back as it was hard to drive any distance at that point of my Lymphedema. I went back on 3/31 and before my rear hit the chair the doctor said I can’t prescribe more than to oxycodone per day. I was nice and continued to listen to him when he stopped and said can I ask you a question, but he said he didn’t mean it disrespectful. He asked me how some one with my intelligence even got Lymphedema anyway. Well I was pretty much insulted at his question since he had Parkinson’s. I told him if he thought I actually tried to get Lymphedema he was crazy and I wasn’t there for Lymphedema. One of the top 2 doctors in the nation in Murfreesboro, TN had already planned my entire treatment. Well just as I learned as much about Lymphedema and what I could expect or do to help, I did the same thing with my chronic back pain. He actually yelled at me telling me it was none of my business and I had no reason to read anything like that. I said it is public knowledge and I wanted to know the guidelines as well as alternative procedures. Well he cut me one IR pill which was what helped me the most. I asked him if he would cut the ER and just prescribe IRs only but he said his hands were tied because the manager, a Chiropractor, was telling him. This was even avgwr the change I requested was the exact same morphing equivalent. I went to meet with the manager of the clinic who had went down to the doctor and when she got back we met for over an hour and she said she would call me in a couple of days which she never did. I showed her my appointment card and she said everything was good unless I heard different from her which as I indicated she never contacted me. I showed up for my appointment and I was told I probably wouldn’t get passed the window because I had been terminated. I said I didn’t receive any notification and she handed me a letter and said now you have been notified. Then they threatened to call the cops if I didn’t leave. I called the Alabama State Board of medical examiners and spoke with Ed Munson who asked me to fax my appointment card and the letter to him immediately and asked if I left with a prescription and I said no. He said they should at least provide 30 days of medication to allow time to find a new doctor. I should have never went back there and now I have a tainted record saying I was asking for more medication than the law allowed when I asked for
    the exact morphine equivalent just all in IR format which the CDC recommends. So tomorrow I will be out of medicine and in a mess. Where is justice in that

  64. Shawn thompson says:

    This is great advice but the doc i see now for my pain management ALWAYS cuts me off and DOES NOT LISTEN EVER! He also NEVER remwmbers who i am or what i am there for. That to me is horrible bedside manner. Ive tried getting to another doc but its impossible to find one that does give me my quality of life back. I have been through 10 back surgeries and multiple fusions. These docs treat me like im a junkie but really the meds help me get out of bed. What advice u have for that?

  65. Lori vines says:

    I’m a 51 yr old lady.. Sadly I am a victim of domestic abuse…. I suffer from neck and spinal injury and I have a soft and hard tissue that’s intending on my spine root. I have seen my doctor for 11yrs + and I have been taking pain meds and other stuff for my night terrors…My doctor left his practice without my knowledge and I had to find a new one for my condition that will only get worse.. after being with the same doctor for 11 years it was extremely difficult for me too go to a different doctor to continue my health regiment including my prescriptions. I have always been honest with my doctors which I was advised to do so I could have quality Care.. I also on occasion have used marijuana to just get some sleep… My old doctor new this and also my psychiatrist they both understood that marijuana is safer than narcotic use. I found a doctor who made me sign a pain contract and then drug tested me which he asked if I took any illegal drugs I told him yes I have smoked marijuana.. he filled my Monthly prescription for my pain.. from that day I have not smoked any marijuana and I will only gave a new drug test which I should be clean . This doctor is in a hospital setting and I am past my prescription refill and he also for unkown reason took 12 pills away and I didn’t know till the pharmacy filled it also the doctor wrote the prescription how to take it which was completely different than how I usually take it. The pharmacy said to just take it like I usually took it for the 12 years… I called my doctor for my refill and he said that they’re waiting for my urinalysis which was yesterday my doctor is in a hospital and I don’t understand why it would be sent out away from a hospital to be checked but in the meantime I am sitting here crying at 51 years of age because of a little bit of marijuana which I stopped I feel completely degraded I feel like I was treated like a child that would not listen to their parent.. and yesterday I wanted him to see my shoulder which I thought was dislocated.. He Sent Me to the ER which said I needed a MRI because she thought it is due to my neck injury… I don’t know how to handle this due to my mental condition which includes medications from being treated in cruel ways including degrading me and my very own doctor is making me feel the exact same way as the person who abused me and caused the injuries to begin with… I have never been treated with such disrespect and disregard for my feelings my doctor is making me feel exactly like the man who beat me this doctor is making my condition worse… I have never once ask for my prescription early I take them exactly how I’m supposed to and now I don’t have them to take it all which May cause heart failure seizures confusion panic attacks suicide… I have seen this doctor only one time and he has destroyed 11 years of work from my psychiatrist and my old doctor. And this is before I even know if he will fill them.. I know I cannot handle this every month I am not exaggerating in one way… He makes me feel like I want to just end it because I’m affecting my family because of my feelings and continuing crying… I feel like I’m treated like an animal and only fed the nutrition to keep them alive if he gets around to feeding him. I would never in a million years think I would be on this blog talking to unseen people which I know can I help me but how do I get help without no one wanting to help me. I feel like I would love to end my life right now because I will not be able to continue having my family deal with my medical issues with the constant worry what the next month will bring. I also wonder if the doctor who is causing me so much confusion in my brain would even care if I did end my life… I don’t think he would even consider why I did because he has only seen me once…and I’m not sure if he has even looked at my chart and if he knows that I am under the care of a psychiatrist which I take drugs for night terrors post-traumatic trauma bipolar and self-hate… I have already wrote to my family in a journal that I am sorry that I am Experian conditions that interrupts their own life… I am going to give instructions to follow after my death.. if anyone out there feels the same way or is going through this I am truly sorry for you

  66. Belinda Boehlke says:

    Dr. Wible, thank you so very much for the information that you have shared. I have a lot of medical issues. Arterial Vasculitis where I was put on 80 mg of prednisone for a year, R.A., and I am a diabetic. Due to the prednisone I now have a ruptured tendon in my hip and disc problems in my back. I slid need a hip replaced. I cannot get a Rheumatologist to see me. I had a wonderful doctor but he retired. I saw several doctors that mismanaged my case. Now I am being profiled as you say. It has been a nightmare. I don’t know where to turn. Thank you for your compassion and bringing this problem to the attention of other medical professionals.

  67. JoAnn says:

    My Dr has been giving me 2 diff types of pain medication. I need back surgery, I have said that from day one. Now that the people from the back surgery I reached out they are saying they are not pain management and will not when I had spoke to the nurse he said he had no problem weaning me off the medication. This month I called in for my prescription he had someone else called me saying they are not going to refill his prescription. This medication is on top 10 list that you cannot just stop. I have called them and the doctor is not getting back to me. I do feel like I am being profiled?! What do I do. Now they are telling me to go to pain management ? Why didn’t they say that in the spine people have called them? I am scared!

  68. A temp says:

    You’re an awesome human being I’m sure you’re a great doctor as well.

  69. Carrie D Turner-Bloom says:

    I was in a county where my prescription medication was profiled. I tried many different doctors and nurses who were on the list to take my insurance. They said they wouldn’t. I called insurance and they got me a nurse immedatly. She lied about this medication, said it was against the law. All staff treated me very bad along with any other help I could get at hospitals. No one would give me my medicine or proper detox. I suffered severly through two detoxes off this medicine. Now I have chronic pain fibro now diagnosed after almost a year of not getting any help from medical people. They treated me like a drug addict. The medicine was told to me as a sleep aid, a lie only to make me very stupid for eleven years so work people could get away with harrasement, sexual harrasement, and stocking. I got no help then for what happened and no help now only more harrasement. All legal aid has been taken away. I am very angry and in alot of pain. I have gone state by state looking for a place to live only to have it stopped by lies and manipulation. What does a person do?

  70. Robert M Schumann says:

    Wow!You are a very caring, smart person.
    I’m a paraplegic,I broke my back at age 20 1986. I’m now 51 ,just moved to Georgia and found a pain clinic. I don’t what to do for 2 weeks without pain meds I’ve been on for 15 years. I run out 8/28/17 and I can’t get meds to get by until the middle of September, that’s the only time they can get me in. Basically, I literally can’t go through withdrawals ! It will kill me. Will a hospital help? Anyway , the 7 steps is very smart! I’m very blessed to have found you, this Web site. Thanks and God bless all.

  71. George Mali says:

    Dear Dr Wimble, what your doing is amazing,your a Angel and your work should be a example to all hospitals and physicians.Id like information on how to go about filling a malpractice lawsuit, My fiance had borderline preeclampsia, her Dr said she was filing complaints on Elwood city hospital in Pa. Aswell as West penn in Pittsburgh.Why? Because all during her pregnancy her bloodpresure was high, and protein and her your urine, “Her bloodpresure was 195/90 at both hospitals during her 37th week, :They both sent her home, not to mention that Beaver valley medical center is the hospital where are baby was delivered on the 26th of September 2017, also sent her to west penn, which sent her home, and they have no records of her being there, quit odd, any way we have a 2 baby girls, ages,3,2. SO I KNOW SHE WAS PROFILED BC OF HISTORY OF DRUG USE BUT HAS BEEN CLEAN EXCEPT FOR THE USE OF SUBUTEXT, They kept are baby for 5 days, she stayed up there everynight, he was supposed to come home on sunday, and bc of work i get home after 12am , so about 1 am after this grueling treatment she went through ,we went through are daughters went through, i guess your going to be exhausted, so she called the hospital and ask about the Ba7by, they said he was fine, and we wiuld be there the next day, and when we get there they had dosed are baby with suboxone or subutext, im not sure, but im allergic to narcan, and they never called her, nor myself, Are son was fine when we where there and he was with perfect,no sneezing, or tension , he was just fine, so when we get there they say he uncotrollable, all night, hardly think they can come to a conclusion like that when he’s 5 days old.So her history and honesty, Now there keeping are baby and giving him medication,And how many different nurses see things different ways, different views, If im allergic to narcan, I’m not sure what they gave him, but im ready and im in desperate need for any help, advice, or if i can talk with you my number is 7247143827, Thank you and you have a blessed day…I greatly appreciated just you being exactly what i believed. SINCERELY YOURS GEORGE MALI

  72. Mary Sibley says:

    I am a paraplegic with chronic neuropath pain.My Dr of 15 years transferred me to a dr that was 89 miles away and when I called to set up an app.she was not taking anymore patients.I knew I had made my Dr mad because I kelp asking him for help because he never changed my meds in 15 years. He had me taking 180 loritabs a month and my PCP wanted a sonagram of my liver.so I had to go to the ER four times no one would lesion to me and treated me like a drug seaker. Of course I had a problem with chronic pain and addiction and no one in the hospital cared. I was told in two to not come back.How am I to get help when every computer had me flagged. I was becoming suicidal. What am I to do?

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      If you are suicidal and in pain go to the ER. You need a doctor who cares. Where do you live? I may know of someone. Please also be open to non-drug solutions for pain.

  73. Jarica Johnson says:

    My dris retiring at the end of this year he is with a group they group have excepted a new dr to take his place a young woman right out of medical school she has already told him she is taking all nerv meds and antidepressants and pain meds because she dosnt beleve in them i am taking meds for my nerves and an antidepressant my son was killed in a car accident and my dr knows what i been through i can tell him anything and he has been my dr for over 2oyrs what if she is not good to me as he is and i really dont want a woman dr or any dr i know he has to retire i dont like the other drs in my dr group what will i do

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      You must choose a doctor who you trust and have a solid relationship with based on respect and care. If you don’t like a doctor, choose someone else.

  74. Victoria Nellums says:

    What if your doctor may be a stone cold blooded psychopath who has labeled you a drug addict, dropped you and told you to go to rehab. BTW, I am an SAP with 35 yrs experience.She is a few yrs outof school, but still wields all the power.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      And she was likely a very loving compassionate person who wanted to help people when she started medical school. So very sorry for us all.

  75. Cheers says:

    the Bonding thing doesn’t work. my experience says that then the Dr. thinks your there to flirt or laugh and be friends. My Dr. like to laugh when I’m around I’m fine with that if its a joke but not one made about me.

  76. Earline Bowers Church says:

    My husband was discharged from our family Dr after 8 years because of failing a urine test. They will not write out my meds, Adderall and Klonipin that I have been off and on for 20 years. I’m now out of both and the Dr won’t see me unless I pay $450. for a test. Is this not putting me at risk?

  77. Megan Yopp says:

    I am almost positive that I am being patient profiled..I have been on generic Suboxone for several years..well I started seeing this doctor locally the last four months..from the very start he was very aggressive.. threatening how he discharges people an what not so I just took as ok he just wants to lay the ground work out.which I understand I Know patients are not always honest an up to no good.. However onto my next visit he was starting to treat me for my depression an PTSD which my previous doctor was also treating me for the same thing.but I explained to him also that being I have been use to taking ninty a month an he striped me down to sixty I was honest an said this is difficult an would you please tamper me down because I would love to come down but it’s just hard.. mind you this doctor was all aware of this.. but ok I took what he said an left it alone..I went to him a week an a half ago an his nurse first calls me an says I’m just the messenger but the doctor stated that you failed your urine for methamphetamines..I said there is absolutely no way..I have never done meth in my life an further more im not a drug user..there has been a mistake or something doesn’t Smell right..I was noticing different things happening there that just didn’t look right..like the doctor took payments in the back with him..the patients where all talking badly about him while in the waiting room..an my overall experience the way he treated me was just badly treated an disrespected..oh I forgot to mention after the nurse called I spoke with the doctor an everytime I would explain myself he would cut me off in mid sentence..an then he started to yell at me threatening over an over that if I interrupted him he would discharge me but I wasn’t the one interrupting..I said sir your the one not listening to what I’m saying.im not cutting you off.He was being very rude an nasty with me an I wished there was a three way caller listening because it was disgusting the way a doctor would treat someone.but my biggest concern is him stating I had drugs in my system when I know I could be tested at the hospital right now.. blood test an all an I would pass with flying colors.i was humiliated an treated like a drug user an I truly believe this doctor just wants a reason to discharge me for whatever reason an if that’s the case then do so but don’t lie on me an treat me in this type of manner.just ask me to find another doctor if you don’t like me..but I don’t know what to an where to go from here.i have had some say call the FDA before I go in to see him this sat..he is even asking me to still come in for my appointment Saturday but yet I failed a drug test..most doctor’s would just discharges instantly..I have never failed a test in my life an I don’t understand any of this..please help if there’s any answers..I don’t know what to do an I also don’t want this man mistreating all the rest of these people..he is taking advantage of his position an he knows these people are desperate an need him for the time being an that’s where he thinks he can treat individuals like that..thank you for your time an hope to hear from you..megan

  78. K~lee says:

    I’m so glad ppl are finally coming to the forefront about this problem, that’s been going on for to long.
    I’m in MMT, now I’m not saying it was the best decision, but I do have some stability in my life now.
    However, when a doctor hears or reads this, you can see their facial expression change. I’m ALWAYS up front with any healthcare provider, I tell them as soon as I can bring it up in the conversation. I realize there is such a stigma that goes with Methadone, but all of us are not drug seeking, we have other health issues, we actually get sick and need medical help. Addiction does not have a face, gender, occupation, or monetary value. Addiction effects all walks of life.
    STOP JUDGING… Doctors are there to help, do no harm. Most of us that are addicted to opiates, got them from our doctors, took them like we were told to, never had a problem with any other drug. Now, we’re in rehab, Methadone clinics, shooting herion or dead!
    An addict may walk in your office in a 3 peice suit, a uniform, or be the mayor of your town. Don’t judge a person by the way they look. It’s by the grace of GOD, you’re not going through it. It’s NOT because of your mental strength, class, or your super human abilities.

  79. nanna says:

    I’ve been blacklisted by my previous doctor unjustly and I am no longer able to find a good doctor in my area because they all belong to a large hospital group that includes 3 hospitals. Every time I try to get an appointment with a doctor who’s taking new patients their response is (after they put my name into the system) oh we’re sorry your name has been flagged and we are unable to take you, or they ask you what meds you are taking and if your on any pain medication they tell you the doctor does not prescribe pain meds. I finally found one out of that large group but they were scheduling out 11 months! Not only do I not have any choice of what hospital or doctor I want to go to I have to travel more than an hour to get to any other hospital or doctor then factor in insurance issues that doctors pick and choose. There has got to be a way to stop these bad doctors who bully, belittle, and throw you under the bus without any alternatives.

  80. Kristina says:

    I thought I was alone in this, I’m profiled to the max from my insurance to my thyroid condition making me look like I’m a hypochondriac because the meds don’t work, then my panic disorder and the assume I’m just pull hunting, and I’ve been too scared to even ask about treating my ADD…. it’s hurt my functioning. I’m not sure if these tips will work but I guess it’s a start.

  81. Timothy Gilbert says:

    You are dead on!! I live in pain with my back!!I’m so sick of being treated like a drug addict!!!! You don’t know what it means to know there’s someone that cares!!

  82. Rebecca Mae Russell says:

    My Psychatrist, Shawn Willson, is also an OBGYN and a Harvard Fellow. I have had no luck replacing her, since she moved across country for family reasons. After my stroke Dr. Willson did get my medication just perfect and made me want to live again. They told me I would probably never drive or work again. After several years of hard therapy I am now doing both.

    I cannot find a doctor who will continue the therapy I have been on for eight years with Dr. Willson. The several doctors I have seen and or spoken with want to change my medication with no success. I am now having debilitating panic attacks, severe depression and feelings of hopeless. This is a crime to do to me when for eight years I had been a happy,satisfied and productive person.

  83. Desiree Blunt says:

    I was sent to a pain management Doctor Dr Jay Vyas a new doctor part of St Vincent Charity Hospital in Cleveland Ohio by my Primary Doctor I am handicapped due to an infection caught 18yrs ago on a knee replacement but anyway this doctor had no respect his first thing he said is Well I can take you off pain meds in 3 montbs nothing else I believe the fact that I am a black female never considered that I take meds because I need. He was very condescending I felt humiliated he wrote the pain meds for 3 months I declined to accept because he put me in a category already in his mind. This has left me with no meds and my primary refuses to write I have letter from hospital stating Surgery is not a option I caught merser and have had many complications over the yrs blood clots as well as cellulitis still I am more sorry than anyone to need pain meds the knee replacement surgery has been a never-ending nightmare for my life I was in ok health until I had. I felt angry and sorry for myself at Dr Jay Vyas appt.I understand the New Drug Laws But why are you shamed for being in pain by narrow minded doctors who have no idea what you’re going through I use to be able to climb steps I use to dtive I use to be able to do a shower when ever I felt like it I use to be more social but now I can’t unless they have a bathrm on 1st floor and I could go on with this list. What happened to Drs who were suppose to care.

  84. Jennifer says:

    Why do Dr’s ask you to tell them your pain level? You get ingnored. Why do Dr’s tell you they can help with your chronic pain. And they dont listen if its not working? Why do Dr’s assume that because i have a dianosis of bi polar that they need to be extra carefull i fit the addict type??

  85. Katie says:

    I really appreciated reading this article. Several years ago I had delt with doctors who were just, not empathetic care takers at all. From then on I saw huge flaws in this system! I can’t stand when there is an issue and I get dismissed and when there’s no bedside manner. I recently had a car scratch my eye and had an abrasion to cornea, the emergency room took care of me really well, however my primary care Dr. Did not give me the best care, in fact, he completely dismissed the agony of migraines, sensitivity to light and pain I had from a cat claw in my eye. It was astonishing to me, because I know there is an epidemic of addiction but my god, a cat’s claw was in my eye! So I eventually saw the eye Dr. And the eye doctor completely over looked and dismissed any discomfort I had. The student doctor who saw me at my primary told me “pain is good.” Lol , yeah, right, very enjoyable, especially when a cat’s claw tried to Velcro itself in my eye.

  86. sandra hughes says:

    i supposedly failed a drug test 4yrs ago..the new doctor i got referred to said he would not treat me because im from wv..he said he was gonna note that i failed another drug test which he never gave me 1 amd said he noted im doctor shopping and if i tried finding another doctor i could b arrested for doctor shopping.i cried so hard and got so scared im just now going to a new doctor after 4yrs..i had to go off all my meds because of him..i filed a complaint but got nowhere..now im a nervous wreck going to this new pain doc..i litterally live in bed cause the pains sooo bad

    • Paul says:

      Doctors lie all the time, just like most others. I know pain hurts, but none can know the pain that you are feeling. The only way these days to get help is to basically do doctor shopping, and the only alternative to that is to either find a source of the chemicals that you need and make it yourself, but this can be quite illegal on both state and federal levels. The only option is to shop around till you can find a family doctor that you can trust and have him or her recommend a pain specialist. Either that or move some place that cares more about you and want you to live instead of die.

      Please take what I am saying seriously! I have to doctor shop just to find someone to help with my asthma, and same for bronchitis and most other things that are not even pain related. I am thinking that what is going on in this country is that those in charge of things are trying to cut costs by killing us off with healthcare that is far worse than that in many 3rd world countries.

      I am working on getting my wife a passport so the two of us can go to Mexico and get help there. It is not so much the cost as the level of care when you pay them.

  87. Diana Hearn says:

    I am on Suboxone maintenance my doctor went on medical leave and will not be back in time to fill my Suboxone prescription what do I do in the meantime

    • Paul says:

      Kratom does help (would likely help you, but is not FDA approved for that use and I am not a medical doctor. I am just telling you what I have found to help me till I could get to a doctor that could help me with my chronic pain problem that does have documentation at various places and easily seen cause on any x-ray), but you will need at least 2 grams 3 times a day with plenty of food. The only major side effects are stomach upset, and availability… The only likely way I can see it could cause death is by chocking on your own vomit, or you have an allergic reaction to Coffee and similar substances. The reason some want it banned is that because there are some fools that think anything that could possibly help anyone with pain is derived from opium, and call all pain medications opiates. Also they think anything that anyone uses to help themselves is drug abuse if not prescribed by a doctor and approved by the FDA. Also those same people think that it is drug abuse (even though most normal people see drug abuse as people using things only to harm themselves, not helping themselves when doctors refuse to help them with medical problems either because of money, regulations, or the personal appearance of the person (keep in mind that everyone is prejudiced to a certain degree)). Even if it is shown to be safe by a number of doctors in trials in another country. Also the #1 reason that most things are not approved by the FDA is that the companies that created it do not have enough money to get it approved. This is why if there were any really helpful drugs known to doctors in Mexico, Cuba and many other 3rd world countries they would most likely never be approved here. They can’t afford to get them approved and keep the cost low enough where the majority of people can afford them. That is one of the reasons that medications cost more in the USA than any other country in the world. It is because of how approvals, manufacture, testing, distribution, advertising the product or procedure. This is not to say there are not also a number of things that do not work out there. If it is too good to be true, then it is most likely false. Keep in mind if there is a cure for one kind of cancer, most likely it will only work on one or a small few that are quite similar. That is because different ones function differently, and the same for viruses. Keep in mind that there are bacterial phages, and they work very good even on the infections that no antibiotic can treat, but they must be created for each patient because for each strain of the same bacteria it requires different phages, and our bodies also attack the phage, then when the bacteria develops a resistance it takes a few days to a week to create a new phage for the mutated bacteria. This is why we use antibiotics here, as each of those phages would need to be approved and the person would be long dead before they could get approval from the FDA for even the first phage to help someone. This is done in other countries, and there have been some small trials here in the USA.

  88. Paul says:

    I have tried those things, and does not help. Is there any list anywhere of doctors that are more willing to listen to someone that is having a problem with dementia brought on by TBI in an criminal action by a past employer.

    I have yet to find any doctors to help me in the high desert of southern california that I feel that I can trust, as I am on medi-cal but I would be willing to pay if I could get back to working at least half time, then I could afford good coverage something better than Kaiser. I have Asthma, chronic pain, chronic infections in sinuses and chest. pain medications only help with the fractures and my back, and even morphine does not help with the headaches. So far antibiotics help some with the pain in my ear due to inner ear infection that none of the covered doctors will even prescribe for that, I have had 2nd degree burns and they did not hurt as bad as my ear has for nearly 2 months, and they refuse to prescribe anything helpful for asthma either, and I think that the doctors in Victorville just want me DEAD, as the is the most likely outcome if I could not figure out how to take care of myself.

    It is no wonder that you have Dr suicides, if I could only get the kind of help that doctors around here give me, I would end my life too. That is because they refuse to listen or even look at medical records, and would rather spend their time guessing and making up crap than listen to who they are treating because they know what is wrong and how to fix it. Also what tests will help and what ones are a waste of time.

    Also instead of treating the symptoms, why not treat the cause of the symptoms? To me this makes far more sense, and is faster and keeps people from coming back for the same problem day after day and week after week, and does not upset people to the point that they feel that they are only here to suffer, and to see how long they can take it till they end their life. Want to know how to save people that are suicidal, not what most do… Most what to just stop them by locking them up etc. That for some of us is exactly what it would take to push us off the edge so we would have absolutely nothing left to live for because we would loose everything that we have left that is keeping us here. For some of us it is our spouce, physical things that we keep at home such as our library, and collections of art, music, antique electronics, our pets, and other such things that we enjoy. Those people that loose those things and only have what is on their back left are the ones ready to fall, and I can see those right out of med school with all that debt that like me will not pay off in their natural life. However, just because you owe it does not mean that you need to end your life over that… There are other things, just think about how much more you can make it… The bigger the better in debt before you go, and if you have no children that need help going to college all the better. Personally I do not think anyone should have children unless they can afford them without assistance. That is the way things used to be in this country, and I seen the hospital bill and the doctor bills from when I was born, and it was less than half of what I pay in mortgage every month. Also at that time education was affordable to working people without college loans, $20 a semester for a bachelors or masters degree. Also it has never been that an education will get you a job, but I was lead to believe that along with so many others. If the demand is there, employers would be willing to pay for your education. Now days it is about getting money out of people by running up more and more debt at unsustainable levels, and so much that the only future is inflation and higher debts. Some think that a higher interest rate will fix it, but that will only cause a collapse because we have no value added jobs in this country anymore, as all of them are based on borrowing money for the most part. When people are no longer able to borrow, everything in this house of cards will collapse… So don’t worry about it, or the possibility of the coming wars, as the wars will come as that is how our country and others like it solve problems such as this. Keep in mind that the USA has been at war somewhere the majority of the time since the beginning, even when it was a part of Brittan.

    Also keep in mind that there are those in the world such as some of the larger companies that make money off of the people when they commit suicide, and keep this in mind before you think of doing it. It is better that the heads of those companies that cause so much suffering take the easy way out than for you, me or others here at the ever growing bottom.

  89. Crystal says:

    I took my 86 year old Dad to the E.R. With. Fever of 101. He was there for four days. They gave him antibiotics and did all the standard test that came back normal. They sent him home saying we don’t know what’s wrong with him. He still has. Temp of 101. What do I do now?

  90. Marsha Tate says:

    I was getting 10 mg 325acetaminifin from my family dr.and he weaned mecoff of them and will not even give my sister who has terminal stage 4 cancer. I have been on hydrocodine forat least 10 to 20 years and now i cant get them.i am in constant pain from neck injurys ruptured discs,my knees are bone on bone i have degenerative and osteoporosis and arthritis and neuropathy. I cant sleep because of the pain since ive been off my pain meds. I can barely get out of bed to walk my dog. I also have fibromyalgia.What can i do to get back on the hydrocodone. I don’t want anything stronger. My GP did mention pain management but ive been getting cortisone injections in back and knees and it just doesn’t help anymore.Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much,Marsha Tate

  91. Chris says:

    This is ludicrous. Bologna! These people are working for us and getting paid handsomely and we’re having to walk on egg-shells and allow ourselves to not be treated like the customers that we are. Bull Shit!!! This is one of the many things wrong with our healthcare. We’re not people, we’re guaranteed customers and they behave accordingly.

  92. Hope Stenson says:

    I am getting ready for a knee replacement july 27th and my knee locks up on me and is very painful..i can not get my knee doc or pcp to help me with the pain..i take 4 to 5 800 milligrams a day of ibuprohen and 3 extra strength Tylenol times a day if not more for the pain and my insides feel just aweful..thrown up and just a mess..how do i get them to help me..ive been to the e.r several times which us one to many..idk what to do with myself..i need help and feel as rho no one is helping me..im not drug seeking i am pain relief seeking..id b happy with tramadol which worled well when they gave me a few from the e.r..HELP

  93. Sonny Reign Cammarata says:

    what do I do when I am at a mental health treatment program and every 2-3- weeks they run out of my meds for 3-4 days sometimes 3 at a time.

    IDK what is happening here,, but if I could handle my meds they would be on time everytime, and they can also keep them in their office.

    And I am aware that is the deal, because I was at a job that dispensed all meds to clients.. This place seems to not have a system that works..

    I am out of my meds (Diazapam) aand 2 others and I am having strange absent shock like feelings all over my body and I feel like im going to fall down

  94. Ann says:

    I just got fired by my PCP and actually I kinda did as you stated above. But he seemed out of sorts that day. I had gone to a consult station with a pain doc referred by my Rheumatologist but he seemed put out because I didn’t like the doc and did not use him. He got angry at most every thing we started to discuss and before he even started my physical, he threw a tantrum and fired me. But not only from him also from the whole clinic he is in. I think it’s unfair, what can I do if anything ?

  95. Vicky says:

    I have a 36 year old female it San Antonio Texas. I was molested by my cousin as a child. I’ve been raped 5 times in my life and left for dead twice. Physically emotionally and psychologically abused by my ex-husband.The last time I was drugged and raped by 5 military men despite all the evidence and still a Cold Case. I have PTSD with severe panic attacks. I have cages and rods in my lower back of fusion of L5 to S1 ruptured disc between L4 and L5, all my cervical discs are ruptured from the strangulation. I can’t remember what happened to me because of the drugs they drugged me with GHB and Rohypnol at least that’s what CSI said. When I went in for a rape kit I had to have multiple shards of glass removed from mine vaginal canal and anus. I’ve been seeing a pain management doctor since 2011 the same one. at one point he gave me 240 methadone a month with a hundred and eighty oxycodone and 2 mg of Xanax 4 times a day with 20 mg of Baclofen 4 times a day. As soon as I asked to get off the methadone he started treating me different. In one month they cut my methadone when I wasn’t even done weaning off and they also cut my Xanax the same month. I’ve been getting sick for the past 3 months. I’m in a lot of pain & emotional distress I don’t know what to do. I Saw him today and he refused to give me any medicine until next week because I supposedly came up positive for cocaine which is impossible. I didn’t smoke marijuana when I first started seeing him; he recommended that I do so to help with sleep. And now he’s cutting me off too fast. he said that somebody probably laced my marijuana with cocaine which I wouldn’t even have been smoking if he had not recommended it. I have never come up dirty before I’ve been with him for 7 years and all of a sudden I just feel like I’m being punished for trying to do the right thing. Also that was just a preliminary urine test he didn’t even send it out. He’s pulling me off everything so fast my body can’t cope with it I can’t deal with it I swear to God if I can’t get help; I will kill myself. Because this is hell, I tried to find another doctor but nobody will see me until I come out clean for marijuana which I never would have started if he had not recommended it. I don’t want to die from the withdrawals of oxycodone methadone, Dilaudid & Alprazolam because like I said he won’t give me my medicine for a week and he switched out the methadone for 3 Dilaudid a day. Before he cut the methadone and the alprazolam I was doing better I was applying for jobs and exercising everyday and now I’m sick everyday and suicidal everyday. I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know what to do. I showed him proof that I have an appointment for a psychologist and a psychotherapist and he’s telling me that he can’t give me Alprazolam and I’ve done my research on him he’s been getting in trouble with the AMA since 1991 and now I’m screwed he used to have certifications but now all he has is his license they’ve taken his certifications away for anesthesiology and pain medicine. His name is dr. Arthur S Hernandez. I’m in Texas please somebody help me

  96. DALE S HOHMAN says:

    i was hit by a car in a crosswalk 3 and a half years ago and was given the minimal care for personal injury case beause issues were ignored i now have stage 4 central canal stenosis along with shoulder joint and hip joint separation with nerve palsy beacause of this i am on work restriction working part time as a security guard . for a better part of 2 and a half years i have been dealing with it and cant get help anywhere because i have La.care i have been thru 8 primary care physicians in 10 months and still get referrals to fix necessary problems the only thing the drs. understand is how to fill out a pescription for pain they dont want to put there hands on you for fear of getting sued by the patient which is ridicculous i have complained over and over to la.care about my care and nothing is done they tell me they cant force a dr. to make a referral but i can ask for another dr, what a joke i have filed for disability and was denied 4 times is it legal to turn a patient away based on their current health situation what am i doing wrong they tell me i need the care but do nothing about it i guess what it boils down to is if you dont have money you dont get anything i am extremely fustrated to say the least

  97. Leah sparks says:

    My doctor stopped seeing me due to an abnormal ua due to a prescribed diet pill,didn’t give me any meds to wing off till I get a new doctor, wouldn’t explain or even talk to me about the situation I’ve never failed a ua and I’ve been on these pain meds for 15 years if something medically wrong happens to me what should I do

  98. Ashley says:

    I gave up on drs years ago. When I was 18 I was in a car accident that left me with chronic back pain. For years I was treated like an addict and one dr wrote in my chart that I was a lier while at the same time lied on my chart saying I had fibro just so my insurance would cover a med that didn’t even help me. When she sent me to the pain clinic with my chart I couldn’t understand why the dr took one look and said I can’t help you. Once I read the chart I filed a complaint and she ended up losing that job about a year later. The next dr I had wouldn’t help me so my husband went in with me and complained that nobody was helping me. The dr started writing me scripts for pain meds then 3 months later asked me to sign a controlled substance agreement. I signed it then waited in the hall for about 5 mins waiting for my print out from my visit which they always handed out at this facility. The dr came around the corner and told me I was all set and still no print out so I went home figuring there wasn’t much to report other then the contract so what’s one more piece if paper to pile up. Well a few days later I recieved a letter stating that I had violated the contract by not providing a urine which would have been on that paper which is why he didnt give me one. The violation was entered into the computer half an hour after my appointment and before the signing of the contract was even in there. Naturally I got upset and called them asking why that had happened stating that he never told me not gave me the paper stating I needed to go to the lab and give a urine. I was told that I would have to appeal it with the medical board because once a violation is entered into the computer no dr within their practice can ever write me narcotic scripts again. I didn’t have it in me to do that so once again I switched to a different dr at a different place. Once again I was treated like an addict. I tried getting on disability and my dr refused to fill out paperwork from my attorney stating that he didn’t see why I needed to be on disability when he never even looked at my chart or test results. He continued writing pain med scripts for the amount and dose I was on when I started seeing him for about 2 years then out of the blue told me the government was cracking down and took me off of them. I spoke to a friend of my husbands who was a narcotics detective and he was dumbfounded as to why the dr would do that without cause. I had given up at that point I stopped going to the dr for almost 3 years. My cousin recommended the one she was seeing so I decided to give it a try. It went great I loved the dr she actually seemed to care and wanted to help me. A year later she moved to a VA hospital and the women I see now accused me of having other meds in my urine the first time I even met her. The urine was from 3 months prior which if I had other meds in my system I would have been kicked off my meds immediately. Now she tells me the state is breathing down her neck about her patients that are on narcotics. I know she is going to kick me off for some made up reason soon and hasn’t even given a crap about my medical issues and how I’m doing. What am I gonna do now? I’m an on call volunteer EMT, a PCA for 2 disabled people and a mother. I’m one of the most honest, kind and caring people you could ever meet. But being treated the way I have by several drs has caused me serious self esteem and depression issues so the point where I’ve considered just ending it. I can’t deal with this pain anymore and there is no end in sight.

  99. Michelle says:

    I broke my left humorous less than a mont ago. The DR said it was one of the worst vreaks he has seen. Yet he only gave me enough pain mrdication for a week. I’m a 54 year old female, I’ve never done an elegal drug in my life. But he’s labeling an addict while i suffer in pain.what should i do?

  100. Regina Palma says:

    I’m trying to get a doctor to help me get my ssi going I did have it for 6 month but they cut me cause of not enough paper works saying I’m disable I’ve had hearing problem since born now my left ear I can’t hear nothing and since a little girl I’ve been cutting myself cause of what my uncle use to do to me and to all those kids he hurted I can’t be around a lot of people or I snap people says I’m a disspress woman I need to go to world B I don’t know for sure what they mean about that ever since child I have learning disablies so I never really did finish my 5th grade I got married it didn’t last long my kids went with my husband now they don’t want me be around my grand kids cause of my past they say I need to let go of my past but I can’t help it they don’t know about my uncle hurting me and killing all those kids and putting there body parts in his truck freezer and making me watch everything he done to those kids I seen my uncle dump a little girl body in a tunnel thing when I was a little girl and my father hurted me after he raped my oldies sister my mother worked nights my father beated my mother now I’m going though divores I’m homeless so I’m cutting myself even more I’ve been trying a lot of doctors to help me but really no luck on that now I turn on web and came across your blog now praying that you get my comments page it’s really not comment more like a screaming for help letter I don’t know how to call it but please I would like for you to take time to read my letter as I’m holding onto a big big floating balloon with smiley face !with this poem )(One day you finally knew
    what you had to do, and began,
    though the voices around you
    kept shouting
    their bad advice – – –
    though the whole house
    began to tremble
    and you felt the old tug
    at your ankles.
    ‘Mend my life!’
    each voice cried.
    But you didn’t stop.

    You knew what you had to do,
    though the wind pried
    with its stiff fingers
    at the very foundations – – –
    though their melancholy
    was terrible.It was already late
    enough, and a wild night,
    and the road full of fallen
    branches and stones.

    But little by little,
    as you left their voices behind,
    the stars began to burn
    through the sheets of clouds,
    and there was a new voice,
    which you slowly
    recognized as your own,
    that kept you company
    as you strode deeper and deeper
    into the world,
    determined to do
    the only thing you could do – – –
    determined to save
    the only life you could save.
    ………………………..Thank you Regina Palma

  101. Ron says:

    How can a doctor get by with prscribing 180 hydrocodone every month for a patient

  102. Kathy Coldwell says:

    Found this very helpful.

  103. hallie Adams says:

    I went to a clinic once, the doc was hateful. I politely asked if I had offended her.The human jolt.

  104. Can't Live says:

    Even if doctors do care there is nothing that they can do if they want to keep their medical license when it comes to opioids!
    Everyone has thrown their cases out there for the media and the world in an attempt to be heard! The only thing I got out of this was that there is No one that is going to help us when it comes to our pain! I need pain relief,that is not going to come; the type I have been receiving for 15 years until government interfered with my care! If I don’t like his treatment I can see another doctor … he of course knows that no one else can help me either and is trying to rid us of their care. He knows very well there is no else that can or will help us now!
    They might as well let the worst of of die but instead we have to work that out as well!

  105. Daniel Ruvalcaba says:

    My main issue with the Doctor I’ve been seeing now for the past 1 1/2 is the gatekeeper, That’s what I call her! She’s the nurse or Doctors assistant. I send my Doctor refill request or a simple message and this woman never passes them to my doctor? So now Im looking like the stocker because I’m constantly calling to see why he’s not sending my medication to the pharmacy or simply replying to my message?

  106. Guadalupe Montelongo says:

    Dr. Pamela Wible MD. Thank you for your 7 encouraging advices, However in my case I had tried every thing possible to deal with my doctors and MD Psychiatrists to convince them to provide me with the Medication (Valium 10mg) That the Military Doctors/ and or MD. Psychiatrists prescribed when I was diagnosed with pre-existence PTSD, and when I was Honorably discharged in 1968 the told me that I had to take that medication for the rest of natural life. Herein now they are denying me that medication because it’s a life threading drug; How could that be when i had taken for many years and nothing wrong had happen to me? I have had tremors, nightmares, convulsions, severe panic attacks feeling that I am going into epileptic seizure when I don’t have the Medication. PLEASE REPLY AT MY EMAIL BELOW.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Recommend you find another doctor and/or be open to new treatment options. There may be a better approach than continuing what has worked since 1968. Times have changed in the last 50 years. Many more treatment options. Be optimistic. Keep the faith.

  107. Johann Wegmann says:

    Dear Dra.
    1.-Wee need to agree with my Psiquiatris whoe enters the consulting room for periodic examine.Who enters first the door?
    2.-I am old Bipolar patient, 20 minutes assigned by hospital is too short,and out of control of my Dra.Me neither.Frictions are indreasing and she pays more attention to the clock,thant what I am telling her.I see her histeric,and depressed me.Humanization,nor training in Healfth patiens of mind diseases at all levels is necesary.
    Dra. She wears out black cloths,like pokemon,darkening all, once she weared a red blouse, she was radiant, her best appointment.She lighted the space,I reminded when Drs used white cover or jacket,fine,identified properly.This is a Parade of fashion where my Dr is happy with their curves!!!Johann Wegmann, Major adult.

  108. Richard Shuman says:

    Do you still help doctors? the post is a few years old thanks rs….

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Yep! Every day helping docs launch their practices and love their lives as real healers 🙂

  109. George Bride says:

    I’m a multi brain damaged individual from the 60’s starting with a crushed & reconstructed skull & Dr lets me out the door with telling mother to hit this area to make sure that it’s solid , this was passed off to my three years older brother to do unsupervised. This brought more brain damage that the Dr. Says that wasn’t there in 63 , mothrr decides to set me up with an insecure psychiatrist who unjustly labels me at motherd request, after I told her that it was me that activated 2001,9/11. I had heard of this set up earlier in the late seventies as that’s when i b-lined for my fathers house in Temple City , CA.. who , in 2001 on mothers day is behind my older brother saying hit him some more and repete, as this abusive viplent older brother delivered three sledge hammerlike blows to over my left ear . Damaging my eyesight, reading comprehension , mental dictionary as well misaligned my body working hands . Ive since bern labeled a paranoid skitsofrenic as well incompetent through this arresting me trust and no helping volinteering services sister in Utah who from day one refuses me a running new vehicle or the quality tools of my automotive trade. As with anything I write if this needs editing , so be it , please edit where needed .

  110. Joanne meyer says:

    My doctors office o er books, then calls patients and results and then rescheduled for for weeks later. What right do they have to cancel appts.their reason ,….doctor won ‘t be in office.and he is.I am waiting for test results for possible cancer…now going on 3 weeks after the fact

  111. Good says:

    Really, Pamela, give ur Dr.a cookie.A homemade choc. Chip one at that. DR.S ARE ENTITLED SNOTS.
    You work 4 us.All Drs. Have forgotten that. They behave like we should bow down 2 them &kiss their keesters. I’m fed up. U know any good internal med Drs. Thousand Oaks, Calif?

  112. june4ever says:

    Hi, I am disabled and dealing with a doctor that is Charging my insurance company tons of money, I look at the bill and he lies about all charges. So I told my insurance and that next office visit with him was so scary and he gave me 3 shots that made me very sick. And it’s pain management so it’s so hard not to go back. I am addicted. What should I do, please?

  113. camari says:

    If you have a mental health condition, do not bring any sort of gifts or smiley balloons. You are going to be perceived differently. The list, expectations to be met, refills, are all a good plan. Focus on logic rather than emotions. Avoid physician appointments when psychologically unbalanced. Go to the ER sparingly. You aren’t just profiled, you are treated differently than others as soon as you disclose your meds even if you wait some time to disclose illness. You are at a higher risk of dying due to stigma and incompetence. Mostly good advice here.

  114. MaryAnn says:

    My plastic surgeon entered the exam room at my post op appt after double mastectomies – Hello Beautiful! He wasnt being sarcastic, just trying to bring a ray of sunshine in a bad subject appt. He made me smile & I needed that! Thank you Dr Lemmon!

  115. Bitetti Vincent says:

    My wife suffers from RSD. It’s been 12+ years and diagnosed by many specialists. But now… her pain Dr. got so freaked out by new CDC “guidelines” that he sent all his patients on meds elsewhere. The new Dr cut her in half! She is suffering badly.

  116. Charlotte Miller says:

    I can not wait to speak to you Dr. Wible. I am having a hard time getting my primary to
    give me a combination medication that I have been on for years.
    I will be contacting you to see if you can intervene.
    Thank you for your article and for leaving your phone number on the internet.
    You are one of a kind and I wish you were my primary.
    I look forward to our conversation.
    C. Miller

  117. Steve says:

    I have been profiled in my small town as a drug abuser. I recently tried to get a second opinion in another town, only to find that my doctor had sabotaged me. I’m all out of hope. I tried using the system, and that just seemed to make things worse. I need help, but I’m so isolated. I don’t want to make another appointment just to be disappointed. she has won.

  118. Jeannine Brasher says:

    Hi, maybe you can help. I have server Syntactic in right side of lower back. The pain runs down my right leg. I have to walk with a limp. To baby the right side. I do USE ICE/ HEAT alternate. My baby’s Dr. At the time 20 yrs ago. She was lying on that nerve. It does swell at times. I REALLY DO take Advil. When im at work. But I wanted to buy like 60 pills of NORCO 10/325. Jeannine Brasher. Maybe I got wrong department. I wanted to know if I can order the Norco 10/325

  119. Linda Harrison. says:

    In 2006 I sustained a TBI and developed major depressive disorder, OCD, bipolar disorder and anxiety and exacerbated ADD. My psychiatrist closed her practice then just as I was running out of medication she stopped practicing as a physician. My PCP was aware and referred me to another psychiatric office. I called numerous times, leaving messages. They never returned my calls. When I ran out of antidepressant I contacted my PCP. She knew I was on the same antidepressant for 13 years but refuses to refill my Cymbalta. I was told if I needed it badly to go to the Emergency room. Period. Is this professional? What should I do

  120. Sharon K Ferree says:

    I have a primary care physician I have seen for over 10 yrs when she saw my MRI’S on my knees she ordered me to have double knee replacements I had pain management for 5 years till my doctors wife became terminally ill and he retired I went to another physician who treated me like a addict this is when he decided to send me for a MRI I told him to please do it when he got my MRI I was told there was nothing nothing he could do for me I needed a orthopedic surgeon which I got he told me I had the worst knees he had ever seen I was losing weight to have my surgery and he moved to another town I have always taken my meds as prescribed even telling one pain management doctor he was over prescribing me now because of the opinion crisis in Oklahoma my primary care physician won’t prescribe me painmeds I also have 8 blown disc and my right rotator cuff is torn my life has stopped my pain is excruciating excruciating I’ve lost my health insurance that’s why I have tried to stay with my PCP she lets me pay her out I don’t know what to do I have proof I’m in chronic pain what can I do

  121. connie nguyen says:

    I have a brother that takes his pain medication properly when they did the urine test the nurse come back and said it was too low now they will not give him his pain medication as needed he’s in a strictly pain and going through with drawls if you take your medication every day how can you say there’s not enough in there it’s a law they asked him how many he takes he says I take what you tell me three a day now they will not return his phone calls or anything

  122. John Sholtz says:

    I have done this for the last 2 years. Due to the fact that the place I went to never got my records from the other hospital. And they were treating me for another problem that came up from the prescription given years ago from the other hospital. All my MRI’S and ct’s have different things in the report not one confirms the other. 4 of them read by same person with more or less written. 2 of my neck and 2 of my lower back. They refuse to do one on my thoracic area. I have fallen from the height of a 2nd story window 3 times and ran over by a car. Still in pain and out of work for the last 9 years. Even showed them a xray of my lower back that clearly shows my l5 is almost half way of my sacrum. Just told by a doctor 2 days ago that it looks normal? Even the university of Michigan says nothing wrong?

  123. TJ says:

    Saw what docs in Ohio did to father in law.. He was 86.. started having trouble swallowing.. took antibiotics and steroids and then when condition returned 4 months later.. doc figured throat cancer.. He went to hospital for a biopsy.. Doc then convinced him that he must have a tracheotomy or his throat could swell and he wouldn’t be able to breath.. next day they are trying to teach him to drink thickened liquids with trach.. when he was having trouble getting the liquids down, they convinced him to have a feeding port in his stomach.. so he could get his strength and weight up before they started the chemo.. the feeding port.. after the first feeding he had terrible headache and there was internal bleeding but they weren’t sure from where.. they did one chemo treatment and he was dead within a week.. WHY DIDN’T THEY JUST REMOVE THE TUMOR IN HIS NECK/THROAT?? I honestly believe that would have solved the problem.. he still would have been able to drink while the surgery healed.. and with the lump removed.. it shouldn’t have swollen enough to block airway.. and he wouldn’t have needed the trach.. I think they saw insurance and just started doing as many procedures as they could.. everything they did made him worse.. he would have lived longer if he had stayed out of the hospital.. so very sad

  124. Pauline C Jackson says:

    Pamela I did the first thing that you suggested. Make a list and prioritized. So I go into the room and wait 40 minutes. Then he comes in and introductions were made. He says, what brings you in to day? And I have my list ready before I can say anything he tells me to put the list away and tell him myself. That didn’t work out. Maybe he doesn’t have a lot of time. I left dissatisfied. I told the PA that I want a woman doctor and her next new patient appointment is 6 months away. Now it’s 3 months. How will I get my meds filled?

  125. Sharon Wilhelm says:

    thank you very much about your 7 steps to get what you need from your doctor
    new doctor I got cut off Norcos and Somas a cold turkey in October and I can’t get a doctor to give me anything cuz I don’t test clean I’m struggling I’m suffering and I’m in so much pain I can’t stand myself and neither can anyone else stand me and it’s not easy cuz I can’t get off the street stuff as soon as the doctor wants to test me I storm out of there and have an attitude and cut my nose off to spite my face so that’s why I’m at somebody’s been cut off pain meds abruptly thanks Sharon Wilhelm

  126. Gregory G Zagata says:

    This b,s, with pain pills is not right , Just because some kids went to herein . Because coast on the street was 4,00 dollars a pill and over time they take way to many and then they stop getting high and must take 20 1000 mg, I have friends who used to do this now there ether dead or i don’t want to be around herein people , I never heard of someone talking to many pain pills and dieing , street coast for one 1.000 mg is 9.00 t0 11 dollars and the young are paying up, They were is all the help they said they were going to give i can’t find a doctor who writes subaion can’t spell sorry This is what should be done mexco should be treated like anyone else bombing are country with cemcalls we know where they all are but the drug lords support hospitals and midicin for lots of people not to talk about the kick back the big white house gets everything i said here are the facks i know the truth it’s all b,s, and more b,s let the white house burn and I will watch burn my flag i will kill them all the white house is sucking America dry sorry i just don’t like somebody pissing on my back and tell me it’s raining horse shit, i,m done thanks for your support you can change my miss spelled words if you like .God bless AMERICA .

  127. Leslie Fitzsimmons says:

    I have been under drs care since I was 15 after a mva. As years went by i had broken my back numerous times and couldn’t handle the pain. I went to a pain specialist who was helping me with medication, trigger shots, epidurals etc.I have known this dt for 25 years personally and he knows i suffer a multitude of other symptoms and diseases. I n 2013 i suffered a near fatal MVA and fractured multiple vertebrae etc.when my pain is out of control it raises my blood pressure and I have had Tia’ and even a stroke. My last visit with him i was in terrible pain and ridden with anxiety. I took my bp before trying to get to my monthly apt it was 187/120 I took what i call my emergency pill and called the office telling them i was on my way. When I got there I knew my bp was higher and asked if i could just check it and i would go back to the waiting room. I was told No. This raised it more. I was afraid to take a nother bp pill and asked again to PLEASE let me take my bp and was told to wait for my apt. Waiting time is usually 2-3 hours. I didn’t want to have another stroke and went to the bp station and was just going to take it and go back in to wait. The nurse came over while still taking to another employee put the cuff loosely over my lonjhons,sweater and wool jacket.she pumped it twice and dtopped it to continue her conversation. She said your bp is perfect. I knew CLEARLY it was not. I have PRESS and I thought my head was going to explode and I was getting disoriented. I was now in a Panic. There is a fire department across the street and i made it there and knocked,I explained i have CHF along with a long list of other health issues. My bp was over 200 and was going to be taken to the hospital. I was in agreement and wanted to tell the office staff I would have to reschedule my apt. There answer was dont bother we will not see you anymore!!! This dr has been helping despite how terrible the staff treats me and has been the only one I trust.they said make an apt and basically beg to be a patient again. Forgot to mention that night of the appointment I was dealing with a very bad case of Encephalitis and was not myself. I was a wreck. I have been suffering since and don’t know what to do. Any advice would and will be extremely appreciated. Leslie van Laer

  128. Sharon Worsham says:

    I violated a pain care agreement and will be fired by my physician. I want to apologize but am so scared. What can I say to keep from being dismissed.

  129. patricia l thomas says:

    I’m in pain management.last month on day I go see them because I was in a lot pain. My pelvis broke my artificial hip had worn out.they changed my meds from norco10 3x day and 1 oxycodone 10mg to oxycodone 5 mg 4 x day I’m in horrible pain. I feel like I’m being punished for being in pain. I need help

  130. Susan D Haley says:

    Had been going to a pain management doctor which prescribed four norco a day for degenerative disc disease plus have had two neck surgeries and back surgery have nerve damage and now issue with l3 and l4 . Had to go to a new pain management doctor and they are limiting me to 3 a day .Which isnt working how to i get him to understand that 4 was working for me .without looking like a seeker

  131. Greg Wilson says:

    This article has the absolute most professional and informative statements any one individual has made in a very long period of time. I offer my sincere thank you.

  132. Terry l Beckett says:

    I suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, degenerative bone disease, I’ve been through about every imaginable way of getting pain relief. Pain medication is about all that gives me any relief from my pain. My Dr is insisting on takin me off pain meds for some reason. My pain is about to drive me insane.My Dr obviously has never suffered from long term chronic pain. What to do

  133. Jo Colegray says:

    I had surgery on my little finger in around 1st of April. When I did my follow up,the doctor ordered physical therapy. Here it is June and. I can’t get it done. What should I do?

  134. Alexa says:

    What are you looking for when you try. Find a doctor who is out goin right away and easy doesnt like working much likes listing more then talking he basically gives you no type of check up just gives

  135. Diane Bromm says:

    That was a nice post. Last Dec of 2018…my Dr who was prescribing Norco 10s for the past 7 years abandoned his practice at the clinic I used to see him at a d the ‘new’ Dr refused to continue prescribing for me….unless I wa dying of cancer.
    I have struggled since January of this year. Inever abused my prescription. Never asked for an increase. And was NOT referred to a pain mgt clinic.
    I have excruciating pain from osteoarthritis which makes it impossible for me to sleep….which affects my normal day to day activities. I sufferred no withdrawals…only awful pain which could be brought under control if a Dr would be allowed to prescibe to me the only thing that helped me which was 60 Norco 10s per month. Or at least refer me to a pain mgt clinic….I won’t buy drugs on the street not desparate enough for that. But why make good people suffer when there is help for them. Why pressure Drs with the threat of losing their licenses for taking proper care of their patients who suffer chronic and debilitating pain.
    I can’t sleep with this pain and sleep aids don’t help because the pain is too much.
    Some one needs to step up and help people like us.

  136. Carl says:

    why wont doctors give me enough pain medicine to help me be active and able to work, most people that get plenty are the ones that don’t need it, they end up selling to people like me who needs it?

  137. Renae Conley says:

    I had to leave my pain cl8nic due to circumstances beyond my control, so my pup said he would grandfather me in and take over my pain regiment OK, so he gave me a urine drug test that came back positive for phenobarbital, I had no clue what that was and told my pup I did not know how or why I tested positive for phenobarbital well he said that’s too bad because I’m not going to give you your nerve meds or pain meds well he did end up giving my meds to me but dropped the dosage and quantity real low like in half He gave me copies of drug test and told me to go home and research and let him know whT I found I did just that and found out my gastrointestinal Dr was prescribing me donnatol which has phenobarbital in it and that is why I tested positive not because I was doing something illegal

  138. Judy Meyer says:

    Hi, my name is Judy. I have a friend who had an out of control kidney infection that got into her blood. She was in the hospital this past Wednesday, June 5, through the afternoon, June 7, and released around 3 P.M. The doctor in the hospital did not give her any pain medicine telling her to go to her primary doctor on Monday, June 10. She is in a lot of pain and no place will see her and prescribe her medicine. Her primary doctor will refer her to a specialist. Do you have any suggestions what she could do to get some pain medicine until Monday? If you don’t see this until Monday, no worries, but if you can respond before then, it would be great! Thank you!
    Sincerely, Judy

  139. Kelley Noiseux says:

    Thank you for this great advise. Patience seem to forget Doctors are human and have pain and stress also. I really needed to read this and send my doc. The phone number above. I’ve been taking meds. For 30 years and my social worker forgets to make appointments for me then blames missing them on me when she never told me.

  140. Leigh says:

    Hi I’ve been treated for a lower back injury L1 L5 from 2001 to present. I had a good relationship with my physician till about 7years ago. It started with me complaining that my back was causing me more pain and distress. S the doctor asked if I wanted a shot and no medical term was used except a shot. I asked what it was that I’d be shot with and told saline. When on the examining table I was told to loosen my pants and expose my tail bone. In the mean time the doctor and a staff member was putting on lead lined vest and a plastic face mask. Concerned I asked again what was I being shot with and she replied just saline. The shots as I had 3 sessions of it was so painful as it was placed into the bone. The last of the 3rd or 4th session it felt like ice was cursing thur my hips and down my right leg. I asked her to stop as the pain was unbearable. Then I lost movement on my right leg for a few minutues.AS I told the doctor this her eyes were as wide as silver dollars and the expression on her face told me something had gone wrong. I told her that I was going to stop that treatment as it was to much to bear and later for a few years required me putting pillows under my buttocks to elevate the area around the tail bone as to have nothing touching it as it became very tender. Needed sleeping pills to fall asleep as the pain would keep me up and I would be having to move to find a comfortable spot. After a year and half I saw a certificate on her wall for the training of radiation. At the time I got the shots there were no certificates. I have been on owcp from 2001 and she was my only doctor. Then one day she told me that no more prescriptions or treatment are to be done for me. I asked for a referral to another doctor which she wouldn’t give. Now owcp is askin for a follow up examination or a referral to which she did none . Made me wait as the 1st patient in as others came and left . Then was seen by a staff member taking my statements as my condition at that moment. She flew the door open where the staff member and myself was in and was told to get out rudely. Made to wait in another room it was almost 2 hours waiting for her to come in for 30 seconds to tell me she couldn’t do the examination as it was too much paper work . Refused to give a referral to another owcp doctor. I now lost my small monthly payments from owcp and in desperate search for another doctor. All this bad treatment just because I mentioned that I wouldn’t continue those awful shots to which she lied to me about saying it was saline but instead a radiated liquid. What can I do? Have no money to live on and pay bills

  141. Kevin roselund says:

    Hi i been on pain meds at a pain Drs office for over 4 years my dr left and there give me a new one I go to Drs I didn’t sighn a contract and first thing she asked was for a pill count I told her I got my old bottles she then made me sign a pain contract and iam on ssi take med cab she said I need them in today I said I don’t got a ride so gave me app then I called no reply so i called in my pain meds i called pharmacy and it’s 3 days to I can fill them but there said Dr ant treating me no more I got anxiety depression copd chronic back pain what do I do I got 3 days and out need help please Kevin in ct

  142. Rocky says:

    I have chronic pain and I have to go see a psychologist and what can I say to get my pain meds like hydro 10 mgs. Thank u

  143. Judy L. says:

    #4-Bring cookies or a balloon or a poem. Really?? I can see telling a joke but if I must treat my dr like eggshells-I’ll FIND ANOTHER DR! Ridiculous!I’m there for me & usually trying to stay calm myself. Sad state of affairs.

  144. Tracy says:

    See for 2 math on 2 times in a month the the ball DROPPED SHE LEFT not just me MANY OTHER LIVE THE WHOLE PLACE. To take care of elderly?? She was a pen for pain !! No everyone was calling fir refill She said would be taking care of for the next three months not so true thank God for my my general practice He seen me but I only said one refill now what no one is around I have one month to wait? I am stressed which is not good I have had 10 open back surgeries including four openings on my stomach. I have a FBS along with other issues.! I know I am not the only one how can this be possible especially after our new laws they are very very stern it’s not fair to us will follow the rules I am lost in Racine Wisconsin there is many more issues but I don’t want to leave such a long message I am exhausted sincerely yours

  145. Gail Harvey says:

    I have already left a comment. I have been on pain medication for 14 years and then opted to try ablation on my back. Multiple issues with my dad. Appalachian Motorsports and still is call Alpha 1 antitrypsin disorder

    • Gail Harvey says:

      years made errors in my previous post. I don’t have issues with Dad, my back. I am getting no tx for these issues. No more! I scream no more being forced to go to pain management.
      Good lord, stage 4 cancer, remission. Peripheral neuropathy from the chemo cisplatin.
      Alpha one antitrypsin disorder. I’m therapy weekly, diagnosed with GAD and panic attack disorder. On benzos 40 years I refuse to be tx as tho I LIKE drugs?
      I refuse to leave my doctor who knows me! I say no to Nazi pain clinics! I will go without, I will live out the rest of my life in a prison of fear and in pain. I don’t blame the medical community. I blame big Phaa and Tue government intervention in medicine. They are not trained! They have effectively toed our physicians hands. . I have good doctors who know how to treat me but they can only go so far or risk losing their licences!

      I am done

  146. Sheli Kelly says:

    I am a former opioid user. I am 52 years old. I chose to stop before it consumed my life completely. I switched to naproxen sodium for my chronic pain. Now I have many of the terrible side effects it (naproxen sodium) can bring though I discontinued use some time ago. Each healthcare provider I’ve seen regarding these agonizing effects has basically given me diagnoses of “You’re old. You trashed your body with overuse of opioids.”… Essentially: “That’s how it goes”. Zero interest to attempt to treat me or at least try to see what may be happening to me. I’m not looking for opinion or even support. I need answers. If anyone sees this who has first hand knowledge/experience regarding what I have described (naproxen sodium.. Poisoning[?]) please email me. Thank you.



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