Design Your Own Doctor

Want a starched, white coat or a faded pair of Levis?

Want a serious face or a warm, welcoming smile?

Want a quick visit or a long discussion?

Guess what? You CAN have exactly what you want from your doctor IF you tell your doctor what you want!  Before opening my clinic, I invited people in my community to design their ideal clinic with an ideal doctor.  I collected 100 pages of submitted testimony, adopted 90% of feedback, and I opened their clinic one month later!

My patients want to walk into a warm, cozy office with overstuffed chairs and pillows. They want to feel like they are visiting a friend who happens to be their doctor. They want warm, muted colors, sacred symbols, flowers, and faeries. They want laughter and love. No mention of white coats.

So now I’m a friend who happens to be a doctor. I wear faded Levis and greet patients with a smile and sometimes balloons and a party hat. Patients often leave with a hug coupon to share. I wear glitter on my face. Some days, on my forehead I have a bindi dot. It’s a third eye, a sacred symbol, that allows one to see beyond the visual cortex and into the soul.

Now it’s your turn. Design your own doctor.


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